Political Markaz - Post elections revenge strategies between political parties in Pakistan

Post elections revenge strategies between political parties in Pakistan

Post elections revenge strategies between political parties in Pakistan

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The situation in Pakistan is that everyone is waiting for formation of new government. There are groups visiting the way disciples visit the courts of big courts like in carnivals. In Islamabad everyone is visiting the center of the winning who is going to make government. They are presenting their signs of beliefs, that we have done so much for you , like supplication, Sadaqah, Imam Zamin (amulet on hand as token of protection) and those who have not got any candidate won they will use all these means to get some favors. The current party that has won they say is the outcome of two sages; one Bashir Mian and second Lady Bushra who is the first lady of the party as well. They have visited various shrines during the elections. Now others are also visiting them in the same way. This way they are forming the government as well. They are not looking at the abilities, capabilities but just assessing who has done what for us, to them we will give positions.

There is a strong estimation that this government which will be formed won’t last for long. The main parties of Pakistan are in opposition and this new party which was formed by the members of the same old party, the same feudal lords who were in other party before and they are now in the current party to form the government. The opposition party has a strange character, role. They have lost the elections very badly and they are accusing for rigging in elections; they are presenting proof also for rigging and are saying that everything was done in elections to make one party win. But at the same time these opposition parties are rushing to get this government formed. They are not doing protests, they are not boycotting to enter parliament; they are saying we will get into parliament; they are allowing the government to be formed though they are raising slogans of rigging as well. By logic it should happen that you should aim for reelection as you are saying that we have been made to loose. You should protest, not go to assembly and not allow anyone to make government. They are not going in that direction, they are crying, that our rights have been usurped but the steps which are common in Pakistan to be done they are not going in that direction. Media was expecting that they will come out in streets, they will do protests but this is not happening.

Some party personalities in the early phase of results, this Maulana Fazlur rahman who is also now the leader of Shia, first he said we will not allow the government to be formed, but next day he said we will allow but sit in opposition. This is not out of sympathy but instead this is because as per them this would be the weakest government that would be formed in the history of Pakistan. And this is correct because the way this government has come into existence, it is very weak. If the opposition takes some aggressive steps now they won’t be successful. The opposition party is more interested to allow the winning party to make government; they have removed all obstacles, they did not approach the court but just have issued some statements in news which are also very light. It was expected that the atmosphere would be like 1977, whereby Zulfiqar ali Bhutto won the elections but he got into big troubles, the same opposition parties protested, and he had to leave government, martial law came and he was hanged. It was the same expected but nothing of that sort happened. Every small party is interested to form this government and opposition is keen. If this government would get formed then this would be weak, then we will pull the leg and the people will then face the heat. This is also a revenge which they want to take from people. When people will not have basic needs, then people will see what they have done. To run a system in Pakistan is very difficult. Since at the back there is a hold of establishment hence the systems keep on working in some or other manner; there is one face in front and there is a hand behind.

The challenges which are there for Pakistan are not even known to the Pakistani. This is a virtue of Pakistani that they are enjoying in every situation, intoxicated, dancing in slumber. They are ignorant of everything. The government is not yet formed and they are thinking of debts. They have requested for loans before forming the government. 4 billion $ Saudi is giving. IMF loan request has been blocked by America. They are expecting big amount from China. When a corrupt system is made, they eat away everything and the effect is on the internal system, security and all pressure comes on people. When this government will run, then the opposition will come into action. They will block them from all possible ways. They will bring legal issues for them. They will not allow any bill to pass in parliament. They will aim for defusing and making this government fail and not for pleasing people. This current winning party was in opposition last time and all their efforts were made to just bring down this government; they never entered the Parliament. This way this opposition will also block the ruling party and they will take their revenge this way. So that all those who have got and strengthened this winning party, they will get ashamed, they will defame this party and it will be a revenge towards people as well as they casted vote for the winning party. This is the way of opposition party in which they will work, and try to bring this government down. This way by failing the winning party government; the elections will come up again; then the opposition party will win and in that situation they will become hero. The same parties or one of them will come into power.

The winning party is also full with flames of revenge and those who have lost are also full of revenge. So in between the people will witness the beauty of democracy and they will enjoy the democratic system There will be loss of Pakistan, nation and there will be problem for prosperity of the country.

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