Political Markaz - Pakistan PM says all politicians are criminals

Pakistan PM says all politicians are criminals

Pakistan PM says all politicians are criminals

Oct 26,2018 Comments Download

The instability is increasing day by day politically and is going on peak. Our PM has given a statement about the opposition parties. He has said that all politicians are criminals and I will not give them respite and no one will be left. The opposition has left their old policy whereby they supported indirectly to allow this government to be formed. Their old policy was to let this government formed but now they have all gathered and want this government to fall down. It is two months of government and there are strong statements being passed against each other. The opposition is talking about bringing down the government. The PM has said openly that all politicians are criminals the people should be attentive that if all politicians are criminal. Then the same politicians contest elections, they are declared as sincere, trustworthy and then their crimes are proven by court. But since this is democracy there is no difference between a believer and criminal. You should take the words of your PM seriously that all politicians are criminals, you are voting for them, you have done unity with them and you are considered as party to these criminals. Every day the country leadership is given this statement and everyone in the country should pay attention to these words that all politicians are criminals. He has not said that other than his party, might be other than him he intended every one.

The political tug of war has resulted into big economy crisis. This means they are just fighting for power but neither the government nor the opposition is doing anything to solve the national problems. The same government when they were in opposition they just objected the running government and did not do anything for the nation and now also they are doing the same. To run the country you need time, patience. Now when you have come in power, you should have met the opposition, done some arrangements with them to solve the problems unitedly. But there is no such intention seen to solve the problems. They are just doing things to disgrace each other. The loss of economy crisis comes on to people and not the politicians. The Inflation goes up, currency falls and corruption increases. All these problems come on the country. One more statement which the PM has said that the bureaucracy and Police are not listening to the government. I have said this before that the style of government is such. The system of Pakistan is a victim of corruption and all departments are inside it. Now with the cooperation of such corrupt people you have to run the government. The government is run by bureaucrats, organization and if you disturb this set up then they will fail the government. They trouble the government by troubling the people. The bureaucrats trouble the people, make them upset, don’t do their work so that pressure comes on government. At the end the tears of people will only fall.

One more thing that happened last week was that PM went to Pakistan on 23rd October and has attended the conference on investments. Saudi has assured them loans and PM has announced that he has got loans and did celebrations and now he is visiting China to get more loans. The senate is also anxious that how you are promising things without the knowledge of Senate. Last time you went and promised to support Ale Saud against Yemen and this time you made other promises. This is also being looked upon on how you are doing such things. Saudi Arabia is in the biggest crises of their history and in this situation their promise to support Pakistan becomes questionable. 

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