Political Markaz - Palestine and Kashmir – Two wounds on the body of Islam

Palestine and Kashmir – Two wounds on the body of Islam

Palestine and Kashmir – Two wounds on the body of Islam

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In international issues, the top of the list issue is the one which is not the point of attention for media and international issues. There are two issues which started since 70 yrs, and these are two big wounds on the Islamic structure; which is Kashmir and Palestine. In both these nations there is a peak of oppression. There is not a single day where there is no martyrdom that takes place on the border of Palestine and at the same time in Kashmir there is not a single day on which oppression is not done on unarmed Kashmiri. But in the Islamic world there is no one paying any attention to these issues. The international institutes are silent and they are not caring about it. In both these places the situation has become almost similar. They started also at the same time. Both the wounds were inflicted at the same time in 1947. These wounds have grown up and whatever efforts were made to resolve them have been unsuccessful.

The Muslim world is heading towards a big treachery in Islamic history. There is one topic that comes sometimes in media and very specific media channels in which this comes up sometimes. That is the deal of century. This is the biggest deal of century which is about Palestine. That is how to hand over Palestine completely to Israel and the issue of Palestine can end forever. The Arab nations have already done treachery and now there is pressure on the various Palestinian groups, parties to make them agree on this issue. The way Egypt and Jordan did treachery before and now other nations are also moving towards the same treachery and foremost amongst them are Ale Saud which I will mention further. The same deal is about Kashmir as well and it has also become an associated topic to this deal of century. This is because Israel and India are deep friends and cooperate with each other and both Israel and India want to end this issue. The other nations who have become part of the issue have become unconcerned or got entangled into their own issues that they do not have any time to give importance to these issues.

The solution to this problem is what Imam Khomeini has demonstrated to every nation specifically to the people of Palestine and Kashmir. That solution was that the people of these nations should take steps on their own for their liberation and do not wait for anyone to come to help you. No one has come and will come. Many would come for enmity but no one comes for support and help. The Palestinians understood this path of Imam Khomeini (r.a) and should tread on the same principle. Some of Palestinians have understood this path and it looks like the people of Kashmir have also understood this wisdom of Imam (r.a) to some extent. The Kashmir leadership and parties have not understood this but the people have realized that they have to themselves take this movement towards its results. The Quranic way is this only that the people of Kashmir should decide on their own for their liberation and rights. They should be given these rights to decide about their destiny on their own and live on their lands the way they want.

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