Political Markaz - Political Analysis Instability in Pakistan for pressurizing people

Political Analysis Instability in Pakistan for pressurizing people

Political Analysis Instability in Pakistan for pressurizing people

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There are some other issues, one is the instability inside the country which is not natural. It is not that this chaos in the country is due to some accident, weakness but instead it is intentional. The situation of the country has been planned and engineered so that the country can be taken to that point which these planners have in their minds. All others have become silent spectators and just observing.

One level which was passed last week, as if a new history is being created for Pakistan whereby a third budget has been presented in Pakistan in one year. The budget means government establishes what would be their expenses, what is to be spend on education, infrastructure and other segments and how much amount it needs for this. Then to make that amount certain which we need in a year from where we will acquire it. We will take tax, industrialization, loans, help from outside is all budget. This is done in a year in every country. Those countries which are politically instable these estimations are done haphazardly. Like if those who are running this Seminary are not aware as to what are the expenses and from what sources would come would be carelessness.

If those who do not have knowledge of how much are expenses and they don’t even know how to meet these expenses, if they are made responsible, then this would be treachery by those who made them responsible. If this is not the reason, and right estimations were done in the first budget, then you were not able to achieve the earnings which you estimated. This is also ineligibility. If you have taken and eaten then also this is treachery, if you have shown laziness in getting the earning then this is also ineligibility. One reason is that intentionally a running system is disturbed so that people come under pressure.

Pakistan is that country in which there are many sources of income; but we are not earning from those sources. In this last year, it was present in the newspaper few days back that in business Pakistan has suffered 21 billion dollar loss in trading. The loss in trading means you have imported a lot from outside but you were not able to sell the same amount in export. You have given them economic benefit but you could not gain any economic benefit from them. The trade profit would be if you sell more and buy less.

A balanced trade would be same value sale and same value purchase. If you are importing goods of 21 billion dollars from China but you are not able to sell anything to China against it, so that dollars come inside Pakistan as well. When you are buying from other country, then your money is going outside, and their money is not coming inside. This is a trade benefit. The news says that we have suffered 21 billion USD loss.

The last government imposed tax, which was blind taxation. The ex-wealth minister is sitting in England, and he would sit for whole night, and think on what kind of more taxes are to be put. You put money in bank, you pay tax, and you buy anything there is tax. He has put taxes on marriage hall. The third budget which has come up now, and till June we don’t know how many more budgets are going to come. This is because of imbalance in everything.

The money is spent where it was to be spent and earnings are not coming from the source. This is all done so that the economy is affected, people get pressurized and when there is an atmosphere of uncertainty inside the country and no constructive work is done. Then the message that goes globally is that you should not come here to invest. Pakistan has two sources in mind, one are their friends and other global funds organization. Those who have these friends then we don’t need any enemies like India. Saudi, America, UAE are all friends. Those who have these friend then we don’t need any enemies. The World Bank whose aims are to stop developing countries, to make then slaves are also the cause of getting Pakistan into difficulties.

The budget means a chaos. Let me explain budget in simple way. In a family the relations are set for marriages, or plans are made for their studies. A person comes all of a sudden and disturbs the situation completely. The entire family becomes chaotic and all are in trouble. The sick are not being treated, children are not able to study, and the children are not getting married.

One person comes and destroys the entire family. When there is political instability, then no trade deal should be done, when your currency is instable. People are afraid, they are afraid what will happen to their rupee tomorrow. If I make agreement now, I will suffer if their currency falls. All agreements will break. I give example of this Jamea. Few suppliers came to us and said that we did the contract for a particular rate, but dollar was this at that time and now you have to give this new rate. When a small institute like us got impacted then you can imagine what is happening with the country.

The same situation is in bureaucracy, the parliament has recorded that they have not passed a single bill. One party comes with abuse one day, then other comes next day with another abusive reply. They come with new branded abusive words in parliament. How will this system work? This is affective everything 

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