Political Markaz - Resistance to US backed Kurdish force in Syria

Resistance to US backed Kurdish force in Syria

Resistance to US backed Kurdish force in Syria

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In Syria a big step is being taken. Whatever America has made in Syria has been ended with disgrace. Arabs America, Israel, Turkey and all forces they made everything got destroyed in the most disgraceful manner. Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Russia destroyed them. The actual decisive stage came with the involvement of Russia but the resistance shown by the three was phenomenal. The battle that was started for 21 days and they wanted to finish Syria in 21 days, end the Bashar government , establish a Takfiristan and then move towards Iraq. But now in 5 yrs also they could not do it, they got defeated, killed, some of their forces have ran away and very little area of Syria is left which are only those areas where some American forces, Kurd and Turkish forces are there. 

America is trying a new conspiracy now by making a new force with Kurds against the Syrian government and this force will be set up with American support and they will again start a new phase of Fitnah and insecurity in Syria. This is a very dangerous announcement which they have done. As I said before the most effective and last card for America and European Union is Kurd Fitnah as rest all cards have failed. This card they will use and make the region insecure. The Kurds are settled around four countries; Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey; and America has promised them to make a new nation for them as Kurdistan. America is supporting all the Kurds in these four countries. In Iraq they tried also to get a referendum done but they got defeated and Barzani had to resign also. Turkey has resisted strongly that if America tries to make this force we will destroy it in its sperm itself. Iran also has given strong statement that we all will attack in the first step only and destroy this Fitnah. Similar statement has been issued by Syria as well. Iraq is silent since their government is more under American influence. But these three countries have openly declared that if this force is made we will destroy it in the initial stages itself and not allow it to be made.

America wants to break the four countries and divide them into Kurd and Non Kurd. It is necessary that these four countries should unite and they are almost united expect Syria and Turkey; which is also being resolved through Russia and Turkey has changed its policy as regards to Syria. Russia is with these countries. As I said before also America wants to start one front against china and another against Russia. China is preparing in one way and Russia also is preparing in another way. China has almost taken Pakistan out from America and relationship with America for Pakistan is almost near to end in which China had a big role and is beneficial for Pakistan to break this relationship at the earliest.

Russia is increasing its power and also eyeing on Pakistan as well and Russia needs this strong force present in the region. China is eyeing on the Pakistan resources, market and the Russia is eyeing on the strong Pakistan army present in this region which can be used against America and they are also trying on their own to develop relationship with Pakistan. Russia wants to play a big role in international policy.  You can keep this mind that Russia, China along with other nation are trying to end the global status of America and that status of America being the only global superpower has almost ended. With the policies of Trump the American status has further weakened and Russia wants to take big advantage of this situation. There is also a case going on in America whereby Russia has influenced the victory of Trump in America through campaigns on social media. Even if this is an exaggeration and not correct also, and if Russia has done this then this is a big achievement.

Russia has always been under the pressure of American policies and it is first time that America has come under the policies of America. It is possible also because the current President of Russia; Vladimir Putin has been the head of KGB; the special and most dangerous secret agency of Russia and has been trained by the agencies. He is amongst the shrewdest politicians of this era. Since he has been trained by KGB he has more talent in intelligence activities as compared to others and cleverness. He has a strong conviction to break America and he is trying every possible tactic. He is trying to interfere inside America and also in other regions Russia is increasing the power to get into a big encounter with America and take revenge. Russia was Soviet Union, a big empire and not what it is now. It was broken up by America into various parts and they want to take revenge. Russia now says that we want to divide the 52 states of America into 52 countries and Russia has taken steps for this. America has been dominating the world by rowdiness and threats on nations and Russia now wants to take advantage of the same. As the media says Russia made Trump victorious so that Trump will make such policies which will give losses to America and give opportunities to other countries like China, Russia to come up in power. Till now the activities of Trump are proving that he is giving enough opportunity to these nations through his policies. Thus Russia also has interests in this area and Kurd nation will not be formed.

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