Political Markaz - Political agenda behind Asiya Bibi’s chaotic judgement

Political agenda behind Asiya Bibi’s chaotic judgement

Political agenda behind Asiya Bibi’s chaotic judgement

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In these days Pakistan is spending the most critical days as regards to politics, security, and economy and also for safety. Today also the entire nation has come into panic. The internet is closed across the country, the roads are blocked, entire nation is choked, schools are closed, people are not able to go to hospitals, and needs of life are inaccessible. One decision of Supreme Court did this, and this was a Fitnah before also and they announced this decision on 31st October which disturbed the entire country.

One Christian lady from Nankana, Asiya Bibi was accused that she has insulted the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s). The way it has been expressed in media, that she was a village women working as labor and she got into some arguments in the fields with other Muslim women,. The Muslim women caught her, took her to the village, people gathered, they wanted to kill her but she confessed. Then she was handed over to police, a case was filed and in the government of People party she was issued death penalty. At that time also people got divided into two groups; some became her supporter and trigged the issue of minority rights and some became supporters of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) and defended this verdict. One other incident that happened at that time was that Salman Taseer the governor in People’s Party government interfered, he went to prison to meet this lady and said also she should not be killed. Salman Taseer was killed by his own body guard Mumtaz Qadri since Salman Taseer supported this lady, Asiya Bibi and demanded that she should not be issued death penalty. His own body guard Mumtaz Qadri killed him who was later arrested. In defense of Mumtaz Qadri a big organization got set up in the name of Labbaik Ya Rasoolallah. They contested in the last elections as well and they raised this issue more.  

This death penalty was challenged in High court and again High Court issued a death penalty after investigation. The third time appeal was done in Supreme Court and was lying in Supreme Court since years but no action was taken, but now on 31st October, the SC got a court judge bench; they assessed the case on urgent basis and declared that she was free and death penalty was forgiven The moment she was announced to be free, this group of Tahreek e Labbaik Party from Barelvi sect, started protests immediately in big and small towns. Then after this, they issued some statement about judges, and government authorities. They openly said to their followers that such judges should be killed. They also accused Army chief, Bajwa also that he is Qadiyaani. They also said about PM Imran Khan; that he is a Jew and agent of Jews. They issued extremist statement and disturbed the atmosphere of the country. Today also they had to do big protests. The government has made two statement; in one they said we will crush you and other hand they are also doing negotiations. We don’t know what is happening, as internet is closed, we don’t know what is happening in the country and world will know later when things open up.

This was a case which was there from past. It is a law of Pakistan related to blasphemy of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s), that there is death penalty. People have taken support of this law and have falsely accused many others in personal rage. Under this law sometimes Hindu, Christians and even Shias have been accused that they defamed someone. Then later it was found that it was not true. This law has created a lot of anxiety in the world, that religious persons take extremist steps against minority. Like the settlements of Christians were burnt last year. This issue is like fire and it burns everything very quick. Last year they burnt a couple in brick factory. They asked for salary and the owner said that you have insulted religion. This law has been used continuously and there is a global pressure that this law should be changed and minorities should be given protection. They have been trying to do the changes, but the people become sensitive and somehow government passed over this. For this government also this issue triggered.

31st October is the memory day of a similar event. Gazi Ilam Din is that person who on this day killed someone for blasphemy and this day is celebrated by the Muslims as the day of this Hero and they have also included Gazi Mumtaz Qadri. On the same day Supreme Court did this announcement. This day the religious persons do the celebrations on this day. And those who are aginst this law they do programs against this law and even against Islam, like in Europe they do this. They do this for sacrilege.

What has happened in Pakistan has become a religious issue. One group is religious and other anti. The title is religion for this issue but this is actually politics. The government is under global pressure and they have done this under global pressure and not on the basis of laws. To reduce the global pressure they have taken this step and is a sort of bribe they have given to global powers. Those who are coming out in protests and also the supporters of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) are doing politics; they are also not coming out in sincerity and doing all this for Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) respect. This party came into existence when some words were changed in the constitution related to beliefs. They came out and abused, accused in filthy language to everyone and at that time also it was politics. This means when one party is running the government the other party uses such tactics. In the last government, it was Muslim league, they did some amendment in election pledge and PTI supported Tahreek e Labbaik Party to put pressure on the ruling government. Now when they have their own government this issue is triggered and they are acting in opposition. They are saying that we will crush you with power. Tahreek e Labbaik Party has said and ordered their guards and supporters to kill all the supporters of Asiya Bibi. A very abnormal atmosphere has been created in Pakistan.

