Political Markaz - Reko Diq $ 6 billion penalty on Pakistan

Reko Diq $ 6 billion penalty on Pakistan

Reko Diq $ 6 billion penalty on Pakistan

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Something similar thing which has happened, in Baluchistan, near the border of Iran, there were some mines of gold, silver, copper found after survey by some multinational companies. They put mines, did surveys and money was spent in big amount and at the end they were successful to find those mines. Those mines are quite below the water level and the state in which these mines are there is very difficult to remove.

Hence, they made contracts with foreign companies and the contract was such like oil extraction, where the companies extract oil from Arab nations and would give some commission to Arabs. Then later the Arabs changed this. Like in Iran, all the oil was going to the oil companies. Then Dr. Mosaddeq started the movement of nationalization of oil and resources came under the country. Wherever the mines were found, the others took over and just gave commission to the land owning country.

In Pakistan these mines were found and china was removing it. They would remove these mines in raw state, like sand, clay and the Gwadar port were made for this only to transfer these mineral resources. The Gwadar port was given to China and now that is also a problem. The company name was Reko Diq which did the contract with Pakistan. When they were removing the share was given to Pakistan which was low. Later a case took place and this contract was cancelled on court order.

When they cancelled this contract, they did not take care to look at international laws. They became negligent of those laws and took decision, like at times when Tarzan type judges come in our judiciary, like the one who came to make dam. Such non serious persons come, they take wrong fundamental steps for the nation and destroy the country like Zia ul Haqq did with this decision on Afghanistan war.

The same is done here to make contract and abruptly cancelled. That company took the case in international court and now international tribune issued a 6 billion dollar penalty which Pakistan has to give. Now only Pakistan got $6 billion from IMF as loan. And immediately next week now they got this penalty of $ 5 billion and $1 billion as interest. Is there anyone who is taking the burden of this $6 billion penalty. Is there anyone feeling guilty and taking the responsibility that I did this?

Those who commanded to suspend this contract are in ministerial position. But he also is silent. If there is no conscience no one cares, no one takes any tension, now it is international tribune and under this the international court can issue statement to IMF to transfer the loan amount to this company.

Many such blunders have been done by Pakistan, like the Iran Gas contract, under which Iran has made the gas pipeline reach the border and this contract was terminated one sided due to Ale Saud pressure. The Iranians have not yet complaint about this and there is penalty more than this here. There is gas, energy lying on border, which can improve the state of affairs in country, but no one has burden on their conscience. They are not taking easy energy on door steps and second is due to violation of such contracts we are paying penalties. Similarly, many other operations can go forward like energy contracts.

One ex PM Is in prison and other they have caught also. That was also due to gas contract. Then CPEC is the biggest threat, which was a game changer which has also become a victim of threats and if that contract also becomes a target of some blunder, then that would be the last nail on Pakistan. The state of Pakistan has been made to reach here, where there no running expenses and on top of that such big penalties but no voice of conscience is coming out.

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