Political Markaz - Pressuring Iran to change the system

Pressuring Iran to change the system

Pressuring Iran to change the system

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They are now finding these hopes as they have said before that we will not allow Iranian Revolution to complete its forty years and this is the fortieth year. In February next year this revolution will complete forty years and America has announced that we will not allow forty years to complete. In forty years the system becomes concrete and then it is not possible to bring it down. They have made a lot of efforts before and not left any leaf unturned, they have made attempts every day but now in the fortieth year they are making more efforts to bring change in Iran. How they will bring the change? That is arousing the people in Iran towards rebellion, by using various tactics which were expressed by the theorician of Velvet revolution as 198 different ways. They will experiment all these methods and they will do this. They will bring all forms of groups and segments under pressure. In general there are restrictions, sanctions on Iran which were there from beginning. But now there is more propaganda of sanctions. We will make the sanctions tougher. It is like you have blocked a road and now you are telling we will further block it. You have already blocked it, so why you are saying again? You have already put absolute sanctions on Iran so now what more you will do. This is all because the Iranian people should be afraid that the ongoing sanctions are not so strong and more tough sanctions are going to come soon. The people get afraid when they listen to it that after these sanctions we will not get anything, we will not be able to breathe also, we will not even get oxygen. This is the cold war which they have started against Iran.

In Iran also there are such groups who are anti-government and power hungry. Some groups are against the system of revolution and some are power hungry who were revolutionary, supporters of revolution bu they have the addiction of power like in Pakistan whereby some parties are blind in power battle. If they don’t get power they will take poison and die. Some develop this feeling that we are the PM by birth. Who has given you the certificate of being PM? Similar groups are present in Iran as well who believe that coming to power is their birth right and if they do not come into power through straight path then they will use other means. There are many other groups whom they are arousing.

One activity which has started recently in Iran and looks like will grow further is that since a week the transporters in Iran have done a strike. The strike is in media only but not practical. There are various groups of transporters and one small group of truck drivers have stopped riding trucks as they are saying our rights are less. They are doing all this to bring a government in difficulties. In Iran the biggest means of transportation is road transport. They have made trains but till now the biggest means of transporting goods from factories, ports is by road that is by trucks. If trucks, tankers, trawlers go on strike then it disturbs a lot. Then the taxi drivers have announced that they will also go on strike. If those who are giving services go on strike, then where they will eat and run their expenses? They will get from Saudi. They have been satisfied that Saudi will give you money in return of your earnings and you should go on strike. If you drive truck and run 100$ but if you don’t drive, go on strike you will get 200$. He says it is good if I am getting this much benefit for not driving. The taxi situation is same, they earn and eat every day, so if they sit at home where they will eat from? Government servants go on strikes which happens in Pakistan as well; but they know that they will get salary. Wherever there is salary whether you work or not, fail, but those places where you get only when you work. The taxi drivers are contended that they will get more money for not driving taxis. Saudi is doing a heavy investment because Bin Salman has announced that we have to move this battle inside Tehran. This battle is economic, psychological war with Iran and gradually all the services will go on strike due to which people will become victim. If the people don’t get doctors, services on road, daily commodities and then there is inflation also. Then people will get frustrated and rise against the government, protest and then there will be external intervention. This is the spider web plan they have made but with the stratagem of Allah they have been ashamed 40,000 times in 40 yrs but still they are not improving specially these two idiots Trump and Bin Salman. They don’t have even name sake shame after being disgraced in Syria, they should leave even governance in their own country. The way they have been insulted in Syria even a donkey does not gets insulted. They gathered all the terrorists form the world and Hezbollah has beaten them so badly that they are not getting a place to run. This malice and hatred is still there in them. They should have repented in front of their people for using their resources in Syria but they are shameless and again thinking in new way to change the Iranian system.

But Allah says that his stratagem is more severe. Allah says that with their propaganda they want to extinguish the light of Allah but the polytheists will not like but still Allah will preserve this light. Allah will protect his light, lamp in future also and this system of Wilyat-e-Faqeeh and revolution and will get connected with system of Imam Mahdi. The Ummah will see that day when Israel will perish and Allah will give privilege to believers.

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