This is one dimension to use religion as a tool for politics the same party of Tahreek e Labbaik Party came up and asked votes on this basis. They surprised the world in elections. These are not natural, things. In the last government, the police wanted to do an operation on the Rawalpindi, Islamabad junction. The police was asked to use power but the police were not allowed to use power as there were people behind them. The police was not allowed to carry out operations and these protestors were given 1000 Rs each to return back.

Now again these people have come out since 31st Oct and are sitting on squares, streets. They are damaging community assets, like burning cars and buses. Everything has stopped but police is not seen anywhere. We have gone out and all squares are closed but there is no police. People with cars are wandering and do not know where to go. There is no police and the entire nation is handed over for few days to riots. In such kind of riots, people only demand for 2 hours, then police can come. All this is a drama but they have handed over the entire nation for a long period to them.

There is a no doubt that in all sects Sharia, there is common consensus that anyone who insults the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) he is obligated to death penalty. There is death penalty for blasphemy. This is a reality but has been raised this way in a political manner. They are not defending religion.

One dimension of this issue is that our current government is brutally trapped in economic issues; there is crisis and no one supporting them. There is enmity with all neighbors. There are serious issues and the government that is in power has nothing other than the addiction of power. They have done everything possible to come into power and have come into power, but they had never thought what they will do after coming into power and they have till date not realized on how to run the nation.

On the other hand the situation is changing day by day. The difficulties are so high for the government, that police is not listening to the government. The PM has said in press conference that the bureaucrats are not listening to the government. The police is not listening to them. The IG was said to remove them but they did not listen. The IG was suspended, they issued order to Islamabad IG he also did not listen. This is a crisis whereby in Pakistan the police officers are not listening to their seniors is a sign of big crisis.

The economy is such that people might not be having bread tomorrow. Our government is worried about what they will do next hour. They are in such difficulties. Across the world the leaders of state come on diplomat visits, they visit each other’s country, and come and do trading. This way no leader visits other country only for asking money. He went to Saudi Arabia to get loans, now he was asked to come to 2nd on china he went one day ahead to get loans from China. This way when the government is in panic then the opposition from the other hand are now keeping them under pressure. In such situations what gives salvations to government are incidents. One solution for crisis is always incident. This gives time to government. The public opinion is moved from the actual crisis to some other issue so that we get time to resolve the actual crisis. Like there is some wedding at your place, and the food got burnt and is not ready. In order to keep the people busy you bring some poet, singer so that people get busy for some time and we can prepare the food.

Whenever there are crisis, panic in order to cover them the incidents become useful. The incidents are successful in doing this to divert the minds of people and resolving the crisis you get time. In such a situation when the country is in panic, you trigger such an issue that there will be chaos after this. Not even a fool would do this at his time, the government will pass time with this and they will get some time to get some loans from somewhere. The inflation is on peak, and since vehicles are parked they are not realizing, that petrol has gone up by 9 Rs. This way government works. The way the decision was taken, the chaos was created and then they were further threatened to crush them, this got further fueled. They do not realize that they have been pushed along this route in the name of religion.

This is dirty politics which is done in the entire world and America is a chief in this. The dirty politics means to gain power or for some personal gains you break groups, do all dirty things. In Pakistan also this dirty politics is done and the dirtiest polices done in Pakistan is that it is done in the name of religion. This is not religious politics, but politics done on the basis of religioun. The politics which the Prophet, his companions did which was on the basis of justice is the solution but they do not do any religious politics. Not even a single religious party has a religious objective in their politics. Jamaat e Islami, Shia political parties are all inclined towards democracy. Monotheism is your Ideology so where is it in politics? The secular parties, religious parties, people keeping beard are all after democracy. In all forms of face, men, women and even eunuchs are after democracy. This is not religious politics, else it would be towards Imamat. They are doing politics to bring them out in the name of religion and then push them towards democracy. You came out in the name of defending Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) and pushed them into democracy. This dirty politics which the people are doing in the name of religion is Takfirist politics. They have issued the Fatwa of Takfirist politics to kill judges, officers, government authorities. Those who were supporting this Takfirist politics are themselves sunder clutches of them. They are doing protests, and they burning cars of people who are lovers of Prophet in the name of passion for Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s). If you are protesting against government, judges, then go in front of their homes and protests. Why are you closing the roads for people? What is their crime? They are also ready to sacrifice lives for the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) and you are giving trouble to them.

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