Political Markaz - Pakistan gripped under tentacles of Mafia's

Pakistan gripped under tentacles of Mafia's

Pakistan gripped under tentacles of Mafia's

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In the national issues, since the elections for Pakistan are coming up the same non serious politics which is there is gaining severity and the issues have gone to its peak which has made the national system useless and much worst. This is a Mafia war for power. In Pakistan there is a Mafia system in every segment. Mafia is a terminology used for those persons who have power, weapons, wealth, people and they on the basis of power have taken the entire ground in their control and do not allow anyone else to enter. The Mafia’s are generally criminals, and it is an Italian terminology. The narcotics trading of drugs in entire Europe are Italians. There are certain nations where laws are such that these acts get more space and room. In Italy there were various groups of drug traders who had power and also weapons with them. They were gangsters and killing people in drug trade was something common for them. They had divided areas, regions for the drugs trading like who will sell drugs in Germany was with one group. Now anyone else could not go in that region and if he goes then they will on the base of power not allow them to enter. If someone bigger comes he will kick this group out. From there this terminology of Mafia came up that is people who do evil things with evil means. This terminology then became common and literal and was used by various groups.

Now this is used for every segment of life where someone on the basis of power wants to take control of everything and wants to remove everyone else. This is Mafia. And Pakistan is a victim of this Mafia only. The political Mafia is there in which there is a battle of power. There is economic mafia who has taken the entire capital of Pakistan in their control. You cannot do certain things it is under the control of some Mafia. Like Import, export is under some mafia, car trading is under some. If you want to put up poultry farm there is a Mafia who will not allow.

This is the 21st century and people are planning that the land is getting congested with population and want to make new colonies on moon and Mars. They are preparing for this to build towns and cities in space. There will be such cities which will float like planes in air. People will move into this space city with planes. This would happen in future. What I am telling is that technology has gone to this level that people are designing space cities. Now also certain scientist of Russia live in space. They have made shuttle which works without any fuel. It is floating in space and since years there are people living in these shuttles. They want to grow this over certain hundred kilometers and make cities like this in space. This planning science and technology has done for this century. And you can see in your city there are Auto rickshaws introduced in this 21st century. Where is technology taking these people and where are we heading towards. But why this is happening? This is the Mafia of rickshaws, wagons, buses and these transport Mafia’s have destroyed the railways. The railway lines in Pakistan are less than half. If trains are running then people will not sit in Daewoo and not use these new transport companies. People would use trains as they are more comfortable. If local trains in Lahore are available people will use them. Trains are government property and even it is privately build still it will be controlled by government only. Then what will this mafia do? In Pakistan the PIA which is national airline is a failure and is about to be sold out. They try to sell them but the workers go on strike every time. The airlines are the biggest earning industry in every country and in Pakistan billions of rupees are lost every year on our national airlines and trains. Government is paying salaries and losses to Railways. This is because of Mafia. The Mafias are running Rickshaws, buses and they do not allow any other good transport which is good and cheap for people to run.

Like in the country the Mafia does not allow to build factories because they want to import things from outside and sell in the market. The best potatoes are grown in Pakistan and it can be cultivated in such big numbers that Pakistan can export this to entire Middle East. But what the Mafia does is when the Potatoes are cultivated and ready to come out to market the Mafia’s bring potatoes from India and China and dump it in market and farmers suffer. This year all the sugarcane which was produced all got wasted. It was lying on streets and farmer had to burn their farms. This was because the national mafia is buying Sugar from outside and they don’t pay to these farmers for buying sugarcane. We are under the tentacles of Octopus. It is a small sea creature but with big arms and strong grip. When octopus grips someone it does not allows anyone to get out of his eight hands. This Mafia is the octopus which has gripped the entire nation and have control on everything. Like the people who make small colonies they are not allowed to do it. They will trap them in court cases and big guys like Bahria town are allowed to earn money. If people make cheap houses then how DHA and Bahria will make money. Since this Mafia has to earn they do not allow anyone else to build colonies. This Mafia like an octopus has gripped everything. They have economy, politics and even religion under their clutches. Then when elections come the Mafias fight a dangerous war.

