Political Markaz - Outcome of Turkish invasion in Syria

Outcome of Turkish invasion in Syria

Outcome of Turkish invasion in Syria

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In Syria; Turkey has formally entered their forces in the Afrin province which was a Kurdish region where America was planning to prepare a Kurd force. Turkey captured this town now. The background of this is that in four countries Kurdish population is present and American policy is to break the Kurds from these countries and make a new country for them. The Kurds also run freedom movements in these four countries of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Since Syria is under crisis and war zone hence Kurds are stronger in Syria. In other countries the governments are strong hence they do not allow Kurds to become strong. In Iraq; Kurds tried to do a referendum for separation but Iraq with the help of neighbors diffused it. In Syria America took the step to create a Kurd force but before they could do this Turkey sent its forces there and took over the region.

 As I have said before that Iran, Russia, Hezbollah did not show any strong reaction and looks like this operation has been done after getting agreement from them. The result of this is being seen and is coming. That result is that Kurds were previously against Syrian government. But after this step of Turkey the Kurds of Syria have become closer to Syrian government. There are dialogues ongoing between the Syrian Kurds and Syrian government and it looks like the Syrian army and Turkish army will clash but this might not happen as Russia will intervene and stop this.  The outcome of this Turkish invasion is one that they have foiled the American plan of making a Kurd force and second the Kurds who were in rebellion with Syrian government and were getting into the laps of America are now coming back to Syria. If there are chances of any battle that takes place then Iran and Russia will stop it. At present Syria has warned Turkey and have been talking in favor of Syrian Kurds so that the Kurds become party to Syrian government.

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