Political Markaz - Pakistan Parliament triggers Israel Pakistan friendship

Pakistan Parliament triggers Israel Pakistan friendship

Pakistan Parliament triggers Israel Pakistan friendship

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In the national issues in Pakistan there are certain bitter incidents. On a general note the economic and political instability is increasing day by day. In order to hide these internal issues; they are raising such political issues against opposition; they are creating such artificial crisis that it becomes chaotic for the entire community. They are catching some; they are prosecuting some; what case is coming against someone; what blames have been put on some, someone is presented in court, some has come out and the government has made this a communal issue. The entire community has been presented with the arrests of few persons as the main issue which will solve the national problems. The community, media and all are after this and the actual problem still remains in its place.

The tragedy still remains there. The biggest crisis is economy, there is no money with government and no hope from anywhere. Whichever door they knock they don’t get any reply. They were very excited that they will get something from Saudi, but did not get anything even though they went dancing there as such the Saudi’s are in their own problem. Then they went to China with a lot of excitement and they returned upset and despaired. Even with the PM going there they did not get any help from China. After this they sent a delegation to China which has also returned unsuccessful, nothing got agreed with China as to what they have to take and give. They go towards IMF and come back also; and the IMF delegation is also visiting Pakistan.  This economy crisis is swallowing the Pakistan nation with severity. The currency rate is falling down; inflation is going up, the commodities are going out of hand of people and government is focusing mainly on wrestling with opposition. They are just after whom to catch, against whom to take revenge, picking up people, running cases on them. They are taking such non serious steps and in these non-serious steps they make it more exciting in Parliament. You can see that in our Parliament.

As Iqbal interprets the Parliament and says that leave this trend of democracy and go after some divine leader; because 200 donkeys if they sit in one place they cannot do a human work. This is the same situation of Parliament and the daily operations they are doing. One government representative gets up from one bench and then opposition gets up and they use such abusive, filthy language on each other during live Parliament session which the world is watching. These 200 donkeys are representatives of people and people have appointed them with efforts and they are sitting there and doing these lowly language discussions.

In parliament last week one very grievous thing happened; the ruling party member, one lady who has not reached parliament through elections but through allotted woman seats which Parvez Musharraf started for woman. There are some dedicated allotted seats for woman. The woman contest elections also and then they also have allotted seats. This is a foolishness that when there is democracy then what is the need for allotted seat? This foolishness is normal for them and no one pays attention to it. This is a charity seat on which this lady member came. This lady Asma Hadid gave a speech in parliament, we don’t know what she ate that day and what breakfast she ate that morning. Later she gave clarity also but they were also baseless. She talked about Israel and Pakistan relation and she expressed all foolishness. If a fool remains silent then he can maintain his respect but if a fool speaks he gets exposed. She came in parliament; we don’t know from where she is.

She came to parliament and said that from Quran she is proving that with Jews relationship is necessary. She said that when Qiblah changed, the Prophet was in prayers and the verse came and changed the Qiblah to Arabic Qiblah. She did not even knew about Qiblah of Mecca; she used the term Arabic Qiblah. When Qiblah changed the Jews got upset, and they complained, protested to Prophet that you used to pray towards our Qiblah but you have left and then the Prophet again changed Qiblah and started to pray towards Jerusalem. There were scholars also in Parliament, we don’t know what they had eaten and did not speak out.

The scholars of Islamic visionary council we are all aware what they eat. As some of them were caught in their cars in drunken state with alcohol bottles. They are the people who present Islamic vision for running the country. In Parliament representation from all sects are present from religious, secular, liberal and all category of people are present there and they were all listening to her insane talks. She said that this problem was solved there only when the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) changed Qiblah. The fight between Jews and Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) ended over there, then who started this later. Then she said we send salutations (durood) on Bani Israel in our Salaat. When we say salutations on progeny of Ibrahim, then they are Bani Israel. So when we send salutations on Bani Israel in our Salaat then why should we not have relationship with them?

Then the third proof she gave was that Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) was also from Bani Israel. She said all this in parliament and when she sat down all MNA’s clapped on the desk in testifying her. This is the grievous state of the collection of these people to whom Allama has referred to 200 donkeys who cannot do a human act. This is a grievous act and that too done by a woman, who is completely ignorant, who has no knowledge of Quran, religion but has the courage, because there is a lobby behind her and has support and she has been given the microphone in national parliament. They come and insult the religious sanctities, they insult Pakistani. This is like sprinkling salt on the wound of Palestine and on the Muslim Ummah the way the Arabs were doing.

