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Politics of Religion in Pakistan

Politics of Religion in Pakistan

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The second issue related to Pakistan is the political instability which is increasing on hourly basis and all this is due to upcoming elections. The elections that are being designed are very dreadful. In these elections there are elements who will use religion, that too prejudicial religion and this will be a politics of sectarianism. The sects are coming out with their identities whereas it is there in the constitution of Pakistan that you cannot demand for votes on the basis of religion and cannot fight elections. Here the secular parties also are demanding votes on the name of religion. This is because there are such innocent people who are religious as well as simpletons and through them a plan is devised for elections. Though the Election campaign has not given permission to start campaigns, registrations are not done but the aggression has already started. In this election religion will be used in a merciless manner and reactions will also be there.

Like they will say that to vote so and so candidate will be like giving vote to Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) and one who does not gives is Kafir and should be killed. When you keep religion as the basis of asking vote then this will happen. Every sect will come out with these slogans that to vote our candidate is like voting for Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s), companions, Lady Zahra (s.a), Imam Hussain (a.s), Ahlulbayt (a.s). They will bring the sacred personalities in the filthiest common routine state politics. This is an impure political ground in which you will bring the purest sanctities out. When you will bring this vision that one who votes for this person they are followers of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) and those who don’t are their enemies, then what will happen. Why you create such a plan, that you will give certificates of lovers and enemies. This should not be done and people should condemned; oppose such persons who bring sanctities out in the field of election politics as a tool.

This election is being designed on this basis only. In the past the slogans were bread, food, clothes, shelter for elections but now that has ended and religion has come out in the field. There are secular groups who are doing alliance with religious parties. If you see some secular groups are getting closer to religious groups supporting Taliban. Some secular groups are doing alliance with Barelvi group. What has a liberal group to do with Taliban and Barelvi?  Secular means that there is no room for religion. When you have raised the slogan of secularism, that is irreligiousness then why you are dragging and adulterating religion and sanctities into elections. Hence this election is creating an atmosphere of war, fitnah in every street and lane. I have said this several times that only communal sense amongst people can give salvation from this sedition. If the sense amongst people is not raised then destructive situation arises which also becomes the basis of next encounter. The foundations of animosity that would get created now, the fronts that will open during elections will never close and in subsequent years these encounters will continue even without elections. These fronts will adopt another route in Mohurrum, Ramadan and will not end after elections. This is a mistake and foolishness of those who are doing this, who think that we will open this front during the elections and then we will close these fronts later.

This was the mistake, crime done by Zia ul Haqq who opened the front before on one occasion but today the entire potential of Pakistan is being utilized but that front is not getting closed. Once the door is opened, it is not possible for anyone to close. In Iran as well the same happened whereby Mr. Rafsanjani opened the door of Liberalism for the development of country and to please Europe. He was assuming that the keys of revolution are with me and whenever I desire I will make the country revolutionary or liberal. He made liberal but could not make them revolutionary again. This was impossible and whosever does this disturbance cannot recover it. It is not possible that you get the people down in one front and then you tell them to change the front later. If you tell them later that elections have ended go back to your previous fronts they will not go there. When someone gets the taste of sitting on a political chair then they don’t like any other rides.  Politics is that donkey on which once someone sits he will never come down specifically the group of Maulana; once they sit there it will be impossible to make them stand from there. How will they come out of this dirty politics? It is the most foolish and dreadful design done for the elections and May Allah protect Pakistan from this Fitnah.


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