Political Markaz - Pakistan announces restrictions on American Embassy

Pakistan announces restrictions on American Embassy

Pakistan announces restrictions on American Embassy

May 18,2018 Comments Download

In Pakistan, the American Ambassador Colonel Joseph who sometime back had crushed a student under his car intentionally in a drunken state. After this Pakistan demonstrated severity on him, that we will catch him which they could not. Then there were news that a special aircraft C130 has come from America to take him out which Pakistan returned back empty. All these were false claims. The actual issue is that this killer who was without passport, visa and their special aircraft came from America and took them to Qatar which they could not.

Another thing that happened only to the extent of announcement in Pakistan; which is at least a start that Pakistan has applied Embassy restrictions on American diplomats in Embassy. The restrictions that are applied are, that all American staff will come to Pakistan with passports; this means they were coming to Pakistan without passport. A Pakistani needs Passport to come to Pakistan and now the interior Minister has applied restrictions that they have to come with passport. The second restriction is that they have to come with Visa for Pakistan and this is the law which has been made and Americans have been told to act on this law. This means before this they were not taking any VISA prior to coming. The third law which they have made that after this all the vehicles of American Embassy will not come out with false number plates. First they were driving with false number plates and driving across the country. Now they are told that they cannot go anywhere they want, if they are bringing any machinery with them they have to get that entered. All this means that these were all done freely before. Now the Interior Ministry has restricted them. But this is all announcement and this is because America has applied restrictions on Pakistan Embassy staff. As such the Pakistani’s were carrying passport and visa but America has applied other form of restrictions on them. That they cannot go out of the Embassy, they cannot visit any other town, they cannot meet anyone, they cannot come in front of any media, and they cannot visit any government office. In reply Pakistan has also applied these restrictions. Now we will fix you; even though this might just be an announcement but still this is a courageous act after seventy years which someone has taken. Though they will not be able to stop any American Ambassador like Colonel Joseph. America has given billions of dollars to Pakistan so how can they stop them but still this is a good news of at least this step has been taken.

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