Political Markaz - Pakistan heading towards Economic Crisis

Pakistan heading towards Economic Crisis

Pakistan heading towards Economic Crisis

Jun 22,2018 Comments Download

The second topic is inside Pakistan, whereby the Pakistani currency is going down and the economy of Pakistan is falling down and the upcoming days of Pakistan will be very tough for Pakistan. The currency falling down means the inflation will rise and the means of survival will reduce for people. When there is no bread for people everything gets affected. As it is said that when there is poverty it takes people towards infidelity. At present there is no seriousness, and media is indulged into politics, introducing the candidates and candidates are pulling the legs of each other. During the time of election the currency is falling, the cash reserves are falling down, the economy is down but no one is serious. The Chief Justice is triggering issues to make Dams, to break mountains and may be some day he will announce that I am going to conquer Kashmir because the ground is with him now. There is no serious grip, education institute who can analyze and present something to them. As such Pakistan is drowned since before and at present this economic downfall could be very dangerous.

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