Political Markaz - Political crisis in Venezuela

Political crisis in Venezuela

Political crisis in Venezuela

Jan 25,2019 Comments Download

One more country which is under torn up state like Syria and Afghan is Venezuela. At present there is a big political crisis in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez was a brave leader of Venezuela. He went to UN Assembly to give a speech after Bush. In his speech he said, that I am holding my nose as this stage is smelling of Satan. He insulted American leader in America and this was courageous. Ex President Ahmedinjad was a close friend leader of Hugo Chavez and he went to attend his funeral as well. Chavez brother is the current ruler and anti-America.

The Western allies have opposed Venezuela and have been supporting opposition party and against them Russia, China, Iran, Turkey are supporting the party of Hugo Chavez. America has warned for war and Russia also replied that if America tries to develop the same situation like Syria in Venezuela, then it will cost them a lot. As I said that America, China, Russia battle is increasing. The way in Middle East, then Afghanistan became the battle field and America wants more fields to open. The new ground that is being created is Venezuela and might be they take ISIS or make something like that and then Russia, China might intervene. 

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