Political Markaz - Pakistan stands with Saudi! Saudi stands with India! So with whom are we standing?

Pakistan stands with Saudi! Saudi stands with India! So with whom are we standing?

Pakistan stands with Saudi! Saudi stands with India! So with whom are we standing?

Oct 29,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

Our PM went to Saudi to attend a climate conference. Mohammed bin Salman has started a project of green conference and our PM is considered as climate expert. It was a half day conference but our PM spent three days, he did Umrah and did Ziarat of Medina as well. He made an important visit at an important time, because the conditions of country are very instable. There is economic crisis and political instability and Pakistan is in highly instable state. He has got assurance of stability from Saudi for Pakistan. Mohammed bin Salman has promised 3 billion dollars in your account so your balance goes up but you cannot use it. He said he will give oil as well on credit. Mohammed bin Salman badly needs Pakistan because he wants to do certain things where he is expecting Pakistanis can support him. He has been insulted a lot in many things. Two persons have been disgraced as lot in the world, one is Trump and second is Mohammed bin Salman. The plans of Mohammed bin Salman have all failed, the country has suffered. In Yemen war he has got in a state where Saudi has come in a very weak position and it has become difficult for him to save Saudi. There is not a single day when Yemenis are not attacking Saudi. The Yemeni’s have gained a lot of strength and they are doing drone attacks every day . It is not even clear to Saudi from where they are getting all this. In Arabs he boycotted Qatar and wanted to attack them ,now he has begged to get into agreement. Then they had issues with Turkey and now suffering it. He started open war with Iran and now he is in negotiations with Iran which have reached a positive state and ideal relationships will get established. In every front he got a setback and one reason was that cards on which he was relying got blown off and deceived him becoming the cause of defeat.

One king card was Pakistan which he wanted to play but this did not come of any use for him. The government and establishment also know how to play games with many countries. Trump said this in his second year of government that Pakistan has only fooled us and did not do what we wanted them to do. This is the reason the relationship with America is zero now. This is good that Pakistan takes benefits and does not come to use much. They take benefits from Mohammed bin Salman but do not do what he wants. He wants Pakistan to give weapons, forces to fight against Yemen, Iran. They give promises but don’t do and this is a good policy. To do something on the instruction of Mohammed bin Salman is foolishness because he is a fool and Pakistan knows he uses us as card.

Again this time that card has been played. Inside Pakistan a very bad situation is created due to economy and political. One thing which was raised in media which PM house denied was that the ex-daughter of PM’s wife had a marriage in Saudi and media said he went there to attend that marriage on government cost. We are not concerned with this. One more thing which has happened is that six months before ambassador of Pakistan was disgracefully sent back from Saudi. And in his place the ISI commander Bilal Ahmad was made the Ambassador. He organized many things there and proved his capabilities. When the PM was there it was decided to remove him from that position and some other person Khurram Rathod has been named. It is very important that a highly qualified retired General was made ambassador and transferred in six months to Hungary. This means there is some tension going inside. To visit Saudi, and get loan approved, transfer of Ambassador. Hence this visit was very important which he did.

The PM has announced this in Riyadh that we will always stand with Saudi and this is old slogan of Pakistan. Saudi has older history as it was made after Ale Saudi occupied Hijaz. The Muslims of Pakistan and India have been loyal to Saudi due to Haramain. Pakistan always had good terms with Saudi from beginning but there was ups and downs. But now the situation is Saudi does not trust Pakistan and looks at their interest then gives some help and takes more in return. This is not announced that if Saudi ahs given 3 billion $ then what will Pakistan return against that. Some benefits they have to take against this. Important point is that our slogan is that we stand with Saudi always but Saudi is standing with India in matters of Kashmir, FATF. Though Pakistan has complied with 34 points as against 27 asked by FATF but still they are not out of grey list and Saudi is sitting in FATF. FATF monitors cash transactions for terrorism. They have kept Pakistan in a suspicion list that Pakistan is using money for terrorism at state level. India wants Pakistan to be kept in this list and Saudi is supporting India. Saudi awarded Modi for usurping Kashmir. In last week Saudi has announced that they are doing heavy investment in Kashmir. There are deaths and martyrdoms in Kashmir every day. The first Islamic country which has accepted Kashmir as part of India and is investing in Kashmir is Saudi. We can see Pakistan is standing with Saudi and they are with India. Here we need to think where are we standing? This is simple Math. This means we are also standing with India. And India is that country which America is preparing against China. America wants a superpower India on the borders of China.

When our PM was there , Saudi has started official flights with Israel. This was first done by UAE and last week Saudi has done. First they allowed air space to each other and now they have given permission for Israeli flights to land on Saudi airport. One more thing which has been done good in Saudi is that the nephew of Shaheed Nimr who was in prison for 10 years , Ali Al Nimr was arrested at 17 years and sentenced to death. The global organizations stopped this as he was minor and was just participating in a rally against government. Al Al Nimr was released yesterday and people in their family was very happy. Her mother was very happy because it is not possible for someone to return back from these tyrants. This is good news in Saudi.

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