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Reappearance of the Ottoman Empire under the framework of Erdogan

By Syed Jawad Naqvi

Amongst the current affairs there are many ongoing topics. We need a separate discussion for each of these topics. Since there has been a long break also whereby these topics have not been discussed. If Allah gives opportunity we will take up these issues one by one. In today’s discussion we will discuss about the current state of Turkey. 

As it was broadcasted on media and everyone has seen that a name sake Military coup took place and then the incidents which took place after it has made everyone anxious outside Turkey and specifically in Pakistan as to what is the actual issue. 

The actual issue is a link or a step from the dream which Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey, wants to materialize and for which he has adopted a political plan and this issue is part of the same. We can say that the dream of Ottoman era or Ottoman Sultanate is now seen in the Erdogan Sultanate. We can even give the title to these issue as “Reappearance of the Ottoman Empire under the framework of Erdogan”. 

In order to understand the current affairs in Turkey first of all we should know that this incident has neither started from here and not will it end here. This issue has started long before and it will continue for long time. It is not just Turkey which is under the grip of these issues in fact outside Turkey also in Middle East and other parts of East and maybe in entire Islamic world it will demonstrate its effects. Hence it is necessary to understand what is there on scene and also its background.

What is seen is that one group of Turkish army has done a rebellion starting a coup and within few hours the Turkish people came out on street, they resisted this coup and protected the throne and power of Erdogan. And as a consequence those who were accused of this coup are being arrested and upcoming operations are becoming practical gradually. This rebellion which has taken place in Turkey was about to happen and still has a possibility now as well. In order to prevent the actual rebellion this rebellion has been articulated. We can say in other words that this rebellion was a velvet rebellion. Whatever has happened in Turkey is a velvet forces rebellion to stop the actual bloody rebellion of forces. The upcoming incidents will reveal whether this velvet rebellion has been successful in preventing the actual rebellion or whether it has prepared the ground further for the actual blood shedding rebellion.

The current rulers of Turkey amongst whom top of the list, Recep Tayyip Erdogan who is also the host of the ruling party of Turkey has a conspiracy and plan in this mind. From the time he stepped in politics and the party to whom he belongs has a plan for Turkey which is gradually becoming practical and successful. At the current moment we can consider Erdogan as a successful conspiring politician but what will come in future cannot be said. We can say that whatever he has planned, conspired till now has been successful

to the extent beyond his expectations. In order to understand this conspiracy, plan and what they want to achieve we have to go back a little in the past of Turkey. 

The Ottoman Empire

The past of Turkey is very elegant and beautiful. We can say that no Islamic nation is like Turkey with such a beautiful past from the perspective of government, rulers and people; and is unique in history. The Turkish rulers got the opportunity to establish the greatest empire of the world. Such great empires have been discussed in stories but practically did not came into existence to the extent it came Turkey which is referred to as Ottoman Empire. This empire was established over three continents and big parts of three continents of Europe, Asia and Africa belonged to this Turkish Ottoman Empire. The Eastern Europe which is known as the Baltic region which comprises of around 15 to 20 countries were all part of Ottoman estate. Similarly in Asia all the Arab states including big part of Iran, central Asia, and northern Africa including Egypt were all part of Ottoman Empire. The pioneer of this empire was the person named Othman and this is the reason it was known as Ottoman Empire. He was a courages and wise person. He was a native from somewhere else who moved to Turkey. Turkey was the name given later first it was known as Anatolia. He came to Anatolia and established his kingship over part of it and then gradually started to spread it out. Then his children came who took it up to Arab, Iran, Africa and Europe.

This empire came into existence in 13th century. In 1299 Othman the first, established his rulership in a small part limited to a city which then spread out in one century across three continents and till 1922 at the end of First World War this empire existed. In 1922 it ended with the last Caliph Abdul Hamid who was revoked by a Turkish General and the entire family was exiled from turkey. In the First World War this empire got broken up because the Sultans of this empire supported Germany and hence the opposition alliance fought with Turkey and divided it amongst themselves. Some part went under Britain, some under France, some under Russia and some other states divided amongst themselves and what was left is only Turkey of today. The empire spreading out over three continents broke into what is left today as one nation of Turkey. The other states got free and from the era of First World War to Second World War these separated nations were colonies of Western countries. It is also a very interesting subject to know how Britain divided these lands into small countries and then gave governance of these small nations to certain families. They made Iraqi rulers, Jordan rulers, Palestine, Ale Saud came into power through them only and divided the Arab countries into small family ruled stated. This is a lessonful event which should be studied and today the difficulties which Muslims are facing what was its background.

