Political Markaz - Reaping benefits from Saudi Journalists murder in Turkey

Reaping benefits from Saudi Journalists murder in Turkey

Reaping benefits from Saudi Journalists murder in Turkey

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In Saudi Arabia there is a new crisis. As there is a foolish government of the father and son who are creating a crisis every day for Saudi Arabia and also for the world. They have already opened the doors of barbarism and are drowned and not able to come out. Recently they killed a Saudi Arabia journalist; Jamal Khashoggi who was against the Royal family in a beastly manner. He had left Saudi Arabia and was in USA, he visited Turkey and went to Saudi Arabia Embassy for some work. They caught him, they killed him in a beastly manner. After killing him, they used a saw to cut his body into small parts. They placed his body in a bag and threw him in sea or buried him. This way there is a big pressure on Saudi Arabia and they are facing a big insult. The biggest supporter who has come out for Saudi Arabia to save them from this crisis is Trump. Turkey government has kept a lot of pressure on Saudi Arabia as this took place in Turkey. The Western countries who are as such hypocrites , supporters of all tyrants like in Yemen, Bahrain, supporting ISIS but on the exterior they are keeping a name, and they are issuing statements that Saudi Arabia has done this oppression and they should be punished. The Western media are keeping more pressure on Saudi Arabia and also on their own government.

Trump has openly said that Saudi Arabia has killed him but due to one journalist we cannot spoil our relationship with Saudi Arabia. We get a lot of money from Saudi Arabia, we sell weapons to them, our industries are running on Saudi Arabia hence we cannot punish them. Some American senators have threatened Bin Salman that we will punish you. Bin Salman replied in threatening way that we will not buy weapons from you and oil prices will go very high. Trump says he will not allow this to happen, he has sent his representative to Saudi Arabia to suppress this issue. Trump, Bin Salman and Western nations have presented their solution. Trump has said that this murder was not done by Saudi Arabia and it was done by some rogue level of workers in Saudi Embassy who did this. They can punish them and this way the crisis will get away from Saudi. As against this Trump apart from the money they are getting he is asking more money. Bin Salman has offered 100 M$ to Trump to bury this. He has offered much bigger amount to Turkey to remain quiet. Bin Salman’s policy is to pay money and solve this. The western nations have suggested that neither with money or to place it in someone’s head. They suggested that there should be change in Saudi regime. The current crown prince should be dismissed from his post and also from defense chief. They have suggested the replacement name also; some Prince Abdul Aziz that he should be made as crown prince. These discussions are going on and in some hours or days this will be resolved. Either they will remove Bin Salman, or Trump’s way is to save Bin Salman by blaming someone else, Trump’s son in law is very close to Bin Salman. He is his friend and partner as well hence he is keeping the pressure through him. Turkey has released the American pastor after this incident due to which the relationship between America and Turkey got severed before. As I have said that Turkish politics is very shady and unpredictable as we don’t know when and what Erdogan can do. First he was stubborn that we will not leave but now after the murder of this journalist he has released him to get in good terms with America. First they threatened that we will not leave this pastor but now they have released him to get some benefits from America. Everyone wants to take their own benefits out of this as Bin Salman is caught in this. In this situation when Saudi Arabia is gripped in this crisis our PM is again visiting there to take funds and support from them. The blood stains are on the hands of theirs still we don’t know what our government plans to do from them.

Since the journalists raise a lot of voice for their own rights. They complain that journalist are caught, they are censored, arrested. But these journalists are strange, whereby one journalists is brutally killed, cut to pieces but the Pakistan journalists have not written any column, any expression of concern. We know the reason as they are eating a lot of waste of Saudi, hence they do not raise their voice. This was a big opportunity for the journalist, they did not speak in past for Sheikh Nemr but here they should speak but their mouths are locked.

On more step which Saudi Arabia has taken is that the one who actually murdered, who was sent by Bin Salman. The one who went with a delegation of 15 persons. The leader of this 15 persons group who went for this murder, got killed in a car accident so that the witness ends so that if demanded there is no witness. Bin Salman who is trapped in a big crisis, but no one wants to solve the issue, instead everyone wants to reap benefits out of this trapped prince.

In Saudi Arabia, another point is that they have attacked Qatif and besieged it. We don’t have reports as to what atrocities are being done.

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