Political Markaz - Pakistan moving towards freedom from American slavery

Pakistan moving towards freedom from American slavery

Pakistan moving towards freedom from American slavery

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In Pakistan there is a new crisis as the new government is being formed in Pakistan. Since the new government is being formed with the help of many and all these are ready to take their share. Some have prayed, some have put amulets, imam zamin, some have done campaigns, given votes and all have played some role and all are demanding their shares. This government is forced to give share to all of them and that giving share will become a difficulty for this government. When you give extortion to someone this becomes a problem. Thus the first crisis is that all are asking for share and those who do not get will go into opposition to bring down the government.

At present a beautiful and important event is about to happen in Pakistan provided the government, people, nation and authorities all become attentive towards it. In my view the event which is in its happening is equally blessed like the independence of Pakistan provided we realize its worth. The way in 1947 Pakistan got freedom from British slavery, now in 2018 Pakistan is going to become free from American slavery. They are first under the slavery of British imperialism and now they were under American arrogance. When they got freedom from British it was not that the British were kicked out, they left themselves due to the world wars. The British had decided to leave their colonies and go back to their country. While they left we got freedom from their slavery though they left their systems and workers behind. The same British were ruling India for 200 yrs, they destroyed India and ruined it, looted it completely. The British island was a ruined island before they come to India and now they are amongst the five world economic powers. This was the looted wealth from India which they took. At the end they had to leave, similarly Pakistan from 1952 till now they have been under the dominance of America. America has made full, rough, blunt use of Pakistan. Certain dictators for the sake of their power they took support of America and America for their benefits took support from these dictators like Zia ul Haqq. But at present due to friendship with China and new world map which is getting created the priorities of America has changed. Now Pakistan Is not in the priority and interest of America and this happened several times before also but later their interests again revived.

When Soviet Union came to Afghanistan the interest of America increased in Pakistan; when the Afghanistan Jihad ended again America lost interest in Pakistan and left Pakistan on their own. Taliban and Al Qaeda got dominated in Afghanistan. Then the incident of 9/11 took place in America and then after that again Pakistan became important and they took Pakistan under their umbrella under the era of Musharraf. Now again the importance of Pakistan ended and has become a disliked nation for America. The American president on the first day of 2018 started to abuse Pakistan to which no reply was given to America. The step which Pakistan has taken is to get in friendship with China.

China is strategically very important and the downfall of America is taking place by the hands of China. And Pakistan has become a strategic friend of China due to CPEC. The CPEC is that short cut route to China to trade with the world which is from Gwadar port to Gilgit. This route which Pakistan has given to China has made China very strong and America want to retaliate to this by giving a reply to China as well as Pakistan. As a result America’s sympathy towards Pakistan has ended. They have stopped aids to Pakistan. There was a contract with America that Pakistan forces were sending some persons to America for training and they were providing war machinery to Pakistan. All these things were coming to Pakistan from America and there were other aids which were also coming from America in various contexts. They were facilitators of loans from global organizations. America has stopped all this and it is a punishment for China friendship. The Pakistani are firm till date that we will not leave China friendship and if America wants to leave us then let them leave. This has got Pakistan into a decisive state. The time for expiation of that mistake done 70 yrs before has come now whereby Pakistan can get absolute freedom from this accursed America and get out of their influence.

First the Pakistanis should become independent and not take support from China or Russia. As I said that that Pakistani are hardworking, contented, grateful and these values are less in nations and if these values are realized, recognized and the nation is made on these values then we don’t need anyone else. But we don’t see this intention and determination in our establishment and they don’t have this self-confidence to do this. Even if they get rid of America and break their relationship with America then this would be a great moment for Pakistan. This is also conditional that they should not do any other mistake. Like this government which is not yet formed but has started to take loans from now itself. The Economy of Pakistan is under severe debts, they are under debts of 95 billion dollars. The current government has requested for loans and America has informed IMF to not give any further loans to America. This is because Pakistan is taking loans from global institutes to pay their debts to China hence this money will go to China.

These are things where the destinies of communities are decided. When people get stuck they take such steps like what they have done now is to take support of Islamic Bank which is under control of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has given a commitment of 4 billion dollars to Pakistan as loan but it is clear that there are no free lunches. Saudi’s have already reaped a lot of benefits from Pakistan and they are fighting in many battles based on support of Pakistan. When Saudi will give 4 to 5 billion dollars they will take that much benefit as well. The Saudi have a negative effect in the world which will fall on Pakistan as well. The same 4 or 5 billion dollars can be acquired from other sources as well and with some national plan and policies as well. It is not that you become free from America and become further slaves of Saudi which we are already. This is an important stage for Pakistan. We have got freedom before not Isteqlal that is independence. I have explained this before that for every community another element like freedom is Isteqlal which means to stand on your own feet, without support of anyone traversing the part of developments. The current state which is happening, Pakistan should develop change in their thoughts and policy. America is throwing Pakistan and not that Pakistan voluntarily wants to get out of American hands. America wants to severely punish Pakistan and they have got ISIS in Afghanistan for this. In order to fail CPEC they have done all the planning. For Pakistan the current new situation that has come out is there in the entire region. America has also given tough time to Turkey. Since turkey has not listened to America to break relationship with Iran hence they have imposed restrictions on Turkey. America has imposed restrictions on China and Russia. This is turning out to be a beautiful set up which was before also at the time of Shah. There was an agreement between Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. It was their friendship from that time. But after the Islamic revolution due to American influence Pakistan separated and Turkey also had internal problems.

But now due to current situation, these three countries which are very powerful Muslim nations. They are having their own forces, they have big population, and they have means and have developed. Pakistan is an atomic power, turkey is a developed nation and Iran is a visionary, ideological nation as a symbol aginst America. This is turning out to be a natural unity and specifically when China and Russia who are bitten by America are also with them to cooperate with them. Here Pakistan should not delay and immediately these few countries China, Russia, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan should form an alliance. Pakistan needs to take a bold step. Iran is already against America. Turkey has given a strong warning to America though we cannot guarantee Turkish stand as they are in NATO of America also, they are strategic partner of America also, so what they will do tomorrow we don’t know. But in the current situation they have given strong warning to America. Pakistan can pluck this fruit now and clean this filth from here. It is clear that America has to move forward and will adopt more enmity with Pakistan. Before America gets the opportunity to make dens of ISIS in Pakistan and inflict more blows to Pakistan, we should take steps before them and kick them out completely. The Pakistan nation is ready for distancing from America because the insult which America does of Pakistan is not accepted by Pakistani. This is an important opportunity for Pakistan and we pray that the way Allah gave us salvation from the filthy British in 1947 than in the same manner may Allah give us salvation from the devilish America to Pakistan and also other Muslim nations. May Allah grant perseverance to Pakistan, Turkey, Iran and all other Muslims nations against America?

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