In 1922, the countries which were in opposition to Germany that is Britain, France and Russia defeated Germany as well as Ottoman Empire. After this the situation of Turkey became worst and anarchy took place there. Every region inside the empire went into rebellion resulting into inter regional battles within

Turkey. Villages against villages, cities with cities, groups with groups and battles everywhere. When the central government collapsed and their dominance ended every group came out in rebellion creating a chaos across the nation. 

Mustafa Kemal Pasha- Ata Turk

At this instance a Turkish Army General, Mustafa Kemal who was formally part of Turkish army evolved. The last Ottoman Caliph had made him the General and he was delegated to unarm the regional rebellion groups. Mustafa Kemal was later dignified and Turks gave him a beautiful title of Ata Turk (Father of Turks). We know him as Mustafa Kemal Pasha and he was the part of the same defeated Turkish army. 

The last Caliph who lost the battle and had lost control over the nation gave authority to this General to control the rebels. The General first finished the Caliph, exiled him and then started to suppress the rebellion. He unarmed the groups, attacked them, suppressed him and He achieved success day by day and whichever region he would go he established peace and very soon he got peoples acceptance. And very soon the same Turkey which was disturbed, unsafe, chaotic, unsecure with the efforts of General Mustafa Kemal Pasha Turkey became peaceful and he became hero of people. When he achieved popularity from people then formally in April 1923 he declared that Turkish Empire is over and he himself took the interim rulership. Then later he himself wrote a constitution. 

In 1924 the democratic constitution was made first time. Prior to this there were no laws or constitution when Kings were there because for Emperors whatever they say is a law. This army General declared Turkey as democratic governance and compiled a constitution. Turkey prior to Ottoman Empire was part of Roman territory and later they captured many Islamic lands which were primarily under Abbasid Caliphate. Ottomans defeated Rome and spread their territory and even defeated Iran. The rulers of Ottoman gave a dreadful defeat to Iranian king also and took some part of Iran. The current Iraq since long has been part of Iranian governance and they separated Baghdad and existing Iraq from Iran. The Ottomans snatched this current Iraq from Iran through battles. Such a powerful and complete force was that of Ottomans. It was first time in the world they made a naval fleet. In history the first use of ammunitions in battles was done by Ottomans; they made the first air force.  This army which had a power ground army, naval fleet, air force and used explosives in battles was not possible was to be defeated. This itself becomes a topic on how such a big force spread over three continents got defeated and it is a very important chapter for student and today’s youths, Muslims and have lessons to be learnt. By learning these lessons of history you will not get jobs but you will understand the path of salvation. You will come to know how communities are made, broken, dispersed, what mistakes are done, what kind of people come, what errors are done by rulers, politicians, what wrong steps are taken by masses, leaders, elites and from outside what planning is done by enemies whereby such a powerful nation falls down, breaks and disperses in a very small time. Since 1910 it started to disperse and in 1922 it got completely destroyed. We don’t take up this lesson here as to what happened with Ottomans. 

Allama Iqbal says

Uthmanio par kohe gam toota to kya gam hai,  ke khoone Sad Hazar Anjum se hoti hai sahar paida

If calamities have fallen over Ottomans, so what is it to get worried A dawn only comes up after the death of hundred thousand stars

Erdogan is today claiming and trying to creating the dawn over Turkey. We will see whether he is the one or just claimant.

