Political Markaz - Pak Army Chief appeals businessman to solve economic crisis

Pak Army Chief appeals businessman to solve economic crisis

Pak Army Chief appeals businessman to solve economic crisis

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The national situation is victim of political instability which is highly effective on economics and all other segments as well. The worth of Economy in a society is like blood running in the body. If blood circulation falls down in a person then life gets endangered. Similarly in a country when the economic system weakens, then the country, nation, people all come under threat of security.

Since in Pakistan we do not pay attention to threats and have become habituated. Like there is too much garbage but we don’t take care as we don’t feel any threat and feel secure. We eat adulterated food, medicines and have kept our localities dirty and are not concerned about health. In the same way we are unconcerned about our national health.

At times negligence also gives a temporary relaxation to man which makes a person unconcerned. Similarly this feeling of unconcernedness has put everything under security threat and this is also because the blood of this body is drying out and that is economy. There is no plan available for economy by the rulers other than those claims which were made before that we will make changes in 100 days and now everyone has accepted that those were just election claims and there is no plan.

One unique thing which is happening and that happens in all countries is that the commodity prices goes up at the time of national budget but now every week the prices are going up for every commodity. The budget is presented in June and now it is Dec, Jan and everyday announcement is made for increase in prices the reason is that the economic system is chaotic. The country treasury is not getting the revenue and the expenses are growing day by day. The debts and the interest on the debts is growing and there is no revenue and neither there is any plan seen whereby the situation can change soon.

Last week the Army Chief has appealed to the traders, businessman of the country to come in the field of economy and improve the situation. First of all there is a lot of fear within the capitalist community due to the economy situation. The industrialists, traders and all domains businessman are highly concerned. On one side there are arrests going on for capitalists under the name of accountability. When the business community of a country becomes chaotic then economy gets a big shock. The Army General has appealed and when those whom people voted could not do anything; then the Army General appealed to them to come out in the field and play some role to help with the situation.

For country economy the government is looking at two sources and they have not got anything from any of them. One are the friendly countries and second are global financial support organizations. The friendly nations have given them a budget but that is also not for spending but to keep safe at home.

This is the type of debt given by Saudi Arabia because they know we cannot return hence they have put the condition that they cannot spend and only keep in bank. This is the type of loan they have given which we cannot spend but only to show increase in country’s cash reserves. They have given one or two installments this way.

The global organizations know what problem Pakistan is into and they are under American pressure. America has been showing severe enmity with Pakistan and they have been doing this from day one they extended their hands of friendship to Pakistan. One international political analyst has mentioned that enmity with America is costly and friendship with America is more costly than enmity. This is true as Pakistan has seen this.

The effect of this friendship in the global financial organizations who are influenced by America. They have put conditions to take over all the secrets of Pakistan, grip them under debts and take country in their control. Due to this American and Saudi Arabia, Arab nations we are suffering in all aspects. The sectarianism, terrorism that has happened in this country is due to these friends and till date we have their supporter present and now also they praise the friendship even after tasting this friendship.

In national issues one more issue that has come out is that since government has kept a lot of pressure on opposition parties and they were like fire and water. The opposition parties have allied together and had a meeting last week that we will not allow this government to run anymore.

One head of opposition party has said that I am announcing that this government will not run further and he has challenged. This tug of war for power between government and opposition with media also playing a role in this will further worsen the economy situation in the country. If we do not compensate this urgently or this government does not change their attitude towards opposition whereby the opposition starts to cooperate with them and then assemblies can start their routine work; or some other alternative arrangement is not made then all the burden will come on the people which people are feeling it and the national security will also be under threat.

When economy power has weekend then the national security is also under threat. When Pakistan becomes weak in economy and politics, then the enemies of Pakistan are not less. The Pakistan rulers have developed so many enemies in their neighbors itself and then above all this Pakistan is an atomic power which is eyed upon by everyone globally; hence the enemies are not able to tolerate Pakistan even for a moment.

If this downfall in economy continues in Pakistan due to which national security is coming under threat and the announcement of this is being done by our forces chief almost every week. They keep on saying that we are under various types of attacks like media war, cyber war and they use new terminologies of types of war being done with Pakistan. This means the security of Pakistan is under threat. The biggest threat is this economy and if this does not gets resolved then entire nation will be under big problems and the country itself would be under security threat.

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