Political Markaz - Pakistan government’s negligence on the outside atmosphere

Pakistan government’s negligence on the outside atmosphere

Pakistan government’s negligence on the outside atmosphere

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Pakistan government’s negligence on the outside atmosphere

Inside the country, instability, chaos is going on and will increase. One objective is very clear and the entire government machinery is busy in that, that they want the country situation to remain chaotic and uncertain. Every department should lose its stability and downfall should start. They are successful in this, they have taken and are taking steps to make the life of ordinary people difficult.

In last few months they have developed this much chaos which would not have happened in years. The government machinery is provoking people. Every day some party member, or some opponent is arrested, challenged or take some step to disturb the national situation. They arrested the ex-Punjab CM, and made a lot of noise, that now money will come out, dam will be made.

They hammered this topic from media for months, then at the end they left him as no evidences were found. Now they have arrested the speaker of Sindh Assembly and same will happen there. They will provoke, raise noise to disturb the state of Sindh and then in the end they will leave him, as no proofs found. This is all a game.

A new style of governance has started in Pakistan. This new style has started and where the country will head towards we cannot predict. But we can see that if the same style, trend is there, then what will happen with Pakistan? Specifically at this time, the atmosphere which is there around Pakistan, the internal situations are more painful. What is happening on the border of Pakistan and what tis happening outside Pakistan for Pakistan, then what is happening inside the country is a big national crime. Are they negligent from outside?


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