Political Markaz - Qod’s Day Message – 2017

Qod’s Day Message – 2017

Qod’s Day Message – 2017

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The event that is upcoming next Friday is the Day of Qod’s which is the fundamental and strategic declaration of Imam Khomeini (r.a). This is an announcement of a global Intifada against all oppressors, tyrants, usurpers. This day is coming on next Friday and it is an order of Imam and Wali e Amr that all Muslims, believers on the last day of Friday should raise their voice against the Pharaoh of this era, for the support of Palestine and Masjid Al Aqsa. They should all come out together in unity with one voice for Palestinian and be united with Qod’s, pledge with Allah to prove yourself as one united Ummah. In this event all believers wherever they are should participate. Every year this day comes and many do not attend considering this is geographical, national, Arab and Iranian issue. Even in the month of Ramadhan their hearts do not become tender. This is extreme cruelty of heart that even in Ramadhan their hearts do not become soft to come out to raise their voice for the oppressed and there is no room for oppressed in their hearts despite of fasting, reciting Quran, supplications, reciting Taraweeh, mourning in Laylatul Qadr  for Ali, then what have you done in the month of Ramadhan? Even if this much tenderness has not developed in your heart to come out in obedience of your leader; raise your voice for oppressed and to rise in the way of Allah. If we cannot do even this much then this means we have been deprived and have observed only starvation and nothing else. This is because heart is hard the way it was before. We should seek refuge from Allah. The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) and Imams say, that O Allah I seek refuge to you from that heart which is not humble, that self which is deviant and its desires do not get fulfilled. Seek refuge from such self and such knowledge that has made you strange to religion and its obligations. It is necessary for the entire Ummah. If on the day of Qod’s you cannot arrange for a rally due to administration issue or less number of believer then at least deliver the Friday sermon on Qod’s and at least join your voices in the favor of oppressed. This is the least step that can be take on the day of Qod’s on last Friday. Since this is the command of Wali e Amr, then even those who are under Aitekaaf can join it and still they remain under Aitekaaf provided that they don’t step inside worldly affairs. There also their attention should be towards Allah and they are delivering their obligations.

At this stage, this year’s Qod’s carries high importance because the alliance of entire Infidelity has come out against Faith. The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) has said that entire Infidelity has come against Faith. Today if we see the entire infidelity has undressed themselves, the name sake leaders of Muslim nations, the cruel, filthy Ale Saud have openly come out in the field with the name that they have come out against Mahdaviat. They have joined hands with Israel, Zionist to isolate Shiite. How can they isolate Shiite when Allah is with them? Their ancestors Abu Jahal, Abu Lahab, Abu Sufyan sanctioned the Prophet, fought wars with the Prophet but where they successful in doing this? Why don’t they learn lessons from their elders than? Those with whom Allah is there cannot be isolated? The entire infidelity has come together in confrontation. If today Ali would have been there, what would these Malangs do? Just dance? Or they should come out in obedience to Ali? Today coming out against these forces of infidelity is obedience to Ali.

These total Infidelity of West, Hebrews and this garbage of Muslim lands that gathered in Riyadh conference where there was only one agenda that is Iran. Why? Because they are Shia and believe in Mahdaviat. The next stages of that Fitnah that came out was in Qatar, then Bahrain and now America has issued new sanctions on Iran as to why you make missiles, why you support Palestine. Another thing that happened that yesterday around 26 Bahraini citizenships were revoked, they have issued statements of imprisonment for some. There are protests going on in Bahrain and this is entire Infidelity that has come in confrontation of Shiite.

In this situation the character of Ali is not that you just sit and mourn for Ali, then thinking that we have delivered our responsibility and Ali will do everything else on his own alone; or they keep Ali this much isolated that he gets martyred and then keep on visiting his shrine. Leave Hussain alone to this extent that he gets martyred in oppressed state and then we will visit with caravans there. Leave your Imam alone, isolated in the vicinity of Kufr, Munafiq that he gets killed then I will deliver my rights by doing pilgrimage of his shrine. Ali did not leave the Prophet alone to wait for him to get killed then I will sit for my life on his grave. Ameerul Momineen (a.s) did not leave the Prophet alone for a single moment. When in Battle of Khandaq, Amr bin Abdawud came across the trench and challenged the Muslims. That time the Prophet in angered manner said who will shut the mouth of this dog. He repeated three times and three times Ali stood up. When Ali went to the battlefield, the Prophet entire faith is going against Infidelity. There is entire Kufr there and this one has come alone. This is total faith that is this personality. Today when entire Kufr is out then the one who is out in the field is total faith. Hence this day means a lot for the entire Muslim world. Today Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon are all oppressed and even Kashmir. There is peak of oppression ongoing in Kashmir. Palestine is oppressed. First there was one Palestine but today you see across the Muslim world there are several places where Muslims are in worst state than Palestinians. The Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar are in worst state then Palestinians. The oppression that has been done on Myanmar. The voice that is raised on the Day of Qod’s is for all Muslims. This is the voice for Kashmir, Myanmar, voice for Yemen, Iraq and is the voice of every oppressed raised by his supporter. As per Allama Iqbal

Nikli to labe Iqbal se hai na Janiya hai ye kiski sada
This song has come out from the lips of Iqbal but don’t know whose words are these

This voice, pleading that comes out from your tongues, lips for the oppressed is liked by Allah a lot. This expression is liked by Allah a lot. Today all these facts and the Satanic games that are played in Middle East then this is the only way left with Muslims to come out on such days and raise your voice against these tyrants. May Allah give relief to the oppressed from these tyrant? We pray to Allah in this holy month and days to forgive our sins.



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