Political Markaz - Qatar taking strong stance in GCC

Qatar taking strong stance in GCC

Qatar taking strong stance in GCC

Dec 14,2018 Comments Download

There was a GCC conference held in Riyadh recently. In that conference Malik Salman delivered a speech. They first removed Qatar out from GCC but now they invited Qatar as well but Qatar denied to visit. Qatar is a small country and have strengthened its economy. They threatened Qatar last year and it has become strong. Qatar has denied to attend and taken another step. Qatar has also announced that we will no more remain part of OPEC also. They have wealth of petrol and gas; now they have walked out. Saudi is concerned and looks like Qatar is getting prepared for reply operation. When they boycotted Qatar, they thought they will finish Qatar but Iran and Turkey supported them and now Qatar is staring at them. In this conference malik Salman said that we should further unite against Iran to support trump. They have announced in November on 4th; Trump announced the most severe sanctions on Iran. He said that it would be the last day and it would be the end of revolution. The world has seen that on 4th November, the biggest rally of Death to America took place on that day as it was the anniversary day of occupation of American Embassy. This way the face of Trump got blackened. He has said that I will not allow revolution to enter its 40th year. In this February it will be 40 yrs and the Rahbar has warned his nation to remain alert because America can do any mischief. King Salman has announced that all our friends in Gulf and outside should be prepared to stand against Iran. In these friendship the new friend is Israel and the embassies will also start in Saudi. The day it starts in Saudi it will start in Pakistan as well and the preparation are being made

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