Political Markaz - Rulers won’t but people to protest against Israel’s war threat to Islamic nation

Rulers won’t but people to protest against Israel’s war threat to Islamic nation

Rulers won’t but people to protest against Israel’s war threat to Islamic nation

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By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

Israel has threatened Iran for war. The Israeli PM has asked his defense minister to start preparation. These are just noises because if Israel had this much courage they would have controlled Hezbollah by now. Their soldiers cannot even sleep due to fear of Hezbollah. They are getting this much courage to speak is because of Arabs. One big treachery done by America was first they handed over these lands to Arabs (from Turks), then created illegitimate Israel after which they disgraced Arabs from Israel. The Arabs fought six battles and lost all. The next phase of this treachery which has been started now is that in the past Arabs were presented as a threat to Israel which was also a proxy war. Now that threat has been made a means to protect Israel. In the past there used to be billions of dollars budget in America for protection of Israel. Now that budget is not being made by America instead given by Arab states. First they made the Arabs to accept Israel which three nations have done and now Saudi also formally wants to join though practically they have submitted to Israel.

Last week Israel PM Naftali Bennet visited Abu Dhabi , met the Arabs , shook hands with their woman. A big warm welcome was done by Arab nation to Israel PM. This is a big curse , shame that those who insulted , disgraced your generations you are giving such welcome to them. Now UAE has given all opportunities for technology development to Israel. From the time America has imposed Israel on Arabs, Israel has become very blatant and has been challenging Iran, they have killed Iranian scientist with the help of Arab wealth. First Israel was told Arabs are threat but after revolution Iran became the biggest threat for Israel. On the other hand Arabs have been given impression that Iran is your enemy and a common enemy to Israel, so they have united them.

Iran did a nuclear deal with America and Europe. America left the agreement and Iran did not get anything out of this agreement and whatever America wanted they got it done from Iran. Jawad Zarif did the negotiations with America and Europe . He used to visit Vienna and tell his community that the day we sign off the agreement all the sanctions would be lifted from Iran and against this Iran will shut down their atomic plants and reactors. The same happened and Iran completely sealed their atomic system and when Iran asked to remove sanctions, they replied that there was nothing about removing sanctions in the agreement. The Iranian President Rouhani and others celebrated a lot on this agreement. But when the atomic plants were shutdown the sanctions were still not removed. The agreement had written that if Iran closes down their nuclear plants then sanctions will become conditional whereby they will observe Iran for certain years like 25 within which if Iran does not do any nuclear activities then they will remove sanctions. This Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif who had studied in USA and now after their government had ended he has confessed that I could not understand this statement in the agreement that sanctions would not be lifted but this is conditional. This person who had studied English but could not understand. This happened with Iran which was is not being ruined by America , Europe but by their own FM who is not along but complete lobby did this. I used to mention this before whatever is happening from outside on Iran are result of signals going from inside to outside. The people inside used to ask America to apply more sanctions, put pressure so that rebellion starts and regime will change.

The right thing is that all these treacheries should be brought out to public and punish these people for this grave crime they have done. Now President Raesi is continuing the negotiations and Iran has taken a strong stand that first remove sanctions then we will continue the agreement. Iran is trying to impose more dangerous agreement on Iran whereby apart from nuclear enrichment, Iran will stop missile program, will call back people from Syria and stop supporting Hezbollah. Iran is not agreeing to speak even unless the sanctions are removed.

In order to keep pressure on Iran specially on people, Israel has announced a war on Iran. The Arabs are alliance to Israel. In this situation all Muslim nations are silent. China and Russia cooperate with Iran but for their own personal interests. They know Iran is trapped and under this situation they want to get the best out of Iran hence they are supporting Iran. America is applying pressure on China. There is one danger of Iran and Israel war; and there is another threat of Russia and Ukraine war. At this time European countries and America are applying pressure due to which Iran, Russia and China have become very close. The Russian president has written a letter to China President to join hands and become a superpower.

We have seen that Israel like a rowdy is threatening Iran and everyone is silent. They are threatening an Islamic nation and no one is doing anything. Imam Khomeini (r.a) would say that rulers sell their conscience for power. But the people have not sold their conscience, and they raise their voice and stand for truth. The rulers get disgraced but not nations. The Zionists are the most disgraced community who are threatening an Islamic nation and to announce and express disassociation from Israel is mandatory in whatever form. The common form in Pakistan is to do rallies. Certain Ahle Sunnat scholars have given this suggestion that we should start protest against Israel. Our brothers of Tehreek have announced a protest rally against Israel on Sunday in Lahore and should happen in other places as well. We have to give this message that if rulers become heedless and without conscience but the people are not. If Israel attacks Iran then this danger does not stop here, because Pakistan is a nuclear power which they do not like and they would come after Pakistan as well. If they are not stopped at Iran then they will go forward as well.

On Sunday in Lahore everyone , man and woman will together announce their disassociation against Israel and we should raise voice to support all oppressed. Our religion teaches us to at least express your hatred towards oppressors. The Ahle Sunnah are ready for this and together Shia and Sunni will raise their voices.

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