Political Markaz - Pakistan Elections heading towards civil war

Pakistan Elections heading towards civil war

Pakistan Elections heading towards civil war

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In national issues, like Middle East are moving in a dangerous direction. In June 2018 the elections are coming up and every day the country with full speed is moving towards seditions and big difficulties. It is not happening naturally but they are pushing the country towards Fitnah’s. All groups whether secular, religious, liberals are doing this and astonishing atmosphere is getting created. The upcoming elections would be unique elections as compared to all past elections. The tricks which are being seen whereby conflicting persons are getting allied to play games. The elections are just the name but in reality they are moving towards a civil war. These elections in Pakistan would be highly dangerous on the basis that only sectarianism preparations are being done. Religion is being used in the cruelest form for these elections. You can be attentive that the Parliamentary candidates are submitting their tickets to sages, feudal lords, scholars of all sects are coming out and every sect is coming out with full preparation in the field. You should know that the religious element is highly sensitive like a pile of explosive. You fiddle with it a little and it destroys. It has high power of destruction as compared to other elements. If religion is used and by creating sectarian environment and arousing their greed if they are brought out in the political arena then they will cut each other to pieces and also shred the nation. There is a dangerous smell that is coming from these elections. Even in any ordinary elections also there are big damages that Pakistan suffers but the upcoming elections are presenting that an inappropriate engineering is being done. For this reason there are no effects of any Middle East or international issues on Pakistan because the entire nation has been dragged into local issues. They are getting every group to come out for sit in protests on roads.

You can bring them out on streets with various excuses but you will not be able to get them back inside their homes. Like in Afghanistan; Zia ul Haqq adopted a policy by arming the religious persons but he was not able to take their arms back. A much bigger foolish strategy is being adopted in the country then the strategy for Afghanistan. This is because Zia ul Haqq had made this atmosphere of arousing the religious sentiments of people for three targets; one was Afghanistan, second Kashmir and third were the Shias inside the country. But whatever is happening now has no foreign aspect or element involved. When there foreign external fronts made they give benefits to communities. Any nation that is in war with other country, though there are damages inside but people leave aside their internal conflicts and unitedly confront with the enemy of the nation. But in a nation when there is hatred amongst people, the lava is boiling, and there is no external front as well. All internal fronts are being opened that too on the basis of communism and religion. This strategy is more foolish then that of Zial ul Haqq.

There is only one solution to this which is the awakening of the Pakistan people. Even if there is no awakening just remaining unconcerned at times can also give benefits. The way the Pakistanis have become unconcerned with Palestine, Israel and many other things; they are just busy in their routine lives they should become the same for elections as well. Like when Shias are killed they don’t care. Similarly if they become carless, unconcerned from elections then also this Fitnah will not be successful. But Pakistani will never leave elections. Pakistani’s cannot leave two things; one is Chilies other elections. Even if the entire world’s doctors give verdicts that chilies are forbidden to eat still they will eat. The second is elections in which they will jump that too in a very bad manner. This is the danger and the solution is also this. The way they are unconcerned with many other issues which come and pass by; similar if they let these elections also pass by and don’t get involved then a lot can be secured. The chances are very low because everyone is prepared to jump into these elections. Even the Eunuchs don’t stay away from elections. They make party and register themselves every year. They make their candidates stand in election. This is the only field in which they are not distanced, they come in passion and they leave their profession and come in the field of politics of elections. Hence when they can do this then all others consider it as their rights to contest in elections and this is fueling the fire of Fitnah. They are arousing the Fitnah and on the other hand the people are jumping into it, specifically when it is on the basis of religion. When a person from every sect is out in the field, sitting in protests then it is not easy to control such protests. The people sitting in protests are out of control and anyone can change their course and burn the entire city. There is only one means which I have said though hopes are less. But God willing the way Allah has kept Pakistan safe from the evils inside and outside despite of our deficiencies, Allah will secure us in the future as well. And May Allah protect us the nation of Pakistan from this internal fitnah that is cooking up. We pray to Allah to grant sense to this nation.

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