Political Markaz - Pak FM becomes attentive towards USA exit from Afghanistan

Pak FM becomes attentive towards USA exit from Afghanistan

Pak FM becomes attentive towards USA exit from Afghanistan

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Pakistan FM has made us attentive towards one point. This was expected from the government, though the government is busy in accusing and abusing the opposition so they don’t have time. But still after this occupation the FM has got the time to look into important issues. Mr. Qureshi has said this in a press conference in London; that America leaving Afghanistan abruptly is dangerous

Taliban wants America to leave immediately and a negotiation deal has been done. America will withdraw half of their forces by May and remaining will be after that. Trump has also said that they are leaving Syria and Afghanistan. They are removing their armed people and leaving behind their intelligence team. They will keep an eye on the situation. When a Satan leaves abruptly like this it means it is going to come back with some other plan.

Pakistan FM has made an attention towards this that it looks like some warning bell. He has not said this explicitly as he is a diplomat, so his body language was telling this. Diplomats do not talk straight like revolutionary. He wanted to say that America is going towards a big deceptive plan. He said that after Afghanistan leaving a big danger is seen in Afghanistan and a fear of big conflict is there. He also said that Pakistan might get indulged into this unintentionally. There was a big crisis as such 40 years before when Pakistan got involved and now the sense of FM is saying that a bigger crisis seems to be coming up in the region.

Our diplomacy engine should take notice of what is happening around us, we should not become spectators. From the statement of FM looks like attentiveness is there, but we don’t know what is going to happen practically. What America wants to do with this dramatic move? Who has America made their successors? To whom have they handed over this front? Might be some other force they have made to whom they have handed? It looks like our FM wanted to say, which looks from his style, that he wanted to say this that America is going to play some dangerous game in Afghanistan. 

He is removing their people out from Afghanistan to save their lives, and Americans can be saved, because the bloody game that will take place in Afghanistan. If this is the case, then we should try to stop this, and prevent this because this damage will turn towards Pakistan. This should not even happen in Afghan, as they have seen all the calamities, ruining and they do not deserve to see new Fitnah’s as they are also part of Muslim Ummah. They should be also given an opportunity to run their country peacefully. One big neighbor of Afghanistan is Iran in the region. Whatever fitnah America creates in the region, they keep Iran in vision.

It should not happen that America takes their forces out, then Afghanis kill each other and it goes towards the neighbors also. It should not happen that the same tyranny of Syria starts in Afghanistan. 

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