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Pak PM’s astonishing statements

Pak PM’s astonishing statements

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Certain statements our PM gives are good. In the last government; the PM Khaqan Abbasi always has put on Salwar Kameez, and this PM also puts on Salwar Kameez, he went to China also in that dress, which is good. One statement he gave was good, but was not at the right time. He said that the walls of governor house would be brought down. The high court stopped it. The PM said a good statement that these walls of governor house is the sign of slavery of British and all these signs should be demolished.  There are many such structures and many systems which are British. There are education system, judiciary system all are from the time of slavery. There are signs of British system everywhere in the all streets of Pakistan. The worst sign of British slavery is our education system. One big sign of slavery is cricket, which is the sign of British slavery. The British play cricket; the American, Russia, France, China don’t play cricket because they were not slaves of British. The India, Pakistan, Bangladesh play cricket as they were all their slaves. This was a good statement of PM that all signs of slavery of British should be demolished. If they would have given permission to bring down the wall then other signs of slavery would have come down.

The PM is also attentive on the economy and he is going everywhere to get loans which no one is giving. At the end he issued statement for economy. He presented a plan for Chicken and eggs economy, which was mocked on social media. Every home should be given 5 Hen and 1 Cock that they can breed that. The feminist objected that this is not just, that how come 5 hen and 1 cock, the men will misuse it instead it should be opposite 1 Hen with 5 Cocks. This is an old story of Sheikh Chilli that I will product chicken from eggs, then go on and on then he kicked and all the eggs got broken. People took that message of PM in that direction. This formula was given by Bill gates, that through chicken and eggs the economy can improve, though he became rich through Software and Microsoft but for others he said you be after chicken and eggs whereas we will produce Software.

The second statement which he gave and got implemented also was Sin Tax. Anyone who does Sin will have to pay tax. One Sin is cigarette. This started some months back as Pakistan follows Saudi. This tax was imposed by Bin Salman. He has put taxes on Sin like smoking cigarettes. They also followed them and have imposed tax on smoking cigarettes. They do not think, if you put tax on sins, then the sinners are waiting that you put tax on all sins, so they can pay tax and do sins. There was a coeducation college but hostel were separate for boys and girls but the boys would wander towards girls hostel. The teachers scolded them that you should not go there, if you go there you will be fined as 100 for first time, 200 for second time, 300 for the time and so one. One Khan stood up and said teacher tell me how much it would be for the year so I can pay it once and get permission to go that side. This topic of taking tax and allowing people to do sin is foolishness. Cigarette is not a sin, but they are preparing ground for bigger things. The greater sins which are there in Quran. They will legitimate alcohol and allow that by paying tax. The Pakistanis are drinking and they drink more than others in the world. Though the wine is Haraam in Islam but all those who are drowned in the love of Prophet and Ahlulbayt (a.s). In this country, where mosques are presenting the sounds of Tasbeeh and Zikr. In the same country the alcohol is consumed in big number.

You can see in last two days in National Assembly, one Parliament Member by the name Ramesh Kumar, who is a Hindu MNA. He presented a bill for forbidding alcohol and licenses for wine should not be given. As wine is prohibited in all religions. There is no religion in the world which permits alcohol and Islam prohibits the most but in Muslim countries it is drunk more. A Hindu stands up and presents bill in the Pakistan parliament that there should be restrictions on alcohol selling, production and drinking. A Hindu member of parliament is presenting a bill to ban alcohol and all Muslim members objected to that bill and did not allow it to be presented. The actual purpose is that they want to make alcohol permissible. They will put taxes on alcohol, adultery, drugs and will make these a means of economy. They will make houses of corruption and run the country on that.

Similarly the PM has also said, that new elections can also take place in Pakistan. The current situation makes them also realize that to run the country is not easy. Some are saying that he is frustrated, some say he wants to win with more majority. If this comes from opposition then it makes sense, that it is a power game. But the one who has won the elections, made government and this is confusion, and everyone is hanged as to why the PM is saying that there should be fresh elections.

The rupee has falling down and further falling down. The reason is that they have asked IMF for loan and IMF has put this condition that you bring down the value of rupee. The rupee which was at 112, has gone down to 145 and it will go down further. I don’t have time to present as to what effects are there on production, trading, revenue as to what impact it has on other things. Who gets the benefits and what all who is desiring. The dollar has gone up and rupee has fallen down and the shopkeepers have raised the price. Since dollars have gone up, petrol will go up, electricity bills will go up.

The PM has given one more beautiful statement which is worth appreciating. The American president has written a letter to the PM. He has written in his demands to help USA in Afghanistan, take actions on the groups supporting terrorism. The PM replied to that letter and a very strong statement has been given first time by the PM. He has given a good statement we will not become a rented killer, we will not fight the war for others. This is a good stance if we remain firm on this. One side the PM is saying that taking U Turn is a sign of a good leader. So for how long he remains on his statement is not known as he has the policy of U turn. From this statement some media analysts have taken this point that we have been doing this till now and now we are leaving this. We should give witness also for this and all establishment, provincial states should testify this and call our rented soldiers from everywhere we have sent and first place is Saudi where we have our rental forces. The force which Mohammad Bin Salman has made is mainly dependent on Pakistan. He is fighting in Yemen, he has full plans to attack Qatar and he is preparing for war on Iran, he has called forces from 39 counties. He has plans to call forces from Pakistan and this is a good policy that we will not fight the war on rent for anyone. From here itself we should start and Trump should also affirm that we will not fight for them now. This is a good step by our Prime Minister.

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