Since 1923 the Pasha government started and was known under the name of Mustafa Kemal Pasha. Democracy came, constitution was made and only Turkey remained (the current geography). Peace was established in Turkey and then reformatory acts were started by Mustafa Kemal Pasha. His reformation was that he took Turkey out from Eastern culture into Western culture and he was successful. At present Turks are a complete mirror of Western culture. He took many steps, brought many changes and reforms in economic, political, education arena and he changed the identity of Turkey. As per Quran he was the leader of an Aqabi Inquilab (Backward revolution). This backward revolution was that he made Muslims as Non-Muslims, he made people of east as western, religious as non-religious and he did that successfully. He was popular amongst people was a hero because he had established peace hence people liked him. He took advantage of his popularity amongst people. Economically also he gave stability to turkey because they had become poor, were starving and basic necessities were not available in Turkey. 

The damage done by the Western nations at the end of the World War I was horrible in Turkey. They mercilessly subdued and brutally damaged the Ottomans specifically France and Russia. At present also the destructive power with Russia is highest and even more than America. They have this much potential and power and if they want to destroy something they can do it mercilessly. Turkey was also subdued mercilessly by Russia along with France through military power and then they distributed this territory into small parts. They made very small nations like Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain which are not even the size of city or district of Pakistan. Then they established those Arab families on them till date those families are loyal to them because they got this power from them. They are delivering the rights of this favor; Ale Saud, Ale Khalifa, Ale Sani and all these barbarous, Bedouin tribes who got the power are delivering the rights of this favor by doing treachery with their own people on the instructions of America and West. 

The Pasha government when they came into existence carried out reformation in Turkey. Since due to World War the government had become very weak and entire structure of Turkey had destroyed and national infrastructure was present, people had no strength to continue their routine life. Hence this person step by step went forward in bringing changes. Mustafa Kemal was a strategic and a highly capable person.  Even Erdogan also has capabilities inside him and it is only such capable persons who do such things and not incapable persons. But at times useless, incapable persons are also brought in power by circumstances like what happens in Pakistan. A useless, foolish and worst person like Parvez Musharraf who was a General also ruled Pakistan for eight years. He had no capability inside him, neither positive nor negative. He was like a Robot and whatever his counselors would write and give him would present it without any thinking. We have seen then at the end what happened with him. He took stupid decisions. Zial ul Haqq was a deceptive person and Musharraf was not even near to the dust of his feet. It was the circumstances of Pakistan that imposed him on the people and then circumstances only bring him down. A Community whose destiny is in the hands of circumstances there people have no control on government and people do nothing. It is the circumstances that will make governments and bring down them. You can see in entire history no government is made or brought down in Pakistan by the community. It has been

always governments coming due to circumstances and the circumstances are also not in the control of people. This community has compromised on everything, like load shedding of electricity is there but they don’t show reactions and someone was saying when electricity goes off we go out for walking. This community is just busy in their lore and it is only the circumstances which bring changes and certain time circumstances bring useless persons as well in power.

But some people have deception inside them and they get into a position with their cleverness. Erdogan has come up to this position on his own. He is very sharp and clever minded. He entered into a system which was concrete and was not allowing anyone to enter inside to bring a change but he entered it and changed it. Mostafa Kemal did the same way and he got a dispersed, ruined Turkey the same way Yemen is today. In fact Yemen would be still better as compared did what the forces in world war did with Turkey.  That ruined turkey was managed by Mustafa Kemal. He united the dispersed regions inside this geography. He nurtured it, made a political system, economic system. The Empire that was spread on three continents, gets broken and then it becomes very difficult to take care of the left over. The left over ruins to be gathered and then casting a new nation out of it from scratch is done only by in ordinary people. They come under the category of architects. 

Reformatory Steps of Mustafa Kemal (Ata Turk)

He took steps in phases. First he established peace. The anarchy inside Turkey after the world war was also due to the mistakes of Ottomans. When Ottomans were attacked by the alliances forces of France, Russia the ruling Ottoman kings, government armed the people and made a civil army to fight with Russia and France. They disposed arms to the people to fight France and Russia mainly because one end of Ottoman Empire was connected to Russia. The first thing Mustafa Kemal did was that he destroyed the armed groups and unarmed them. He captured some, arrested some and unarmed all. 

