Political Markaz - Pakistan democratic politicians to be rated 18+ on media

Pakistan democratic politicians to be rated 18+ on media

Pakistan democratic politicians to be rated 18+ on media

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In the current affairs of Pakistan, the effects of certain things are coming on everyone. A system was disturbed from before and it is getting more disturbed now. It is going towards destruction. You can estimate where the national issues have gone up to. The minister of government comes up on media and gives a statement from where you can estimate. The democracy has gone to its peak in Pakistan and you should enjoy this democracy; all those who have made them as representatives of nation.

Every community selects people and atmosphere based on their temperament. You can see where the democratic government has gone. The Minister says such a thing that the opposition leader comes and elaborates this. Those who have elected them, should think and ponder and it is important for them.

The opposition leader comes and comments on the statement of Minister; that whatever comes on media and speeches done on Parliament; that the people under 18 should not be allowed to listen to them as they are not suitable for them. It is only for adults now, what the ministers are speaking should not be listened by them on minor. This means any licentiousness thing is there, it should be only allowed by 18, as in Europe they do not allow ethically to do filthy things below 18.

Religion says that corruption, licentiousness is not for any age. From where you have got this 18 years. As per religion when children achieves puberty; then as such the indecency is forbidden for everyone. There are certain scenes which are not forbidden for them, like husband and wife touch each other they should not do in front of a mature child. A mature child today can be of 5 years, but he understands it.

A Maulana came and said that my 5 yrs child is asking me when you met my mother first time. Maulana asked me what I should do. I told him not to do such acts or speak such things in front of your child. Indecency, vulgarity are crimes, sins and this age limit of 18 yrs is put by Europe. They have made everything free after 18 yrs; the children in front of parents and all they can do but below 18 yrs there is no permission. You have made this is as criteria and now the politics in Pakistan will be done which is not suitable for under 18. Congratulation for those who have made this system. 

This is the politics which will be done and is happening on media. The words which politicians are using against each other in front of media. One is saying he is thief, illegitimately born and other is using more abusive words in reply. This is the language of our democratic politicians.

The people have become support for democracy and this is the gift which you are getting. These are the ones for running the country, education, treasury of country and everything you have handed to them so that they can think about your women and children. This has reached here. Now man can think himself as to what has happened and what will happen. If we say Innallilahe Inna Ihaihe Rajeeon; then do not be surprised. This verse is recited at the time of calamity. This is a big calamity where you should remember Allah.  



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