Political Markaz - Pak government cuts Hajj subsidy to improve economy

Pak government cuts Hajj subsidy to improve economy

Pak government cuts Hajj subsidy to improve economy

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In the national issues, the ongoing political instability which is resulting into economic instability and crisis is there. The community has become habituated and embracing all calamities. When they are sitting for the worst, they easily agree to bad. If someone is prepared for death penalty but if he gets life imprisonment he is happy. This is the situation of people of Pakistan, they are expecting the worst situations and they are happy that it is still bad and not worst. Even if this becomes worst they are in agreement. This is the specialty which Allah has given and they are not ashamed on anything, they are not protesting on anything. The political structure which is there, there is one group in power and other outside governance and they are addressing each other in most abusive and foul language. 

Last week both the groups used such a filthy, shameful language that we cannot even express on the stage of Friday. The way the elected representatives of community are done. Since the governance is of peoples election and people have selected the best, and this is the language these best are using, and specifically on the media. The way I have said before, that as per one politician these talks of politicians are only meant for adults and minors should not listen to these talks done in parliament, media and in other programs.  

The way the economy has become instable, the entire load is coming on people. In last few months, three budget was being presented, which means inflation is increasing. As if the rulers are thinking which commodity price should go up? Last week one thing they did while increasing the prices of gas, electricity which is a condition from global finance organization that to ensure the return of loans, they have made this mandatory to increase the prices of essential commodities. Now they have made even Hajj expensive.

From the 220 million in Pakistan around 150,000 persons go for Hajj. So it is doubtful that global orgs have asked to increase Hajj taxes. From Pakistan people used to go to Hajj on government rate and some facilities were given by the Pakistan government as subsidies to the Hajj pilgrims. The subsidy has ended and around 250000 PKR has been increased on Hajj fees. This is the fee they have to submit extra along with other expenses. An interesting discussion started on this in media, in parliament and in both religious and non-religious organization.

The elected representatives of people have given their comments which are very interesting, and you should listen to those whom you have elected to see what they are saying about Hajj. The Hajj rituals are of different types, and in Islamic state the Islamic ruler has an obligation to arrange for Hajj and Ummah. It is there in Fiqh also that if situation becomes so bad and people cannot go for Hajj for whatever reason, then it is obligatory for the Islamic ruler to use amount from Public treasury and send a good number of people for Hajj. 

Hajj should not be suspended and it is a sin. Today it is not the situation when some don’t have, like Iranians did not go for some years, still Hajj took place. Since people are divided, hence every state has to make arrangement. In India, which is not Muslim, this facility was given by Indian government for years. These were the Islamic steps taken by British. Our mindset is that anything good in our sub-continent is done by British. The British made this law that Hajj is subsidy and government should bear some expenses of Hajj. That law continued and Modi ended this law of Hajj subsidy. He announced that Muslims will not get Hajj subsidy and here also in the neighborhood of Modi, they also ended Hajj subsidy, those who claimed that we will make a Medina over here. They have put extra burden of 250,000 PKR on pilgrims.

There are other grievous things about Hajj as well. That it is completely made as commercial. First it was pilgrim visa and now it is tourism Visa which will be given. Ale Saud has made Hajj completely as a commercial industry and a big group in Saudi, in these 3 months of Hajj, they give Hotels for rent and then they enjoy in Europe for whole year with this earning. The same way commercial companies, industries of China, Japan take full advantage from Hajj. The Airlines get a lot of benefits and the caravans that are made from here also are commercial.

The minister of religious affairs in past was also involved in looting pilgrims. The Ale Saud are host for making Hajj as commercial and they have shown this path to everything. The Indian government would consider Hajj as religious and were giving subsidy but now they have also considered as commercial. In the Muslim countries, Iran and Turkey are giving all facilities and big subsidies to their people.

You can see what kind of arrangements these governments have made for their pilgrims. The food for all the Caravans of Iranian pilgrims Hajj is not made in their caravan. They make a central kitchen from the government people; it is cooked there and distributed at the time of lunch to all Caravans to almost 100,000 pilgrims. They make a central Hospital there and all types of treatment is present there.  All buildings for staying are not taken by private Caravans, it is taken by government representative and then distributed to the pilgrims. All the world governments, pilgrims are observing as to what Iran, Turkey governments do for their pilgrims.

The Hajj pilgrims who suffer the most during the Hajj are the Pakistani. There is no one to listen to them, they are cheated by the airlines, the caravan owners, and they are kept in very lowly buildings. They had this corruption in Hajj. Now the government has ended that little subsidy as well and we don’t know what calamities will befell on the Haji and they will have to bear all the expenses. It should be the other way round, where these claimants of establishing an Islamic style state whereby they would have done some revolutionary changes and would have given the best facilities to the pilgrims.

In many countries there are conditions where old persons are not allowed to go, but in Pakistan very old persons go to Hajj. Their children also pay them to do Hajj as last Hajj and they also hope that they get buried there. These old people sometimes get lost, and then are found after days. The government should have improved this service by keeping the examples of Turkey and Iran pilgrim. These pilgrims are also a sort of ambassadors of a country. But what happens there with them is grievous. This is one step the government has taken for resolving economic issues. They started with chicken, eggs, but did not help. They sold the cows of PM house but did not help and now the turn is of Hajj pilgrims, and then we will see what all comes up.

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