Political Markaz - Pakistan sends fresh army to Saudi

Pakistan sends fresh army to Saudi

Pakistan sends fresh army to Saudi

Feb 16,2018 Comments Download

One more thing that has happened in Pakistan is that they have sent a new battalion of army to Saudi.  There was already a force present there, the commander from Pakistan was there and now this fresh army battalion is sent to Saudi. We know where Saudi will use this force. Here the vision is that Saudi is a milking cow and we should milk them as much as they can. Our leaders are not doing all this for Kaaba, but they are after Rials. These Rials till now has been very costly for us and has destroyed Pakistan. These Rials have become Fitnah in Pakistan, terrorism has been promoted due to these Rials and Pakistan has become weak. This friendship with Saudi Arabia and Arab nations has been an accursed one. And in this situation when Saudi Arab is using all their forces against Yemen, Iran, Syria and is creating Fitnah in Islamic world; they are increasing their friendship with Israel these steps won’t go in favor of Pakistan. The Pakistani politics should become serious and our Parliament has taken this decision that we will not participate in Yemen war. They should remain firm on that decision. The way India has got some excuses, America has some excuses against Pakistan and with such steps other nations also get excuses to retaliate. The Pakistani politics should be more serious.

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