Political Markaz - PM can achieve more than Qaid-e-Azam by getting nation out of Inferiority complex

PM can achieve more than Qaid-e-Azam by getting nation out of Inferiority complex

PM can achieve more than Qaid-e-Azam by getting nation out of Inferiority complex

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By - Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

Our PM in a meeting with film industry personnel said something most beautiful every uttered by anyone in Pakistan. He said to wear English dress, speak English and to look like West is not a soft image but an inferiority complex. This is a beautiful statement by a politician, though scholars like Iqbal have said this before. This does not give an impression to the world that Pakistani’s are civilized. This proves that they are under inferiority complex. I would like to say that PM’s role is not to give speeches, but to govern. He is a strong PM and such a strong PM should not think that he has delivered the rights by speaking. He should pass a notification in Parliament, get an ordinance from President, supreme court has given this instruction before as well, and it is present in Constitution. Those who are promoting English in Pakistan are criminals and today the PM has said this as well. These are statements which many journalists and people did not like. In my view being a present PM no one in Pakistan has said like this, but the expectation is not to just say that this is inferiority complex but it is a duty of PM to implement. You should make your dress, culture and system as Pakistani. We have to promote Pakistan culture. He also said that people do not respect those who remove their dress and put on the dress of others. Like a man wearing dress of woman is not respected, world respect those who put on their own attire and this is something beautiful mentioned by the PM. For forty years I have been saying this that we have to promote Pakistan. We have to come out of this inferiority complex.

This does not mean that those things which we object and criticize the PM has been wiped off. The criticism has its own place and whatever is good has its own position. Even if your opponent or enemy is also saying something good, we have to accept it. PM has done a speech but, in this position, he has to solve this problem. You should get the nation out of this inferiority complex. The PM has now got the budget accepted and those who were opposing did not even come for meeting. He is a strong PM and this strong government can get the nation out of inferiority complex.

Inferiority complex is a psychological disease whereby person develops a feeling of lowliness that I am not a capable person, I cannot learn anything, people do not like me, I cannot get educated, I cannot pass exams, I cannot do this difficult thing and this realization of being lowly, abased and useless is inferiority complex. When a person becomes victimized with this realization then this is very painful and to get out of this man makes efforts. How he ends this? He sees those others who are respected and he tries to adopt their style. In Pakistan everyone the religious people, politicians, army, civil and everyone have developed inferiority complex. The army men call civilians as stupid, and when you term the entire community as stupid then they become like this. In the Pakistani community this feeling has crept inside that respect is for English, those who go to English schools, can speak English are respected. To come out of this feeling they make their children jokers by dressing them in ties, they make their children talk English at home even though the mother cannot speak Punjabi. To come out of this feeling, man makes his appearance like jokers.

The PM ha said that you speak English and cannot even speak two words proper in English. People have defamed them from being Pakistan and you try to dress , speak like them so that they will salute you? PM has drawn attention which is something great but this is not enough, as speaking can be done by anyone. I have this suggestion to the PM that in your remaining tenure, in the past you could not solve the economics issue, politics you failed to do, and you can leave all these aside. In these remaining two years just get the community out of Inferiority complex and this would be a freedom movement more than the physical freedom by Qaid e Azam. This would be the biggest liberation you would give to this community. The PM has instructed to his office that all his programs would be done in Urdu. You should be strict with your entire cabinet that they use Urdu language only. Make laws that in Pakistan education would be in Urdu, syllabus would be in Urdu, news would be in Urdu, schools would be in Urdu, Judges and lawyers would speak in Urdu. They should remove the coat and pants of lawyers and wear Salwar Kameez. They should stop using terms like “My Lord” in courts for judges. You should promote the Pakistani culture across the world. PM has said that world do not respect those who adopt the style of others, but those who make their own respect are respected.

I am not expecting that they can do this, but if they want to do, they can do this. If they cannot then at least the nation can do this. You should throw away everything which you are doing to cover your lowliness. How can we be abased by wearing Salwar Kameez? We look abased when being Pakistani we try to look like English. We have to come out of this feeling. The scholars, education institutes, cultural people should support. You cannot remove people out of poverty but at least take the nation out of inferiority complex. When they raise their heads up as Pakistan and walk across the world, this would be a great achievement. They can speak Urdu despite of learning English. You should learn English fluently but speak Urdu. You can see how China is respected across the world. This was a beautiful statement of PM and we pray that may Allah get Pakistan out of poverty and disgrace.

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