Political Markaz - Preparing for Qod’s Day

Preparing for Qod’s Day

Preparing for Qod’s Day

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The other events which are coming up amongst them one for which the believers should start to prepare from now itself is the Qod’s Day. It is the last Friday of the month of Ramazan which Imam Khomeini (r.a) has declared as Qod’s day, as the day for supporting the oppressed and the day of Palestinian nation. This year this day has more significance because the Zionist aggression has increased. As I have said before that there are two types of Zionism; one is Jewish Zionism and other is Christian Zionism. First the Jewish Zionists had usurped Palestine but now the Christian Zionists with the help of Jews have moved to Holy house city of Jerusalem. This big devil America and its accursed President Trump has moved his Embassy to Qod’s and multiple Palestinians were martyred on that day. This was an open sacrilege of Qod’s, the Islamic world and the Muslim nation. The Christian Zionism whose representative is the accursed president of America he has challenged the self-respect of all Muslims globally. Against this the reaction of Muslims and specifically the Arabs has been disgraceful. The Arab rulers have demonstrated the worst humiliated, shamelessness in this matter and since the Arab people are also under the clutches of these Arab rulers they also did not express anything. At present in the Arab world, there are two most oppressed communities and more than them there is no other community in the Arab world as oppressed. One of them are the oppressed people of Yemen and other of Bahrain. They are the most resistive, protesting and standing against this Zionism. They are under bombs, their country is ruined, they are inside prisons, tortured and they have the realization on what oppression is and how to support oppressed. The Yemeni’s came out in a full-fledged way on street in the support of Palestinians whereas others are enjoying the drugs of sacred things in some places and some are intoxicated with impurities.

This is the month of Ramazan and America has done open aggression and the entire Muslims world is silent. In Pakistan also there has been just some games on media and other than this nothing else. There has been a conference of Muslim nations and the Arabs there have demonstrated shamelessness. There are only two countries who took heavy stand in this conference in Istanbul. One was the President of Turkey and second the President of Iran who have made suggestion for practical steps and have committed for practical steps. Apart from them others just went and came back including our Prime Minister also.

Imam Khomeini (r.a) took this issue out of the hands of rented crusaders, separated this from Arab rulers and handed it over to the Muslim Ummah. He asked to rise for this issue and that too on the last Friday of Ramazan as this is the only path for liberation of Qod’s. Qod’s as such is a symbol and sign. The captivity of Qod’s means the captivity of entire Islamic world and freedom of Qod’s is freedom of entire Islamic Ummah. There are other issues also like Kashmir Muslims, Burma Muslims which are important but the issue of Qod’s has a special significance. Hence the believers should not wait, but start to prepare from now. Those who have never come out on Qod’s, they should be also convinced to come out on this day. All Muslims whichever corner of the world they are, they should come out, stand against the Jewish and Christian Zionism. They should come out in the state of fasting on the last Friday, they should raise their voice and let it reach the oppressed, our lord and challenge these enemies of Allah so that from Allah also divine support comes and this Zionists get destroyed from this world. All men, women should start a Tahreek for Qod’s day and then on the day of Qod’s start a movement for liberation of Qod’s.

Hence I said that day of Qod’s has adopted a special meaning now. The day of Qod’s is the day of rising of Islamic Ummah against the Taghoot and Devils. The Qod’s has become the symbol of dignity for all Muslims. The Muslims have to get liberation of this icon of dignity and prove themselves. Last year there was a beautiful scene of Qod’s Day and I think it was a historic Qod’s day. That great rally which was last year was globally a unique rally. That rally was done by an individual from Pakistan in Dubai. He alone took the flag of Qod’s in his hands, tied the band on his head and alone went out on the street of Dubai. This was a prestigious rally taken by this individual alone. He took out this rally alone. This was a great thing that too in that city, who are friends of Zionists. There was no supporter for him, no scholar with him. He covered a long route, with alone raising the slogan of Death to America. He stood on a square and recited resolution condemning Israel. As per me this was the most prestigious rally. This kind of rally can be done by anyone. If any Maulana, organization, parties, groups, followers of Mi6 are not ready then you can easily do this alone in your village. You can carry the flag of Qod’s alone. Just carry the flag of Qod’s and not of any organization. These rallies are very effective and these steps which seems unordinary to us are not ordinary in the eyes of Allah and carry high significance. This one blow which man inflicts in the name of Allah is greater than the worship of Thaqlain (two worlds); if it is done at the right time. This is the right time this year and the believers should be prepared for this.

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