Political Markaz - Palestine and Kashmir find their path of salvation

Palestine and Kashmir find their path of salvation

Palestine and Kashmir find their path of salvation

May 18,2018 Comments Download

One filthier thing which trump has done is to move his Embassy to Jerusalem and as a result of this protests have been done and in Gaza 64 Palestinians have been martyred in which 8 to 10 are children. The Intifada is on its peak and the Palestinians have started this movement of returning to their land. They come on the occupied borders every day, they protest; firing is done on them and they are giving martyrs every day. This Intifada is also a sign of Israel’s destruction; the Palestinians are now attentive that they cannot get salvation by relying on global organizations. They have to rise with the power of their arms and take their rights. The title of their rising is to return to their lands and take their rights. They have relied on global powers for seventy years but now they want to do this on their own which is a big change in this movement.

The same change is seen in Kashmir as well. They were also relying on foreign powers before and were dependent onoperations for Kashmir done by others but now they are using their own internal means and wisdom and have started the movement of freedom. They are also suffering severely from the tyranny of Indian forces. Since there are many other crisis happening in the world; the news of Palestine and Kashmir get lost. The path which Imam Khomeini (r.a) presented to Kashmir is the only path of salvation for them. That path was that all Muslim communities should rise against Israel in the favor of Palestine and when Palestine becomes alive then Israel will perish. He initiated this in the month of Ramadan on the day of Qod’s. Some in hypocrisy do certain thing to show some external sympathy for name sake like the Arab conference that was done and on the other hand they are sympathetic to Israel as well. They did not take any steps and no statements were issued and did not take any political step. Now all the Muslim communities have come to this conclusion that they can take their rights only by standing on their own feet. If they rely on others they would not be able to achieve even a simple objective.

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