The second thing he did after establishing peace he changed the structure of government. He transformed the imperial regime into democracy. He had to first educate the people on what democracy is because they were not used to it as they were living since centuries under emperors and kings. When America went to Afghanistan it was difficult for the Afghans to understand democracy and till today they are not able to make the Afghans understand democracy. The way it is very difficult to make Shia’s understand what Imamat is similarly the people who have been living under kings it is very difficult to make them understand democracy. If a leader, teacher like Imam Khomeini (r.a) comes and makes the people living under Kings, Shahs for century to learn the lesson of Imamat is the greatness of this teacher. Allama Iqbal is also a great teacher but the class did not learn the lesson of Imamat which Iqbal taught them. And Iqbal also accepted that I could not teach the lesson to the community of this sub-continent and till date they are not able understand. In the Pasha regime the type and form of governance changed and the entire color of Turkish political system changed. 

The third thing he did was that he changed the way of living. He changed the culture, customs, civilization which is more difficult than the first two things. We are trying since five years to see that all students speak Urdu only but not successful. Now those who were speaking Urdu have also started to speak Balti language. To change habits, customs is a very tough thing which Mustafa Kemal did and changed. He transformed the eastern temperament to western. He changed standards of life, values and in reality these are unordinary people and such things do not happen with one speech or lecture. It was not that

he delivered one speech and people changed. To change the people, masses from the ancestral system which they have taken since centuries and adopting new way of living is a difficult thing for centuries.   .

Allama Iqbal says

Aa’ine nao darna, Tarze Kohan pe adhna ,  Manzil yehi kathin hai kaumo ki zindagi me

Being afraid of new trends, stubborn on old ways is the toughest stage in the lives of community

They do not come out from the ancestral degradation. He changed the language and even the traditional script of language. Turkish was written in Arabic script before, he came and changed it to Latin. In few years all Turks old and young started to write Turkish with ABC, that is English letters. Today also if you go to Turks they cannot write Arabic letters, they write English. 

The fourth thing which is the most hard which he did was to change the religion of people. He took them completely away from religion. He declared religion as forbidden for Turks. In Turkey majority are Sunnis and mostly Hanafi. In Ottoman era Turks were extremely religious and it was natural also as they were ruling the Islamic empire. It was due to Turks religion was being imposed on Arabs, Iranians and Africa. Turks were defenders of Islam and religion since centuries. A generation which since centuries has been strictly religion Mustafa Kemal made them non-religious and declared religion as forbidden. In 1924 the constitution was made and those make constitutions also are educated people possessing degrees. You should study who made the constitution of Pakistan, what was their level of education and what were their thinking. 

Since Turks were traditional people and since centuries were following certain customary trends. In Pakistan creating organizations is a beloved occupancy and we are experts in making organizations (Tanzeem). In one mosque there are various organizations, there is an Anjuman (group) of elders, youths, woman and everyone has separate president and secretary. To make an organization they write constitution and first thing they all write is that this org is made for establishing an Islamic society. The Turks also wrote in the constitution that the national and formal religion of Turkey is Islam. When even such a small statement is present in constitution it enough for religious people and the religious people can take advantage of this. In Pakistan constitution also if you see only this much is written that national religion is Islam but beyond this Islam is not seen but in judiciary, education and other systems of society. With this statement in constitution the religious people would get a justification for their activities. 

This was the fourth thing which Mustafa Kamel did whereby in 1928 he amended the constitution and wiped off this statement that Islam is the national religion of Turkey. Turkey has no religion and it is secular state. People and even religious ones prayed for him. There was no protest even though scholars were also present but no one objected from inside or from outside. During the time of Mustafa Kamel everyone outside also wanted to establish relationship with him.

Mustafa Kamel took a ruined nation and converted it into a role model. Then another General evolved in Iran. He was also an Army general. The situation in Iran was the same as that of Turkey towards the end of Qajar regime. The same situation happened with the Qajar regime whereby from outside Russia attacked and weakened Iran and from inside the movement of Mashrootiyat (Constitutional movement) started to make the King agree to the constitution. And due to internal rebellion, outside pressure and same situation developed in Iran and it also got into a state of anarchy. Every area developed a leader and got freedom for his area and battles started amongst them and Iran went into anarchy. Reza Khan was a junior officer in army and he was sent by Britain as a commander of an armed battalion to first establish peace in Tehran. He did the same and got control over all rebellion groups in Tehran. Today our rangers are busy in establishing in peace in Karachi but they are not successful. There is total chaos in Karachi, wherever every political group is armed and have made its force. The same situation was in Tehran. 

