Political Markaz - Palestine and Iran – Major Agenda of Mecca Conference

Palestine and Iran – Major Agenda of Mecca Conference

Palestine and Iran – Major Agenda of Mecca Conference

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The hosts have called this conference for only one topic that was preparation against Iran. Though they were warned by Iran to not fiddle with them, as it would turn out to be costly for you. They were not realizing this because when someone is intoxicated with pride he does not understand. Iran made them taste a little and asked them to tell how you found it so we can continue or not. That was two attacks made; one was on Oil tankers on Fujairah port and second was attack on oil pipeline of ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia.

One was drone attack and other was through marine mines. They realized that this is bitter, and we should not go ahead of this. I have said this before also, though this army, military is not our topic as we are students. But this much everyone can understand when there is a war triggered against an oil producing nation and all the Arab nations producing oil are against them; and they only target America and not touch Arabs for defending themselves cannot be thought upon except by a fool. 

The entire region is full of oil on ports, refineries, depots of oil over the land. The oil is passing through pipeline, tankers and this oil is just waiting for a matchstick and this can burn everyone. These fools know that this war should not be triggered and now Trump also has understood that this war should not happen. He has a fat mind like wrestlers, and he was thinking that this was also his simulated wresting matches.

 The punch of Iran is different, and he understood that and accepted that he is ready for negotiations without any condition. Now Iran has rejected and said that we have conditions for negotiations and that condition is whatever damage you have done first rectify that, the agreements which you have broken first fix that. And now the situation of Trump is such that inside America, the Congress Chairman made an announcement. First, they were saying that we will call Trump inside parliament for accountability and now they are saying we want to put Trump behind bars considering the damage he has done to America. This was one issue of Iran for which they all gathered in this conference. 

The second issue was to get the Deal of Century accepted by all Muslim states. They wanted to gather money for this deal to pay Palestine and give Israel the power and this also failed. Iran is the biggest enemy of Israel in the region and they have once again foiled the plans of Israel. After all failures their hatred towards Iran increases. This conference was done in shameful manner, instead of unity amongst Muslim nations they did conference against Iran, to sell Palestine and Kashmir was ignored but still our journalists and politicians are with Saudi Arabia. 

Everyone and including our PM made a very good point. He did this in much bold manner. That point was related to the activities going on in Europe related to Islamophobia. Phobia is that fear which enters the mind of someone and then he starts to misbehave. Europe also did the same thing, whereby they made people afraid of Islam and now they are enticing hatred towards Muslims. 

Pakistan PM made people attentive towards this and was a good point. One was that this Phobia should not happen and wherever there is Islamophobia we should condemn it the same way. We can see a glimpse of Islamophobia in Pakistan as well. The steps which Pakistan government wants to take against Madrassah’s is also part of Islamophobia.

The specialty of our PM is that when he speaks something, he forgets that the same is happening inside the country as well. And at times he has said also that what is happening inside the country was not our policy. He condemned Islamophobia but with the same tool the steps are taken inside the country. This Madrassa phobia is part of the same Islamophobia.

If this is wrong then this should not remain just to the extent of slogan, instead you should end this in your country first. You are its leader, in authority and on key position and you are creating fear of Madrassahs that they are involved in terrorism. As per your research less than 100 Madrassahs are like this and you want to disturb 30000 Madrassah under what logic.  

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