First this rumor came out that an Israeli aircraft landed in Pakistan; which was not investigated and the issue was suppressed. And now after some days the discussions on Israel Pakistan relationship is going on in Parliament. This proves that the current government has orientation towards Israel and they have certain elements who are thinking about accepting Israel. They think that the enmity between Israel and Palestine due to Arabs and Israel’s enmity is with Arabs. Since Arabs were against Israel we also broke our relationship with Israel. Now since all Arabs have started to establish relationship with Israel, other than Syria and Lebanon. All Arab states are in contact with Israel. Some have started Israel embassies and all Israeli representatives are visiting Arab nations and they are meeting each other; some in secret and some openly.  They are meeting each other in various international conventions. The Pakistan rulers think that this was an Arab issue and since we are friends of Arab we also started enmity with Israel. Now since Arabs have befriended them; then we should also establish relationship with Israel and take benefits.  It should not happen that due to Saudi Arabia we became enemy of Israel and now Saudi has befriended them so we should also establish relationship with Israel and take benefits. This is one thinking of theirs.

These ignorant do not know that Israel has the same enmity with Pakistan as Iran and Palestine. The main reason for enmity with Pakistan is that the Pakistan is the single Islamic atomic power. The seven nations in the world who have atomic power, one of them is Pakistan who formally has atomic weapons which is the most dangerous weapon.  Though due to foolishness of our rulers, despite of this power Pakistan has become severely weak, but still this power is there. At present Iran, Hezbollah are the real Israeli enemies and this is what these people think that rest of Muslim world is just opposition and not enmity. If Iran wants to destroy Israel it will take time; though they have missiles and power. But if Pakistan wants to destroy Israel it won’t take much time. As Imam Khomeini (r.a) has said that Israel should be wiped off from earth; then the nation which is capable of wiping off Israel is Pakistan. The way war experts have analyzed that for Pakistan to wipe off Israel completely they only need six minutes. Iran might take six years but for Pakistan only six minutes if they intend. They have the power and Israel knows that it is Pakistan alone who can do this. Israel wants to somehow take this atomic power from Pakistan. They way this has happened with Libya, Syria and Iran; Israel has either destroyed them with attacks or through America the way they have done with Iran in getting the nuclear plants dismantled. Israel wants to indulge Pakistan into some such complications where Israel can get access to the Pakistan atomic weapons or some way they can destroy it themselves or give them to America or UN. On top of this Israel is a very close friend of India and they have ideal friendship. In the entire history of seventy years; the current Indian PM has visited Israel and he did not go to Palestine. The Israeli PM has done the longest stay visit to India. And India and Israel both don’t want atomic power to be with Pakistan.

In between then there are such fools sitting inside who think that Israel’s enmity with Pakistan is only due to Arabs. Even if Arabs unite with Israel then also the enmity of Pakistan will be there with Israel. This is a foolishness to speak like this and sign of senselessness. The media is insane and a very dirty role which Pakistan media is playing to misguide the nation and they have big hand and then the government wants to misguide them. The religious people also do not present the issues to the people with precision and proper clarity. There is severe negligence in Pakistan as regards to Palestine. There is no powerful voice raised from Pakistan for Palestine. Apart from Qod’s day in which also only Shias come and from amongst Shias also some visionary, organizational type Shias attend. The rest of Shias and Ahle Sunnah both consider themselves as unconcerned. Some Shias not just that they don’t come and in fact they say in their Friday sermon as to why these visionary people raise their voice for Palestine as there are no Shias in Palestine. The sole voice that is raised across the world is from Shia centers like Hezbollah, Iran and also the Shias who are there across the world raise the voice on the call from Imam Khomeini (r.a). There is only a low voice raised for Palestinians on Qod’s day as Shias also don’t come in full attendance and Sunnis also do not attend. This is a severe negligence. Pakistan should be more forward than Palestine because Palestine is already in the clutches of Israel but Pakistan is not yet. Hence to secure Pakistan there should be severe condemnation against this satanic worm. It is not like this because these politicians are incapable treacherous persons who do not even defend or take care about their national interests. Relationship with Israel means destruction of national interests and to destroy interests of Pakistan. To oppose Israel and supporting Palestine is essential for the sake of Pakistan.