Reza Khan came to Tehran and established peace through his force. When Tehran became peaceful then different areas of Iran demanded to establish peace there also.  Reza Khan went to different regions, arrested, killed and unarmed people and as a result Iran became peaceful and Reza khan became a hero of people. Anyone who heals the pain of a community becomes a hero instantly. Recently Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away in Pakistan and all Generals, politicians saluted him on his funeral. Such people became heroes. Reza khan also became a hero to the extent that he dismissed Shah of Iran and got his emperorship accepted by the Parliament. We have to remember that Parliament is a democratic setup and Kings don’t have parliament. The people’s represented parliament declared Reza Khan as the Shah, King of Iran and not even President. They gave an ancient special title to Reza Khan in respect as Pahlavi. Pahlavi were the ancient kings of Iran much before Islam who have ruled over entire Arab and Iran. The Parliament gave this title to a General because he established peace in the country and made him an emperor. This general Reza Khan even before becoming the emperor declared Ata Turk (Mustafa Kemal) as his role mode and declared that I will make Iran as turkey. He sent delegations and himself also went to Turkey, met Mustafa Kemal and asked him what is to be done. But Mustafa Kemal told him the opposite way. In Turkey first he did other things and then got people away from religion. But for Iran he told Reza Shah that your community is religious and hence first get them away from religion. He should get the beard of people trimmed, he should get the women unveiled, remove the turbans of scholars and close down religious centers.

Mustafa Kemal had also closed all religious institutes in Turkey and handed them to army to place their horses there. Turkey was also center of religious knowledge and specifically the land of Turkey has been a center of knowledge, Sufism (Tassawuf) and even today those centers are present. Big Scholars came up from Turkish Madrassah’s. The Turkish land has been the center of big Sufism (Tassawuf) but Mustafa Kemal terminated everything and all forms of religious centers he demolished. But for Iran he asked Reza shah to do this first and Reza Khan started from here. Mustafa Kamel changed things and eventually came to a stage where he asked people to leave religion if you want to progress. They removed their veil, chador and completely put over Western clothes. Though at that time used western clothes were not coming, but today Pakistanis are not ready to wear a modest Salwar but are ready to wear a used, impure tight pant of a West.  Mustafa Kamel made the men, women nude and they went on becoming nude in the name of development. When Iranian General ordered the women did not do it, then he asked the forces to do this by force. When this happened, then the people, the veiled woman did an uprising against him and at the end he had to change his orders because government was under threat. In Iran also this General came and adopted the trend of Mustafa Kamel to bring changes.

In the Pasha governance these four things happened and the religion of Islam was formally removed and declared the country as secular and not Islamic. It is in the constitution of Turkey that it is not an Islamic state. There are 3 states naming it Turkey, Bangladesh and Iraq where it is written in their constitution that they are not Islamic states. The constitution of Iraq was made recently by religious people after Saddam went. It is written that the national religion will be Islam but not written that it is an Islamic state. For Pakistan it is written that it is an Islamic Republic but for Bangladesh it is not written. In these three countries majority are Muslims but it is there in their constitution that these are not Islamic state.

The System of Pasha after changing the ruined Turkey and transforming its identity, bringing to Western style, made it a role model and in 1938 he died and even today he is considered as Ata Turk, the father of Turkey whereby all Turks respect him.

Downfall of Islam in Turkey

After 1938 since democratic system was made, then parties were made which were all secular because formally religion was removed and all religious values were taken away. Here also the religious centers came under government and they made the syllabus for religious institutes. Here also in Pakistan the same is happening, the heads of madrassah have met government and agreed that the religious syllabus would be made by government, they want to experiment successful Turkish system in Pakistan.

