Political Markaz - Pulwama – Modi’s 9/11

Pulwama – Modi’s 9/11

Pulwama – Modi’s 9/11

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Pulwama – Modi’s 9/11 

On the borders of Pakistan, the tension is on its peak. Last week, a suicide attack took place on Indian forces. It was the first incident of suicide bombing in Kashmir. It is a beginning of new war method which was there in other places before like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria but this did not happen before Kashmir. It looks like this is a new direction of the encounter inside Kashmir. It is the Indian politicians, forces who have made Kashmir reach this stage. They have disgraced, humiliated, insulted and in beastly manner succumbed them and made them reach to this stage, provided this attack was done by the freedom fighters of Kashmir. Then in this situation the responsibility of this attack is on India.  

From the time the BJP government of Modi came, they have adopted the same Israeli policy against Kashmir. They insulted, humiliated, killed and dominated the Palestinians, the same has been done by Indians. They have molested women, they have shot children, they have made many people blind, they have barged inside homes, they have sacrilege mosques; they sacrilege the dead bodies of Kashmir; they have arrested youths, and tied them up on jeeps as human shield. These are more provoking then the just simple killing. They wanted the people of Kashmir to reach this leave and show this reaction. If this attack was done by Kashmiris, then it is the India government and forces who made Kashmiris reach this stage where they did this. 

One opinion about the Pulwama attack is that India has put the blame on Pakistan, on Jaish ul Adl, which is a banned terrorist outfit of Pakistan. They have put the blame on Pakistan and its army and threatened for war. They want to reply with war. There is a lot of provocation happening in India and war is about to happen. One reason for this that elections are going to happen in this year. For the current government to win elections, the biggest card is animosity with Islam and Muslims. They want to show Pakistan as the biggest threat for India to the level that Pakistan will swallow India if this party of BJP does not comes to power.

The way America makes this policy, that for a particular country they show that due to Iran, North Korea the security of America is in danger. In order to secure themselves, they made excuses to attack various countries. The same trend India is following, that due to Pakistan Indian security is under threat and the survival of India lies in attacking Pakistan. This atmosphere, thinking is going on in India and many politicians, media and others are fueling this to create a serious war environment. The level of seriousness which is there in India to build pressure to attack Pakistan and see the non-seriousness which is there in Pakistan. Our government is busy in internal war with opposition parties. They want to attack on our borders and here they are in internal attacks on opposition.

Indian has acted upon the strategy of 9/11. I have mentioned this before as well. In simple words, this strategy is to beat our own self. This is something done ordinarily also on daily basis. If you want to put someone else in trouble; they shoot their own feet and say someone has shot me. This is a strategy to hit yourself and put the blame on other. Then drag them to court, or take revenge yourself. This is done by ordinary criminals who don’t have excuse to fight with someone. This criminal thing has become a global strategy for America. They attack their own self like in 9/11 and then they make excuse to attack someone else.

The 9/11 who were Saudi Cadets studying in America, whom America made them enter the airports, they hijacked the aircrafts and then attacked the Twin towers, then they put the blame on Afghanistan. If the Afghanis could have thought to this level, penetrated inside America this much then Afghanis should have been super power. This is one view about the Pulwama attack, that this is the strategy of India to attack their own self, then make this excuse to declare Pakistan as such an enemy that if people do not vote for Modi, then Pakistan will finish India. To achieve this goal Modi played this. This is one view which is being found, and due to this Kashmir movement will also come in control and for Pakistan. Whatever was the reason, a serious front has been created aginst Pakistan. 

Our PM has given three options; that we can negotiate, investigate and war. We are ready for all three. May be he wants to do all this. That first they want to do a war, then negotiate and end the war, and then investigate and see if the war was essential to fight or not. When two atomic nations get into a war, then this would not be an issue of just politics. In India also the passion which is being created for this war; and for Pakistan also there are these plans. The seriousness with which this issue should have been seen, then this is the last option where no one will be left as both are atomic powers.

At times the external elements are giving this impression; the enemies of Pakistan also wants this war to happen and the enemies of India also want this war to happen. There will not be any non-seriousness in India as this is the year of election, but in Pakistan there is no seriousness seen. Modi is a shrewd politician, he wants to show India under big threat, and Modi wants to become hero. All their Gods in Hindus, like Krishna, Ram, and Hanuman are those Heroes who have fought extra ordinary wars against big powers and have become gods who are worshipped. Modi wants to reach this level that he wants people to worship. They are studying this unlike our people who bring out every event and just predict this as sign of reappearance. Like they see any one eyed person, they think this is Dajjal.

Dajjal is a Fitnah which will be born in the last era. In the same way they have taken these prophecies from their ancient books and they interpret on Modi. As their Gods come as Avatars and take a human form. Ram will come inside some man and does the same. The same impression is being created for Modi, that he is a God that has come to fight Pakistan. Whereas Pakistan is just one province size of India. India is five times more populated than India. They are threatening their people that Pakistan wants to destroy them. They are creating extreme hatred against Pakistan. And ordinary people can be strayed off easily as majority are blind followers. There are many who play with the sentiments of the people; two groups, one are politicians and other religious category who invoke people. Both these groups in India, are fueling people against Pakistan and Muslims. In this situation, a lot of seriousness is required in Pakistan and a planned step is required, talks are required but the situation in the country makes it unsuitable. 

The FM has some weightage in his words; he has predicted that India will create some big incident in Kashmir, use it as an excuse to blame Pakistan. The Indian minister has warned that we will stop the water of rivers flowing inside Pakistan. They are giving all such statements and till election this atmosphere will be there. All the Pakistan organization should manage this till the elections in India. 




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