If Iran with the help of Hezbollah does not stops Israel and limits them to remain within their borders, then Israel has the power to enter inside the borders of Iran. If Hezbollah is not there, then this is necessary for the security of Pakistan, for the survival of Pakistan; the system of Pakistan should strengthen Hezbollah. The more Hezbollah becomes powerful Israel will become weak; and more Israel becomes weak Pakistan will become more secure. The atomic system of Iran has been finished by Israel through America by applying pressure on Iran and Iran has left that. Pakistan is amongst the advanced technology country of the world and this is what is happening with Pakistan.

These licentious Arab rulers of Saudi, Bahrain, Qatar, Emirates, Kuwait etc where there are corrupt Sheikhs, Emirs have been trapped by Israel. This point is very important on how Israel has trapped these rulers and it has a very interesting story. The majority of such traps by Israel has done through women. There is an academy in Israel to prepare corrupt, licentious woman ambassadors. They keep them in Israel Embassies and also give them other nationalities and use them. Some time back the FM of Israel who was there; Tzipi Livni was a prostitute. She has written a book that how many countries presidents, rulers I have corrupted and have trapped them with lustful acts and made then friends of Israel and through them I have done spying for Israel. There were several PM and Ministers of Defense from whom this lady took the secrets and passed them over to Israel. Then the same woman became the Foreign Minister. These are not imaginations or assumptions but things which are on record. The licentious, corrupt woman squad of Israel is the most powerful and this Israeli women squad is more effective than their commandos.

These women have completely trapped Arabs and there are some who have married these Jewish woman by pretending as Muslims. Some have become their girlfriends, have secret relationship and secret wives. This is the unique secret women squad for spying which Israel has and no one else in the world has this whereby they do spying through these prostitute and licentious woman. And for Pakistani’s from day one their weakness is woman and wine. A Pakistani bureaucrat has a price of wine and woman. They are ready to give everything and Israel has both of these weapons.

Hence since long Israel is eyeing on Pakistan. They know that attacking Pakistan will be very costly for them. If they want to destroy Pakistan they will take time, but if Pakistan wants to finish Israel they can do in short time with one missile. Pakistan has such missiles, atom bombs and carriers for these; though Pakistan has no intention to do this. But Israel knows this, that if some religious, godly, communal, respected ruler comes in Pakistan he can do this. Hence Israel has decided that they want to finish this power of Pakistan. They cannot do this by attacking Pakistan but by becoming friends. When they will become friends and they will send these woman. We know that Iran is highly sensitive about Israel and have made all arrangements for infiltration of Israel in this manner but still Israeli woman have reached Iranian scientists. These Iranian secrets which were exposed were done this way only. Like some Israeli woman went to Italy, then took nationality of Italy, France and some other nation. Then they made friendship with some Iranian Person, and reached the scientist. Iran has made films on how these women reached Iranian scientists and took the secrets out.  If this is possible for these women to reach Iran then Pakistani’s are open across the world.

They are checking the nerves and trigged this. The Israel aircraft issue that came was trigged and after few statements the issue was suppressed. Now this woman has spoken out this and triggered this issue but there was no voice raised. It is not that if Arabs have befriended Israel Pakistan should also do that? Arab have become very lowly and Pakistan should not go to that low level. It is not permissible to reach that level of lowliness, filthiness at which Arabs have gone; Pakistan should also go to that level? Pakistan is a strong country and the population of all Arab nations together cannot reach Pakistan. But this corruption, the culture of treachery have made us so disgraced that even small countries disgraced us. Kuwait is even smaller than Lahore but Pakistan has become dependent on such small countries. These Arab are jumping into such disgrace and humiliation but why should Pakistan jump into it. Pakistan has a dignity, respect and identity though it is in the hands of incapable persons and thieves, but this does not mean if a precious diamond comes in the hands of a thief it gets devalued and wasted. If the queen of Britain has stolen Kohinoor from Pakistan, then this does not mean its value has gone down.  The diamond in her crown was stolen by this bandit queen of Britain from Lahore. This does not mean this diamond has devalued. If Pakistan has come in the hands of thieves then this does not devalues Pakistan. These are the thieves who are dominating Pakistan since 70 yrs. The actual asset should not be wasted. No one has demonstrated any reaction; neither the revolutionaries, religious nor she made this statement easily in the parliament. There were few abuses and it all ended. The way they have taken steps on the issue of Asiya they should have taken more than this against this woman as well. There should be a case on this woman and that entire gang who have this thinking to open the doors for Israel in Pakistan and want to endanger Pakistan. The aspect of first Qiblah is different and if that does not has any significance for you then at least for the sake of national interest they should not do this. 

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