Political Markaz - Qod's Day – Rise for the Oppressed

Qod's Day – Rise for the Oppressed

Qod's Day – Rise for the Oppressed

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In the current affairs, there are certain important topics, the most important one in the next coming week, there is Qod’s Day, the day for the liberation of Palestine and Qod’s. Imam Khomeini (r.a) has made this day specific for all believers to come out on this day and get united with Palestinians and express their disassociation from Israel and enemies of Islam. The philosophy behind this is the same as fasting is meant for liberation of self. Man during fasting releases his self from anything and the last ten days when it start, then after these twenty days man’s spirit gets the feeling of this liberation and this free person who has got his self-liberated now comes to get liberation for its sanctities, religion, community, nation and Qiblah and takes steps for it. This was a very wise step of Imam Khomeini (r.a). This year it has a special significance.

Seventy years before the land of Qod’s was occupied and Jews were settled over there. Today the mother of evils, America has formally accepted Qod’s as the capital of Israel, he has moved his Embassy there and other devils are also gradually planning for the same. If the Muslim Ummah would have done the Qod’s day in a proper manner then this step would not have been taken. This filthy, foolish person Trump would not have got the courage to come on Muslim lands to establish his Embassy. But since Muslims have treacherous Arabs with them, the Muslims are lazy and they don’t have that conviction, determination in their intentions, hence the doors for the enemies are open and they have taken this step. The Muslim Ummah should give a big reply to this. The Arab conference also took place in Istanbul but nothing happened there, no resolution was passed, no steps were taken and only two Presidents of Iran and Turkey gave some fiery speech and that was also only to the extent of speech. They also did not took any practical steps due to their own issues. Turkey has not yet stopped the Israel Embassy from Ankara. The politics of Turkey is very strange; they have their Embassy in Tel Aviv; Israel has their Embassy in Ankara and the Turkish President is also announcing a war with Israel. They have all their diplomatic, economic and defense relations as it is.

There is no doubt that after the revolution Imam Khomeini (r.a) declared Palestine as an international issue. But the Presidential position is a diplomatic position and they take care of many international norms before taking any step. The actual reference point is the Supreme Leader who is the successor of Imam Khomeini (r.a) and he is out in the field, firm, convicted and determined like Imam for destruction of Israel. He has also said that Israel will not see the next twenty five years and will get destroyed. But this destruction in twenty five years is also conditional. This will not happen miraculously, it will be done through the hands of Muslim. The way Palestinians have prepared themselves and from before Ramazan and even in Ramazan they have started a movement which they have named as Return to their own land. The Palestinians go to their lands every day, they are fired every day, they are martyred, carry the bodies and again next day they go to the walls and protest. They tell them that this our land and you are the usurpers. These crusaders need supporters.

They are protesting every day and if the Muslim Ummah once in a year on Qod’s Day comes out and announce for their support, and everyone gets involved with them then for sure these Palestinians will return to their land. This filth, dirty and impurity of Jews which has been gathered from across the world on this holy land will all get drowned. Hence the Qod’s Day is very important and should not be considered as political event, it is related to our religion. It is the first Qiblah of Muslims, there is honor, dignity of Muslims in it and it is the order of Wali e Amr that you have to come out on the day. Both Shias and Sunni should come out on this day. There are some who participate in the rallies but this is not enough, they should invite others also. There are many who are not aware about the subject of Qod’s and its various dimensions. You should make them aware and make them realize their responsibilities. To come out for two hours on a street, condemning Israel and supporting the Palestinians has long term effects. Hence I am requesting believers of all age, whether young, old, women, men, students, and teachers and wherever they are they should come out. If there is no arrangement for Qod’s day in your area and you are not allowed to do that as well; there are such places where Friday prayers are arranged but there is no mention of Qod’s Day. There are certain places where people attend in big numbers for Friday prayers and at the end of the prayer the Imam e Jumah formally announces that we have nothing to do with this Qod’s day rally and these flags. I have heard this myself in Lahore. There were more than one thousand persons in the rally standing outside and from the Friday prayers sermon it was said that we have nothing to do with these youths who are bringing out this rally. We are telling the police also they are not associated with us. If you have no relationship with this rally then for sure you have some relationship somewhere else which is making you do this announcement and dissociation with this rally. Those believers who recite the Friday prayers left home in the form of procession. If they would have joined the rally their worship would have been completed. Since there is no sense, insight present and on top of that they are reminded to not take any step then their beliefs get strengthened. The majority are not aware, acquainted and a movement should be there to make the believers attentive. You should make your friends, relatives and everyone aware about this. If there are no rallies arranged in certain places then also come out as individuals. AS Quran says Rise in the way of Allah, whether you are one or two. If we assume there is no arrangement, or there is some other security issue or some pragmatism then you should visit some other city and make this arrangement. This Qod’s Day should be a good news for the Palestinians that by next Qod’s day in next Ramazan Israel would get destroyed and Palestine’s and first Qiblah of Muslims gets liberated.

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