Political Markaz - Pakistan should change its defense policies

Pakistan should change its defense policies

Pakistan should change its defense policies

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Today is 6th September, the defense day of Pakistan and Pakistan is under threats from various dimensions. There is total political, economic instability and much beyond crisis. There is no hope also seen from somewhere if they will be able to handle the economic. The global issues are beyond this. Today on this day where Pakistan is standing. 14th August comes, 6th September comes and people do not participate in this event. They just watch on TV where the rulers go and attend the celebrations. If you people become unconcerned about the destiny and fate of your country, then what will happen with you would be same as the people of Kashmir. Then you do not accept peace and security. If this normal life which you have will also end if people remain indifferent and spectator. What government is doing, whom they arrest, what they are doing if you are not concerned and just remain on social media then everything will end. Every resistance, confrontation they are doing on social media. This community which is drowned in the filth and gutter of social media should come out and every Pakistani should take steps for the betterment of his nation. You should not consider yourself as guest in this country or second grade citizen. You are resident of this country, it belongs to the 220 Million people. The government come, loot and go but you have to stay in this country. We are strangers to the state of the country and the crisis in which we are drowning there is no seriousness and sensitivity. We are indulged into non serious and insignificant issues and spending time on those.

Today people are saying that Pakistan is an atomic power but no one is afraid of this atomic power. Today is the Defense day and our strategy for defending Pakistan should change. We should sever our relationship with Arabs and America. We can only keep some diplomatic formal relationship which are amongst countries and that also on the basis of equality. Pakistan for its growth, stability should make a policy and that policy should be that first the people of Pakistan should develop sense for the sake of development of their country, for its protection, security and defense. The most important step for the survival of Pakistan is to develop the communal sense in the Pakistani nation. The nation is divided into sects, groups, parties and the political parties have got down their level of sense. The media on top has done criminal act in pushing Pakistani people back in their level of sense.

Our Army Chief General Bajwa has given a good statement two days back in some place in Sindh. He said one sentence which is that Army is not the big power but ethics is the biggest power. It is a very measured sentence which was published by all media. It is good that our General is attentive towards this that despite of being General of Army he is saying actual power is of values. The actual power if the spiritual power and attitude of a community. It is not Atoms which is the big power and it is the community. If you see your neighbor (China) no one dares to look at them. The first thing is the Pakistani people without any difference of color, sect, race should become Pakistani. There is no work done on this yet, neither the schools or media is doing this. The government is not having time and they are do busy in revenge politics. They should become a communal face.

In the foreign policies, Pakistan should come out of these treacherous friends like Arabs. If we want to buy oil from Arabs pay them money and they should not get any precedence over Arabs and not beg with them. If Pakistan wants they should keep strong relationship with independent nations who are not under slavery of America. Pakistan should declare its independence from Arabs and Power, they way we have got independence from India. These two independence is essential. You should make a common policies with independent countries like China, Russia, Iran and Turkey. They are strong nations and are not slaves of anyone. They look at the their national interest and take step for their own nation. They don’t give any extortion money to Arabs and if someone becomes strong they also reply in a strong way.

This is the most suitable strategy for Pakistan and if our elites, leaders have the pain for the nation they should pay attention towards this. Then all the disgrace which they are facing from Arabs, India and America you can live with respect. The relation which China had become ideal but they have been spooked. They threatened Pakistan that under FATF you will be declared terrorism state and you arrest they want us to do. Why Pakistan cannot do anything practical in Kashmir? If you do anything beyond statements, then that would be terrorism and you would be backlisted from FATF. This is the sword hanging on Pakistan with all these restrictions. But see the sanctions on Iran, you cannot imagine the level of restrictions there but Iran became stronger, in terms of military power they are more powerful than before. America, Bin Salman, Israel are ready for attack and they got their drone down. They got the ship of Britain in reaction. These have all happened recently. They are in your neighbor. You can take oil on debt from there. If they blacklist you, then China, Russia, Iran, Turkey block can protect Pakistan and situation won’t be worst then what is now. The state of ours due to American and Arab friendship, if we bring our strategy on this correctly with dignity. We can get off these blackmailers, they are coming to our country and dictating our policies. First, we were feeling proud that Pentagon, CIA are dictating us but now Bedouins are coming and telling us what to do about Kashmir. All this happened due to internal weakness. Internally the Pakistan nation, which with all praises is a trustworthy community and they have proven again and again. They are starving due to policies of country but if something comes for their nation, they will sacrifice it more. The way they have given sacrifices for freedom they will do for its preservation and defended also.; But you bring the masses in picture. This is the most appropriate policy for Pakistan. All those who have insight and intellect which testify this plan and is in benefit for Pakistan. But if we do not have the authority to decide with whom we can establish relationship then nothing can be done. We should have rights to decide to establish connection with which country. This has happened in history when the world was divided into two blocs and at that time some country by Non aligned and did not join any bloc. It is necessary that at present the independent countries can align on global issues. Pakistan and Russia are atomic power. Iran is also near to atomic power and Turkey is a technology power. The Turkish got involved in Pakistan, we have to look at the interest of Pakistan. This is what the Arabs have given you after 72 yrs. They are not even saying that this is an Indo Pak issue, they are saying this is an Indian internal issue.

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