Political Markaz - Pakistan on a losing journey

Pakistan on a losing journey

Pakistan on a losing journey

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In national issues, the same non seriousness, political drama and mafia battles which is ongoing in the country is becoming dreadful. The drama which is being played and about to be played further in the name of elections will prove the elections to be harmful only as it has been in the past as well. The situation of Pakistan is unique as America has kept Pakistan under severe pressure and on the other hand the situation inside the country is very sensitive. The borders of Pakistan have become insecure and there is a war like situation on the borders and continuous firing, killings are going on the borders. In this situation Pakistan has economically reached the edge of bankruptcy. The international organization have presented the cash reserves for Pakistan as highly grievous but the tug of war that is going on internally will not be beneficially to the country irrespective of which entity is successful in this tug of war. Any party that wins in this mafia battle will be harmful to the nation and country. We should not compare that if this happens it will be good because it is the same whatever happens. This kind of grievous situation is present in this country.

The Pakistan government has formally announced that more than 12000 bureaucratic officers of government who have the reigns of the country are not Pakistani nationals. They were originally Pakistani race but they don’t have Pakistani nationality as they have dual nationality. One who has taken American, Canadian, European nationality and has taken passport of those countries are from those countries; but they are coming and working over here and usurping the rights of Pakistan. One who has taken the passport of other country why is he putting his hands in the national treasury of Pakistan. If they want to work then they should go to their country and work and empty this seat for some Pakistani. If someone wants to become secretary then he cannot because already an American nationality Pakistani is sitting on the seat. So where will the Pakistan’s go then? The Pakistani’s should then go to Arab countries to dig graves and bath their corpses? Economically they have made the nation bankrupt but media is not expressing.  As per Allama Iqbal

Ajab in neest ke tunafasemasihadaarid
Ajab in ast ke beemaretubeemar tar ast.

It is not strange that you possess the soul of savior (Prophet Isa)
The strange part is that your patient is more sicker than others

You are an expert, physician and master of the world but your patient is in worst condition so think about them. Apart from this other countries like America, Europe, and China have taken control of Pakistan. There is nothing of Pakistan which is in the hands of Pakistan. This is a big tragedy which has deep effects.

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