Political Markaz - Pondering over 2018

Pondering over 2018

Pondering over 2018

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The first topic is that the Christian Calendar has reached its end, and 3 days are left and after that 2019 will start. When a new year starts and one year ends then it presents some new issues and arguments. At this time when the year is ending it is a time to ponder over what has happened in the year. The year 2018 has been a container of many events, accidents and changes and specifically in the Islamic world and similar in Pakistan.

In 2018, the new government of Pakistan was formed and whatever was happening in past a new wave came up which is ongoing. In a collective way, the year 2018 there has done a lot of damage in this year. The devilishness of global powers have increased, humanity issues have increased like there has been warning bells about water crisis. In Pakistan also this issue was not raised seriously but used politically. In 2018 certain bitter incidents have taken place and worthy lives have been lost. Certain lands have been the ground of more severities.

In that Yemen has been one; in the last few months Yemeni’s were killed brutally by all regional and global powers. They destroyed their country, they looted them, stopped all routes of means reaching them and this aggression is going on. The second land is Palestine where oppression increased and a new movement also started, that is the movement of return to land which repeats on Friday. Every Friday, the youths, woman, children come on the borders and they raise slogans that we have to return to our usurped land. I could not bring out the statistics about how many attacks were done in Palestine and it is present and you can check. The third land on which extreme oppression was done is Kashmir and every day youths are killed. The valley of Kashmir is high degree of sorrow. When the movement in Kashmir was at peak and from that time to now the severity is very high. At that time there was support for Kashmir but now they have been completely left on their own. Their youths have been killed, imprisoned; they have ended government, their leaders are put in prisons and governor ruler has been established after finishing off the government. This way 2018 was a tough year for Kashmir and it is ongoing.

For Syria the direction of war changed in 2018 and became one sided and the terrorist group has been completely succumbed though complete cleansing has not yet been done. In the past the battle was not one sided; majority of the world were the supporters of terrorist and very few were on the side of Syria. Though at diplomatic level the battle has not ended but on ground this has become one sided. Turkey, America and some other countries have preserved some locations of terrorists in Kurdish and some other region. Since after this phase of war now negotiations will start and that will decide what will happen in Syria. I will mention this separately as well that the situation in Syria is very complex. There have been two world wars; which were very lowly and abased wars fought in Europe but in our region we have been taught as Great wars. The victorious who got victories in Europe they distributed themselves. Those who lost the First World War that is Germany and Japan; they were brutally treated. The same situation is in Syria also and as I said before that Russia from the very beginning has a dirty politics in Syria. Dirty politics is not an abuse it is a terminology in the political science in which you can do anything you want to meet your own interest. Three countries are famous in this dirty politics though America is also similar. But these countries are Russia, China and India. They take full advantage of the crisis in other countries. Like India is taking free oil from Iran since decades. When Iranians ask for money, the Indians say there are restrictions in Banks globally so we cannot transfer. They keep Rupees in front of them. What will Iranians do with Rupees; you need that currency which can work globally. Indian currency only works in India and not outside. This way they have troubled Iran. China does the same thing and traps other countries and takes their advantage. They earn money from everything. If there is war they will earn money, if truce then also. If the market is bad or good they just earn money. In Syria, Russia is doing the same politics. When the war has become one sided, Russia has changed its style of politics and changed its tactics. Now Russia is trying to remove Iran interference from Syria and also Hezbollah should be out. They want Iran to be completely out from Syria because after the war, the reconstruction work that will start in Syria then Russia should get all the benefits. In Syria, the deals are going on at this level.

In 2018; one old government fell down after elections and new government came up. As such many things happened but the political turbulence overcome everything else and they did not allow the community to realize any other issue other than politics. But before going into this, let me mention one more thing related to end of year.

This is a Christian year, which means the birthday of Prophet Jesus. Our PM says that there is no mention of Prophet Jesus in History whereas the Christian Calendar year begins with the birthdate of Prophet Jesus but he could not find that in history, we don’t know what history he read or someone wrote and gave him but somehow this statement came out from him. These events are the days of birth anniversary of Jesus. This means 2018 years have passed after the passing away of Prophet Jesus. As per Quran he has not died, Allah took him away and he will reappear and this is the belief of Muslims, Christians and Jesus in their own way. Some believe that he was crucified, died but he will again come back to life but Muslims believe that he is alive and in the last era he will reappear before Qayamat and specifically at the time of return of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s) and he will recite Salaat behind Imam (a.t.f.s) and will also be his promoter. In this context, for Christians it is the celebration of Eid for them as well as New Year. They do lighting, celebrate and prayers in their religious centers. Since the New Year also starts they have dual happiness. But the Muslims also get happy as they get holidays. They remember Christmas in context to holidays as the schools are on holidays for ten days. This is because on this land English have been ruling for long time and during their rulership they ended many Muslim customs and kept the Christian events alive. Muslims are only concerned with holidays and they have nothing to do with Prophet Jesus. Since all Muslims have belief on all Prophets and no one can be a Muslim without having faith on all Prophets. From this context, something which Trump has done, which I will come towards later, but first let us discuss about national issues.

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