Political Markaz - Palestinian continue their struggle

Palestinian continue their struggle

Palestinian continue their struggle

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Similar oppression is ongoing in Palestine. The movement of return to land has been started and going on since months and on every Friday the Palestinians, specifically the people of Gaza leave their homes and reach the border where the wall is made by Israel and express their covenant that their land should be returned to them. On the other side Israel also does terrorism and several people get martyred every Friday but this movement has not lost momentum and is ongoing. The same way in Kashmir there is no one caring for them similarly Palestine is also forsaken. Similar treatment is given to both of them by the world as well as Muslims. It is the same group which is doing tyranny in both places. The Zionist who are doing oppression in Palestine are the consultants in Kashmir atrocities for the Indian army. The operations methods are also same. The more oppression in Palestine is that all Arab nations have established relationship with Israel. Some have started embassies also for Israel and in 2019 Arabs will completely unite with Israel. Their economic relationships are already there and diplomatic relationship will also get established. In the recent GCC conference also they have mentioned that Israel is our friend and Iran is our common enemy and we need to have friendship with Israel to stand against Iran. The enmity aginst Iran is also rented by Arabs and it is not their own. Their enmity is also rented and trump has given them this objective to open a front against Iran. Every day the Arabs are trying to confront Iran but they are not getting any success and in fact getting disgraced.

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