Political Markaz - Pakistan should ban cricket as disgraceful game of slave nations

Pakistan should ban cricket as disgraceful game of slave nations

Pakistan should ban cricket as disgraceful game of slave nations

Sep 24,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

On Arbaeen occasion , all Muslims , secular, democratic and non-democratic are reciting nauhas on cricket. After a long time New Zealand cricket team came to Pakistan and before the match they said we have got threats and Pakistan is insecure, hence we will not play and returned. On this there was a crisis made and entire country entered the state of grief. Then England was to come and they also refused, then Australia also rejected and other countries also who promised cancelled the visit due to terrorism. Pakistan is the only country whose leader is cricketer. England created cricket and only the eight slave nations of England play cricket. Pakistan has the world cup champion Prime Minister and this crisis has come on cricket and entire Pakistan is now doing Azadari. Sometime back the Pakistan cricket team went to New Zealand and they had to go in quarantine for 14 days like prisoners. When the New Zealand team came they did not quarantine as well and they slapped shoes on the face of Pakistan and left. Our government has said that India has cancelled this trip. Our Foreign Minister Makhdoom has said that we have isolated India and this isolated India has cancelled this cricket series, sitting in isolation they have got Pakistan in FATF grey list? And they are doing all these mischiefs being isolated? Britain has put restrictions on Pakistanis that they cannot visit Britain due to Pandemic, which they are removing now but not implemented. Indians can visit Britain and our media and FM is saying that India has been isolated. What kind of isolation you have put India into which Mr. Qureshi should ponder?

The PM has said that we have to answer in aggression with playing cricket like they have done with opposition. Our community should give a best possible answer that Pakistan should put a complete ban on cricket declaring this as a disgraceful game. Along with this many other things should be done. Like the PM has said that English is our weakness and we have been down due to English and cricket is the game of England. We should end English syllabus, all the English names of cities, areas should be changed. Walton road, Abbottabad should be changed. Are there no respectable personalities, martyrs in Pakistan? Keep the names of streets, bridges, cities on the name of Pakistan soldiers. Remove this garbage of English once for all, so that they do not get any disgrace for us. New Zealand itself is not secure where people got martyred in mosques and they have insulted Pakistan.

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