Political Markaz - Pakistan PM first time in history says people of Azad Kashmir can decide if they want freedom

Pakistan PM first time in history says people of Azad Kashmir can decide if they want freedom

Pakistan PM first time in history says people of Azad Kashmir can decide if they want freedom

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By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

This view was made up at the time of Parvez Musharraf and whatever decisions were made at the time of Parvez Musharraf our PM abides and follows that. Musharraf did not have the courage to say that Kashmir can get separated from Pakistan. It is the responsibility of PM to speak in the interest of nation. The duty of PM is not seeing the interest of Kashmir, neighbors or India. This is not the era where leaders are to be righteous where on the basis of values, principles a stand is made. Today is the era of absolutely about interests, whether it is communalism, religion or politics. All political affairs move around profit and loss. In this era every leader of country considers the interests of the nation. Like Indian leader looks at the interest of India when it comes to Kashmir. For them if Kashmir comes to India, they are fine but if Kashmir wants to become free then they are not in agreement. China, America, Iran they all make their policies and stand in the interest of their nation. Even in Arabs there is an open battle between the nations like Saudi, Qatar, UAE for the sake of personal interests of their own nations. Emirates want them to become the trade capital of region and Saudi, Qatar also wants the same. The UAE has a strong economy as compared to Saudi. The economy of Saudi is totally dependent on oil but Emirates has oil as secondary economy and not dependent as they have other means of income. Bin Salman now wants to take the place of Emirates. They want to become the trade capital of world in the same region then there is a possibility of battle between them. They are imposing restrictions on each other that no Saudi can enter inside Emirates and other way. All this is the clash of interests. In a recent statement the Emirate chief made a verbal attack on Kuwait. These are interests of nations whereby they are not abiding by any commitments of friendship. Trump easily breached the atomic deal because it was not in the interest of America. This is a trend that there is no principles-based politics in the world it is all based on national interests. Erdogan takes every step in the interest of Turkey. The first Muslim leader who congratulated the new Israeli PM was Erdogan. Every country is doing the politics of interest.

The government of Pakistan should give precedence to the interest of Pakistan. What the PM has said is on principles which is excellent that Kashmiris should decide their destiny, which is the demand of justice that every community deserves the rights to freedom. But in capacity of leader of Pakistan if he talks about interests then where will Pakistan go as in entire neighborhood there is politics of interest going on. Like if we leave the interest of Pakistan and just go after Afghanistan then we will finish. Why did America come to Afghanistan? For the sake of interest of America. In principle what our PM said is correct that Kashmir should be free as Kashmir has its own identity, history and personality. Kashmir should become free from everyone. The future PM cricketer of Pakistan, Shahid Afridi who has more popularity than Imran Khan gave a statement about Kashmir then he reverted back on that statement. When someone asked him about Kashmir joining Pakistan. He said in my view it is better Kashmir should not join, because the Pakistani rulers cannot manage Pakistan so how can they manage Kashmir. The difficulties and issues which this government has is very high but still this government is very powerful. When our PM says something, you should believe that he has some spiritual attachment. At the time of last Indian election he said if Modi wins then issue of Kashmir would get solved, and this is what happened that after Modi won Kashmir issue got dissolved.

It is very clear that Indian occupied Kashmiri would not become free as they have not made it part of India and world has attested. Now what is left is Azad Kashmir, for which this fear is that it can become free by doing referendum. On the other hand Gilgit Baltistan is also part of Kashmir geographically and historically. The greater Kashmir includes all this region of Ladakh, Kargil, Jammu, Muzaffarabad and till Jhelum. If they are taking about freedom of Kashmir then there is some issue in their view which is beyond us to understand. As no journalist opened dup this statement whether this was something really serious or was for elections.

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