Political Markaz - Russia steps in Venezuela to block American intervention

Russia steps in Venezuela to block American intervention

Russia steps in Venezuela to block American intervention

Mar 29,2019 Comments Download

One more topic in headlines are the crisis going on Venezuela. America has intervened for rebellion against the ruling government. Since long the situations are disturbed but now one big change that has come is that Russia has formally got down their forces in Venezuela to block American intervention. The way Russia stepped in Syria the same they have done in Venezuela. There are several countries like Columbia, Brazil and other countries on the border of Venezuela; from these America had prepared militant rebels for an attack on Venezuela but this failed due to Russian intervention. Trump got humiliated and is talking crazy things on media and Russia has become firm in confronting America. Certain American analysts have raised this news to consider America and China war as certain. There are certain agencies who provide such kind of news to whom American organizations provide data themselves to spread. 

They have prophesized that America China war is certain, but when and on which land as their borders don’t touch, but for sure this will happen. When trump came to power, I told that this wrestler has come for China only. All these issues in Middle East are preparation for America china war. They are both preparing. America is taking Oman port and China is also taking over and trying to get all strategic military and economy points and they are moving towards an encounter. Our current government is not graceful towards China. China has supported Pakistan a lot and helped them, but there are such elements here who are damaging this support. It was always ideal relation but this has been spoiled in last few months. Now the inclination of Pakistan is again going towards America, after suffering disgrace from America then also they are moving towards American support. If you want to take support, China was a better option. They are rulers and they can do all this.  

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