Political Markaz - Robert Mugabe – Icon of Anti Imperialism

Robert Mugabe – Icon of Anti Imperialism

Robert Mugabe – Icon of Anti Imperialism

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One more important incident that took place last week was in Zimbabwe. As such we Pakistani only know Zimbabwe in context of Cricket team but don’t know where that country is. Zimbabwe is in the southern part of Africa and is in the neighbor of South Africa (the last southern edge country of Africa). Since last few weeks Zimbabwe is in the news headlines. The reason behind is that the Zimbabwe President; Robert Mugabe who is the ruler of Zimbabwe since forty years and has won the election seventh time to come into power got ousted from Presidency. His personality, politics is unique in entire Africa. Robert Mugabe has been made to resign at the age of ninety three years from Presidency due to a military coup against him. Due this coup he has been forced to leave the rulership at the age of ninety three. This person is an icon of anti-imperialism movement in Africa. He has played a significant role in the movement to get freedom for Zimbabwe from Britain and then also in the politics of Zimbabwe.

Certain parts of Africa are rich and some parts are poor but the Africa towards the South which is surrounded by water from three sides is a rich area. It has oil, gas and mines of minerals, gold and diamonds. The lands are highly fertile, beautiful place and cultivated. In this part of Africa there is a big population of white skinned persons though Africa is dominated by Blacks. The white skins over here means Western people and not just British. All persons with white skins are not English. These white skins persons in big numbers have settled in Africa. When West became insecure with Hitler starting war and entire Europe was almost ruined then at the time when these people were starving and in pursuit of security they migrated to South Africa. Their numbers increased and they started to rule over the locals there. They made an atmosphere of racism which  was   then   confronted   by   the   movement  of Nelson Mandela who finished the government of whites and made a united or black government. Nelson Mandela is an icon aginst racism, communism in Africa but he is not an opponent of Imperialism.

Robert Mugabe is a communal person and he keeps the foundation on African communism. He is against the white skinned, Britain, America and Imperialism. Robert Mugabe is that person who had a vision about the downtrodden and backwardness of Africa. Africa which is rich, fertile land but most of the people live under poverty, oppression and are deprived of basic necessities of life. I also got the opportunity to see one or two places in Africa also though they were not that poor but certain nations in Africa are highly downtrodden. Robert Mugabe believes the cause for all the backwardness, lowliness of African is due to Western People and it is true. All the wealth that is present in Africa is looted by West. France is deeply involved in many African countries and still certain countries of Africa are completely under France even now. Similarly certain areas are under Britain, Italy and above all these is America. The locals are their slaves and still the worst form of slavery is in Africa. These mines whose wealth is being looted by the West has all locals as labors.

In the neighborhood of Zimbabwe are Namibia, Zambia, Botswana who are all rich and they have highly valuable mines. The whites and even Arabs specifically Lebanese are settled there. Robert Mugabe freedom for his country from these people of West and then after that he got the lands also out from them. All the lands, farms, mines which were captured by West he took from them and gave it to Blacks. This way Mugabe become an icon of resistance against white skinned persons globally. The Western world together boycotted Zimbabwe in a cruel manner. Their currency is the most invaluable in the world. This way they destroyed them and despite of this this person remained firm against them. He got elected as the President seven times and around two times he was the Prime Minister. They have besieged him since long and there was high pressure on Mugabe and they wanted to end him because he has become an example for other African nations, who might get impressed with him and tread in the same direction of confronting Western interests in the region.

Hence with pressure running over half a century they have pursued him to resign under a military coup. As such he is ninety three and a person of this age as such is not capable of running a government. At this stage for most of the people organs fail, they are not able either listen, see but this person is a wonder that at ninety three years he is running a government and eventually they had to remove him with the help of forces. Though there was no bloodshed but he was removed under a military coup. Mugabe will forever remain an icon in Africa. Mandela got more protocols because he was not Anti Imperialism; he was only an opponent of racism. He was not in opposition of West and more than African the West has given him more importance but Mugabe is hated by West. The West say that Mugabe is a devil. This was a very important incident that took place but the media has not taken this matter the way it deserved because the media is also slave. Hence it makes no difference for them if an icon of resistance falls down. They become happy on this. The way the President of Cuba, Fidel Castro was also an icon against Imperialism; Mugabe is also a similar icon. Such kind of personalities are not liked by West. Mugabe ideologically was a communist, socialist but a supporter of African community.

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