Political Markaz - Ruining Economy and Internal Ministers conflicts in current PK government

Ruining Economy and Internal Ministers conflicts in current PK government

Ruining Economy and Internal Ministers conflicts in current PK government

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You can see where the economy has reached. As per my limited information it is first time in the country for the sake of supporting economy the defense budget has been reduced. Afghanistan and India are two big borders which make threats and intentions they have for Pakistan. On the other hand, Bin Salman has made an inappropriate atmosphere in the middle east. Then China America war is hanging on the head and now even China has said that we will attack America as they are interfering a lot and in China America war Pakistan’s involved is mandatory.

In this situation when you reduce the defense budget to support economy you can imagine what these people have done. Why did you bring such people who were not from this field and were not having this sense? Those looters were better than these, at least they were running the system for people and their ordinary lives were running. But these people have got the state here that we must take the risk on defense. Our armed forces are attentive over here and for sure they would have reduced the unnecessary budget only. And if this budget was such that it has no effect on the country’s defense then they should suspend those expenses forever. We hope that this will not affect the national defense.

But this act is a pulse which shows what circumstances are coming up and how we are supporting the situation. It is like a patient who is on ICU and ventilator. The doctors say that he has died but the relatives do not want to accept and want the machine to run their breath. The government is such that they are on ventilator and the relatives are saying that do not declare him as dead whereas doctors have said that he is dead. If you are taking these steps to save economy, then the situation has become dreadful. The new budget must yet come, and real inflation must come now.  

The minister is saying that the community should be prepared but you should tell people also from where they should earn to repay your loans. You are destroying all the supports which the community had. On the day of Eid, you are warning people that inflation will go up and other threats. They will raid factories, seize accounts of people in bank. This is the plan they must support the economy. Similarly, in government the ministers have openly announced that other party members who are not in government are interfering.

The Punjab governor has tauntingly said that nonelected personnel are going to run the government then what we are we left for? This Minister of Science of Technology who has become serious after he took over this Ministry and has started intellectual work in Crescent sighting issue.  There is a conflict going on inside the government now. The Parliamentarians should be only those who are elected in elections and they can become Ministers and get responsibilities.

The current government has bypassed all elected ministers and those who are not in cabinet or elected have been given important ministry posts as advisors. These ministers have openly announced that there is a cold war between the elected ministers and other members of the party. A ruling party who have internal conflicts, there is pressure from outside, economy is going down, opposition is building pressure so how will they run the country. The media deceives the people and does not makes them aware about the actual situation. These are the sensitive dimensions of the country which should be kept in mind. 

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