Political Markaz - Power politics of Pawns in Pakistan

Power politics of Pawns in Pakistan

Power politics of Pawns in Pakistan

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In national issues, the country on daily basis is moving towards more tension. There is severity coming day by day and the same unmindful, non-seriouspolitics is going on in Pakistan. There is a Mafia political system and in the tug of war for power there is a severe battle going on to remove some and to bring some in the field. The shameful things which is being done is like a chess game, where there is a board on which there are pawns and someone else is playing with the pawns. Some pawns are with one player, some are with other player. Those pawns have their own status. It is a battle that takes place on the board and one who has more expertise on playing with pawns wins the battle. This is the politics of pawns that are being played in Pakistan. Not all pawns are meant for bringing them in government. Some are only meant for jugglery and drama. In order to gather the people some jugglers come and perform. These pawns who are doing in sit in protests, running rallies are these pawns who just want to gather crowds. Then the actual pawns will come to save the people and show this performance. At present the same is happening in Pakistan politics. Some are doing protests, rallies and doing what all.

One dangerous thing that is happening is that these pawns will use religion in these politics as means. The same has been done in history like in Banu Umayyah and Banu Abbas have been using religion as a tool to come into power as something sacred. It is moving in the direction of Takfirist election. First there was Takfirist terrorism and now Takfirist terrorism. They will keep the religion in front and one party will say that giving vote to this party is voting the Prophet and if you want to protect the Seal of Prophethood then you have to give us vote and if you don’t give vote to us then you have gone against the Prophet (s.a) and hence you are infidels and meant to be executed. Then some will bring companions of Prophet in the field, some will bring wives of Prophet (s), some will bring Ahlulbayt (a.s) and all parties will bring all their sacred personalities in the field of election to seek vote. And those who do not support them or vote them they will accuse them as being enemies and do the same treatment which is done with enemies. This dangerous turn is being seen in the elections.

As I have said before as well as to what Shias should do in these elections. They should do the politics of Imam Musa Kazim (a.s). Safwan e Jammal was a known companion of Imam (a.s). One day Imam called him and said after this do not come to us ever. He said what is the problem, what mistake I did? Imam said you are supporter of our tyrant enemies. He said I have not done anything like that as I am your loyalist. Imam (a.s) asked him did you rent your camels to Haroon or not? He said yes. Imam said this is the service you are providing to Taghoot and you are their supporter. He said this Taghoot was not going for any oppression he was going on a sacred journey of Hajj.  I will get the rewards for hajj as well and I will get the rent for the camels. There are so many benefits hence I have done this. Imam asked are you supplicating for the safe return of Haroon or not? He said yes, I pray for my camels to return safe.  Imam said all these benefits have become the basis of your supplications that Haroon should return back safe. Imam said this is your misguidance that you have gone to the extent of praying for wellbeing of Taghoot.  He was anintelligent person and did not act stubbornly like others. He did not become a leader like Mohammed bin Aftah and Mohammed ibn Ismael. He repented and sold his camels and said I don’t want to do such business in which I am supporting Taghoot. If Safwan did not go himself and only sent few camels along with Haroon to Mecca then he becomes forbidden in the Imamat of Imam Musa Kazim (a.s). Imam has drawn a line till the day of Qayamat for the Shias. Then if some Aftah gets born and the way politicians find their supporters and seed them. If you want to learn the politics then learn from Imams (a.s). They have spent their lives under the governance of Taghoot but not succumbing to the pressure of Taghoots. This has insured the survival of Shia.

On a collective note the nation has gone to a serious level of danger. On economy the country has sunk down to a highly serious stage. There are other aspects as well as these are sensitive days for Pakistan. The biggest tragedy for the Pakistani people is that they are least concerned. They have got this in their minds that this nation will run like this only through tyrants, mafia and nothing will ever change. There are severe dangers on the borders of Pakistan. They are trying to work on a compromise policy with Afghanistan but daily pressure from India is going on.

In Kashmir the tyranny, oppression of Indian government is going on the same way. The situation is the same and there is a crisis in Kashmir and we pray to Allah to help and give salvation to these oppressed.

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