Sicily is the island in Italy where several stories, novels, drams and films have been made on encounters between Mafia. How they have destroyed the generations of each other in this Mafia war. The Mafia’s are merciless and they do not leave the children of their opponents. In the politics of Pakistan also there is Mafia and this Mafia has gone crazy in the lust of power. They are not refraining from any crime in order to reach power in politics.

The fresh situation in Pakistan is such that they are hurling shoes on each other. The leader of one party comes; the opposition hurls shoe on him. Then this happens with another and now everyone is running with shoes after each other. Everyone knows that they will get hit by shoes. If these shoes would have been hit by the common masses then this would have been the best shoes. But this is not done by the community, it is done by one Mafia group on another group. The Pakistan community does not hit shoes they only get hit by shoes. They are simpletons and there is a joke about this Pakistan community. There is a story that everyone in the world was protesting but there was a kingdom in which no one was protesting. The King decided to stop their gas but they burnt stoves. Then King asked to shutdown electricity but still they did not protest. Whatever the King did they did not protest. One Vizier gave advice to king that this community will never protest they will bear all difficulties; for them you make a law and enforce that will every morning question them and if they do not complain or protest then this force will beat them with shoes. Every day the policemen would hit the people with shoes and they will go to work. Then one day the people start to protest together and King was happy that at least they have protest. Their demand in that protest to the king was that those who are beating them with shoes are less in numbers and the community is big; hence it is taking a lot of time for us every day and we get late for work. Hence our demand from government is to increase the number of people beating them with shoes. This community is like this only; they desire to be beaten by shoes. These shoes which are being hurled is done by the political Mafia’s but there is an effect on the national dignity, community status and enemies of Pakistan gain from this. America and India are desperate to declare Pakistan as an economically corrupt nation. FATA is an organization that monitors the global economic corruption and this year they wanted to put the name of Pakistan in their list that there is black money , and money laundering being done in Pakistan. They have put many countries in this black list and now they are making efforts to put Pakistan also in this list.

First America and India made all efforts to declare Pakistan as a nation supporting terrorism and then put sanctions on Pakistan. Now they want to put Pakistan in the economically corrupt nations and instead of black list they have put Pakistan in the gray list which means in the next meeting they will decide on this. Then you can see that tension on the borders is such that Pakistan has called back their Ambassador from India. The Embassy crew cannot move easily between India and Pakistan now. They have life threats. There are tensions on border and everyday soldiers are getting martyred on the border. Inside there is a battle of Mafia and on the other hand the situation of border is like this and no one cares about this.

They say that we had a big operation against terrorism but near Lahore in Raiwind there was a blast and people, policemen in big numbers were martyred around the famous Tableeghi center in Raiwand. On one hand there is terrorism, then economic corruption, border tension has all surrounded Pakistan but Mafia is careless and busy with their own makes and breaks.

The Senate elections were done in such a shameful way that those who won and lost both were shameful. There were big deals made and with millions of rupees they made the chairman of Senate. Now the argument is at what rate who was sold. It is like a donkey trading market and not horse. The members of Senate was sold at low prices. The members of the ruling party did not vote for them in Senate. This is what Allama Iqbal has said that two hundred donkeys cannot work in the place of a man. The way donkeys are purchased the senate members were purchased by buying them out with corruption. Now they have made the chairman of the Senate and after making him they found that he is less in age. He should be at least 45 yrs but he is 41 yrs. In the donkey trading they do not even take care what is the age of the donkey. Now they are saying he is low in age because the Senate Chairman is the Deputy President. They gave the decision of Senate chairman in the hands of the Chief Minister of Balochistan. This current Chief Minister of Balochistan has taken the maximum votes from his region which were only six hundred. A person who has won elections with six hundred votes becomes the CM of the state, then he makes the Senate and decides on the Chairman of Senate. This is the politics and seriousness and the system under which we are living. The nation is in the hands of terrorists, looters, Mafias. The most dangerous mafia is the educational sector mafia who have destroyed the education segment. All these topics and their statistics I will discuss in some other gathering. People should be aware about these facts.



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