Political Markaz - Pakistan lost friend Like China

Pakistan lost friend Like China

Pakistan lost friend Like China

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Pakistan lost friend Like China

One more issue which came out and needs attention. China is the old fiend of Pakistan, since 72 yrs they have been friends with Pakistan which was for its own personal interest. Their success is in this that they don’t keep any criteria. China and India has animosity between same like India and Pakistan. India does not consider Pakistan of any worth but China is very powerful. They have 6 million army and in one day China can swallow them and they have enmity with India and severe tension. Whenever India has threatened Pakistan, China has come in front to stop them and threatened India.

It is the first time China has not announced to stand with Pakistan. Why this crack has come in friendship? Whey have you despaired China? China has supported in every war. They came to take care of our economy though for their interest. But the way China was treated, they got insulted. You are bringing Bin Salman against China; who is leading in technology and has got down super powers. You are bringing a useless prince in front of China, you take him to Gwadar which is under Chin; then this is a big message to an investor.

That country which is giving everything to Pakistan, you insulted them. One call from China to warn India would be enough, but they also just preached both sides. This is the internal weakness of ours which has encouraged India for the war. This war is not feasible for India even for 1% and they will have more destruction than Pakistan. They are pushing Pakistan in that field, where Pakistan was pushed twice and to large extent it came out, and again they want to push Pakistan in that. This is a common law that enemy of enemy is friend. If they are with Pakistan then they should come and say. They should say that attack on Pakistan is attack on Saudi. The Pakistanis continuously say this, 100 times a day that any attack on Saudi is attack on us. But Saudi should say at least once, that attack on Pakistan will be attack on Saudi. Pakistan should become aware and alert on this. The nation trapped in difficulties should also be attentive, we should respect and find the real friends and those who are enemies under veil. 

We don’t want war, and there is no cause for war as well. Modi is a passionate person, who is an Islam and Muslim enemy. There is no one else in India supporting war. He can do something so here also preparation should be there. If Pakistan is not going to fight, but if someone imposes war on you then you have to fight that war. Then to refrain from imposed war, will be disgrace.

We should not take step towards the war and our rulers have taken good policy on ethical grounds. But we can see that dimension of disgrace in that. We should not plead and beg. To release the pilot on the next day was not required. You can leave the pilot but tell them let Modi become human then we will release. When wars are imposed, then we have to fight for survival and not show your back. Such wars cannot be fought on the back of friendly enemy nations. If this war happens, then it is the duty of Pakistan nation that every individual of Pakistan should defend Pakistan.

The nation has to fight this war. This war should not happen and this only benefits the enemies and damaging to the world. This should not go beyond this. But if you want to impose this on Pakistan, as they are all united  and specifically that dimension that the politics which is in India not just Modi but there are layers below that. Modi is a politician, he will compromise. There is one more extremist dimension that is the Hindu extremist and Hindu terrorism they will not go back. In attacking Pakistan they followed America following 9/11. Behind the doors also they turned out to be followers.

In Pakistan there are such foolish persons who have passed in politics, armed forces who wanted to make non state armed forces and through these forces fight Jihad. The way Hamid Gul and his companions had this vision to make forces, attack nearby places and see what atmosphere they created inside Pakistan. There are many names like this, some died, and some are present. They made this Jihadi culture and this got on us, attacks done on Juloos, shrines, schools, government building, forces and no one was spared.

If you make non state forces for supporting the state, they will destroy the state one day. The same foolishness is being done by India. They are making non state warriors with extreme hatred inside them, which is being done since years, against Muslims. They have more hatred towards those Muslims who are settled in India. They openly tell these Muslims, to either become Hindus or be prepared to die. They are being supported at state level, the same mistake that was done in Pakistan and now India is doing the same mistake and have started this. Why you don’t take lessons and see what happened to Pakistan. The same is about to happen and Indians are watching as spectators. They are not discouraging them the way it was done in Pakistan. They thought it was all happening for national interest.

Such times came when our leaders have said, that the strategy of Pakistan has changed; first we had face towards outside enemies but now forces have recognized that the danger is from inside. From the time these forces of Sipahe Sahaba, Lashkar’s, and ISIS were made, this danger was inside. Now Pakistan is using state power to burn this crop but not happening. India is starting that now; it comes on media. They keep gatherings where people sit, they insult Prophet, Kaaba, Islam, and Medina by taking names; they arouse their people and then medal is given to the one who arouses the most. These medals were given in Pakistan. Why you are repeating this mistake there. Such a big nation, why you are bringing it towards lowliness. The various groups of India, journalist, professors, religious scholars, young generation should raise their voice that why you are planting this seed for our destruction.

Few days back one incident happened; this same extremist group did this. Mahatma Gandhi was killed by one Hindu, since he had soft corner for Muslims. That killer was killed. On his anniversary day, they shot at the picture of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi was Hindu, their respected leader and they shot at the pictures of Gandhi and they commemorated his killer and pledged to continue the path of Gandhi’s killer.

This means not just Muslims, but even if someone is a supporter of Muslims, then he is also obligatory to kill. Modi is taking benefit from this group. He is a politician, he wants power. If he is instructed to stop war, he will do it. Those who made Lashkar’s, repented in Pakistan but these forces did not stop back. They continued on this path and are continuing. The same activity is happening in India. The politicians and Modi will repent later but these extremists will not repent. The forces which were made in Pakistan were not successful to take over Kashmir, Afghanistan but they destroyed Pakistan.

The extremists groups that are being made India to destroy Pakistan will not destroy Pakistan, they will destroy India. Their potential is more towards self-destruction. This is the game which is being played and Pakistan is a victim. Instead of making a board of political, religions, groups representatives they are just going against each other. They are not concerned about the defense of country. They are not taking any practical step. There is a danger to the nation, they should call the people, and they should negotiate also, take international help also but also make arrangement for their war.

They are considering the war only till the extent of Modi. America, Chinese president will call Modi and he will stop. The group that is behind of extremists, the poison that is being induced inside them is out of control. These extremist will not leave this path and they will become enemy of anyone who stops them. India needs intellect and understanding. The big message from Pakistan which has gone to India is our internal conflicts. What is the justification for this integral drama to arrest politicians, put them in jail. This is not an intellectual politics. May Allah protect Pakistan and give intellect to its enemies and if they are not worth of being guided and then let them face the consequences. 


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