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Politics of Minorities in Pakistan

Politics of Minorities in Pakistan

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In the national issues which are continuously the victim of political instability which are on peak due to elections. The country politics is heading in a dangerous direction. The politics of Mafia and merciless struggle of power. As I pointed that there is a new sweetener of Takfirist politics put in whereby the sanctities of nation, religion, and people would be bought out in the field of politics which is already happened and votes will be demanded on the basis of sanctities which is a big crime. For the filthiest, unsacred things, sacred means are being used. The results of which are clearly seen that from now itself the act of Takfirism has started. The one who does not supports a party, and does not votes for them will be out of religion. One who does not votes for the supporters of Khatm-e-Nabuwat, they are denier of Prophethood. Those who do not vote for the supporters of companions of Prophet, they will declare them as infidels. Those who are using the sanctity of Ahlulbayt (a.s) if they do not get vote, they will say the entire world is the enemy of Ahlulbayt (a.s). Those who will ask vote for nationalism and those who don’t vote for them are betrayers of nation. Those who are using the sanctities they want to absolve each other. It is the politics of absolving opponents of each other.

Politics of democracy is just a drama and deception. There is no other deception bigger than this as to what is being done with the people in the name of elections across the world. The elections are same everywhere from big countries to small. Like in America votes are given to some candidate and someone else wins. Hilary Clinton got the votes but Trump was victorious. In this fraud the elections are done. On the outward they present elections as candidates who are deserving and the people have rights to select and those whom people give votes he wins and other loose. These elections are not of winning and losing instead they are of survival and annihilation. In this election one has to win and other has to be wiped out. In normal elections, the one who wins and lose both survive and they come back to contest again. When they bring elections to this level where one party wants to destroy, annihilate other party in whichever way by abuses or by shooting. This is a dreadful atmosphere that is being created in the nation and a merciless environment is being created.

In this politics more hardships are there for those segments who are in minority. The minorities are always victims of hardships and to overcome these they take crazy steps and the history is full of such cases. History narrates about minority who were less than the majority on how they have saved themselves, what politics they have adopted. The minorities are much more than majorities. Like in Pakistan one group would be in majority but there are many small minorities. How these minorities have got their rights, how they have secured themselves is an interesting topic in every country. In certain countries where there is freedom the minorities raise their voice, in those places where they are under pressure what path they adopted, in some places the minorities have to change their face to survive.

In Pakistan the Shias are also minority though the numbers are not clear but it is a fact that they are less. When minorities step in politics what kind of politics they should do; that too entering inside politics which is destructive, Takfirist. In this situation when a person comes in the field of politics with the flag of Shia then what kind of politics he should do. The politics of majority is easy the difficulty is with the politics of minority. When those who are less have to live in the same society, they have to ask for the rights, they have to defend their rights and achieve their objectives. In this situation as compared to the insightful leadership of majority you need much higher intellectual, deep insightful leaders for minority so that they can secure their minority group and make them reach the purpose. They should not waste them, not put them into trouble, not allow their rights to be stampeded, they should not be ignored and also make them get their rights also. There are also non-Muslim minorities in Pakistan, in Muslims also there are minorities in terms of communism, language and religion. If you see the regional minority then Punjab is the majority province and maximum population is in Punjab. There are other regions which are small so how can they achieve their objective. If you see Gilgit Baltistan, Kashmir, and FATA are all minority regions so how they should get their rights, and what plans their leadership should have. They are all struggling and some have been successful also and some have even sold their minorities. The senate elections were done, the same representatives of Balochistan minorities took millions and made their minority community vote for the capitalists.

There are many minorities in Pakistan on the basis of religion like Agha Khani. They are minority but they have their own method of living in majority, to keep their identity within majority. Shia is also a minority amongst Muslim sect as compared to Ahle Sunnah. What kind of politics they have to adopt? They will not refrain from politics, but when you give a title of Shia community representative and Shia leadership then you should have this much sense on what type of politics you should do. It should not happen that the name of Shia which you are using for the politics that name of Shias itself gets destroyed. You would have seen on Minar e Pakistan every political party is demonstrating their power. There is an alliance of religious parties made as MMA (Majlis Muttahid Amal) and in this Shia group is also present. They also expressed their power on Minar e Pakistan. In this the Shia representative also openly announced that our leader and the leader of all Muslims in Pakistan is Maulana Fazlur Rahman. This was done in front of media on Minar e Pakistan being a representative of Shia community. We have heard that he has clarified this later that I expressed this out of oratory emotion that Fazlur Rahman would be the leader of Shias. This argument is not acceptable when someone comes on such a big platform, he cannot speak like this why the opposite did not come out of emotions. As an example we complained to the parent of one student that he is not listening to what we say and he always gets dragged by what other junior students say. His father said that my child is simpleton and gets carried away with what others say. I replied to him that if he is simpleton and he listens to everyone then why he does not listens to me out of simplicity? He does not listens to what I say but listens to everyone else. He knows whom to listen and whom not to. The emotion in speech should be this that our leader should be the leader of all Muslims. But he in emotions said that Maulana Fazlur Rahman is the leader of Shias. Maulana Fazlur Rahman is a known personality and instead of him if he would have taken the name of Maulana Siraj ul Haqq still some dignity would have been preserved. There is a lot of difference between both of them. Maulana Fazlur Rahman is a known personality in the politics of Pakistan and to say that he is our leader as an emotional mistake is not correct. The actual issue is something else.

It is correct that a Shia party, group has been meeting other Ahle Sunnah groups, party which gives the impression of Unity is acceptable and something appreciated as well. If this politics would have been maintained till this extent then would be liked by everyone. But declaring a personality like Fazlur Rahman as the leader of Shias has been a little injustice done with the Shia title. The actual issue is that we do not have any preparations for the politics of minority. For the politics of minority first you need to establish your identity, a population base which then others have to accept. Then on the basis of that you can become a part of a big set up, then your words are listened to. This statement that came out of emotions was because the audience though on the outward was the gathering of five parties but the most of the audience were all belonging to Fazlur Rahman. Since the people were with him, his party is strong, public was his, flags were his and for others there were only representatives. You know that on various occasions the scholars of various sects visit here. Since the majority sitting here in front of them are Shias, who are students. They think those sitting in front of them are Malang , the orator even though he would be a good scholar from Ahle Hadeeth, Ahle Sunnah but in the crowd of Malang’s he also turns into Malang. The atmosphere is such that, the audience absorbs the speaker.

They made their political party but they do not have their own weightage, strength and went to sit in that gathering where the majority was theirs. Then this would be repeated there. If Shias want to do politics then the politics which is worthy of your size should be considered, assessed so that we do not face this shamefulness everywhere.  I have said that we should do unity with all Muslims as this is the order of Allah. Unity among Muslims is not a political strategy, it is the order of Allah. To create discords is a crime and we should sit with all Muslims except Takfiri’s and Nasibis, where there is no justification to sit with them. We should sit with Muslims and come out with a common stance. But all this when your identity carries a weight, your words have so much effectiveness that people are forced to listen. We should not talk their language but speak our language to them. We have the Islamic Revolution with us and Imam Khomeini (r.a) has taught a lot politics and after forty years of revolution also if we do not develop political sense than this is not good. I have discussed all this because practically this topic is triggered and this atmosphere will further get disturbed. As the elections are coming near and near, people talk, chat and present their opinions. Since everyone has become Mujtahid and gives their verdicts and opinions, then if you want to become a part of politics then first do all your preparations then get into the field of politics

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