Political Markaz - Pakistanis expecting miracle to save them

Pakistanis expecting miracle to save them

Pakistanis expecting miracle to save them

Jul 05,2019 Comments Download

The current situation of the country is seriously bad in terms of one is political instability which is in ordinary. It is astonishing that this instability is being created by those who are responsible for establishing peace and security in the country.

For every field to grow you need political stability. If this is not there then no other systems work, the country does not progress and develop. If you take a simple example, then Pakistan is the only country in the world where certain sports in Pakistan were very well known like Hockey and Squash where Pakistan was a champion and taught the world.

Hockey is totally dead in the country. Even cricket we can see the situation. When sports are also dead, you can imagine the effect on other segments of development in the country. There is dreadful political instability which is effective on economy. First, they were looking at friend’s country, then on IMF, then they did many other things and nothing happened, and finally they are looking at people to impose taxes on them. They don’t even see from where the people will get money to pay taxes. 

This is being done by government. Instead of getting the opposition into trust, to solve the problems just see their tone against opposition, political parties which sounds very strange. All these steps are increasing instability rapidly. The inflation has adopted the form of storm and people are always waiting for miracles, that some miracle will come and save them.  

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