By handing over Madrassah to government then in the entire government system of madrassah, what was kept was Salaat, Wudhu and from Quran only few surah’s’ that are necessary for Salaat. You cannot teach Quran Tafseer, you cannot memorize it and you cannot teach religion beyond Ahkam of Salaat and Fasting. You will be astonished that Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been a religious student but from Turkish Madrassah and has been Imam for prayers also. The Turkish Ulama if you see in the entire world they don’t keep beard also and they don’t have in their Fiqh also because they are secular. They don’t want to be identified as religious in any way because the constitution of Turkey does not allow you to demonstrate that you are religious. The same Madrassah system syllabus which was made at the time of Mustafa Kamel Pasha is being experimented in Pakistan. Many times the scholars of Pakistan, the Tanzeemat-e-Madaris (Organization of Seminaries) including Shia Ulama have gone there and have seen Turkish Madrassah also. We don’t know about others whether they liked it or not but Shia Ulama liked it a lot and want the Shias Madrassah in Pakistan to be like Turkish Madrassah. Here the situation in Pakistan has gone far ahead and to bring them to the state of Turkey is very difficult. You need someone beyond Mustafa Kamel Pasha to change the condition here (even in the direction of Turkish system). 

The political parties kept on coming in Turkey but they were all secular and religious intervention was completely restricted in all affairs of life’s including schools, colleges, universities and there were no religious teachings imparted in these places. The religious madrassa also were restricted only 2 yrs. of education and then you become Imam and state will pay you stipends also. You cannot wear Hijab, keep beard so that you are not seen as religious. This was the system made by Mustafa Kamel which continued from 1938 to 1980. 

During this time the few secular parties kept on making governments. During this period two armed rebellion also took place; one in 1960 and other in 1980 and these were severely extreme bloody coup that took place and rulers were caught, arrested, killed and their followers were sieged seriously. The reason for the coup was that the army found a slight inclination towards religion in some of these ruling parties. At times if someone has religion in his heart, unintentionally like a Bismillah comes out in some speech. Erdogan himself was inside prison for two years, when he was a parliament representative for reading a poem of an Islamic poet in his speech and restrictions were imposed on him to come in parliament. Those two coup were not velvet revolution they were true rebellions. 

This continued and since in the constitution they have written that it is secular state hence they closed the doors of religion in Turkey. In Turkey to be religious was declared as crime and also it got written in constitution that army is the defender of border and also the constitution. In every country there is an organization who defends and protects the constitution of the nation like in Pakistan it is Supreme Court. In some states like America, Senate is the protector of constitution.  In Iran, the organization responsible for protecting the constitution is not Supreme court , Parliament or Senate instead it is Shura e Nigahban Kanoone Asase, whose General Secretary is Ayatullah Jannati. In Turkey the protector of constitution is army. With these rights, the Turkish army has become a unique army in the world with abnormal rights, authority and steps to be taken. They have to ensure that the community should not become religious. The moment this force realizes that the nation is getting religious inclination they have to come forward to protect it. When the force is responsible for protecting the constitution also apart from borders, now they have control over politicians and parliaments as well. For instance if a politician has a baby born and he recites Salawat in the birthday party or something very small religious, they will take action against this for sacrilege of Turkish values and they will get this person and party out and bring a secular person. The secular system of Turkey is the most severely extreme form in the world. They are like ISIS, Al Qaeda extremists who do not tolerate their opponents other than just killing and destroying them. This secular force has the same form of extremism. In other parts of the world also secularism is present but not to the extent of extremity which is present in Turkey. This politics went on till the 70s and till now this extremist secularism is there. 

Intellectual law of extremism

Under this secular shadow, below the ground one more issue started. This is an intellectual rule which communists took advantage of. The Scholars write, that when something crosses its limit, it turns into its contradiction of opponent. They give an example of water; the temperature of cooling and heating of water has a limit. If water remains within the limit it remains as water, but the moment it crosses its limits, then by one degree it turns into vapor, the opponent. If it remains within limits and even if it is hot, that is up to 100 degree Celsius is the boiling point of water, then it turns into gas. This is one example and like this there are many other examples. This is a law of physics and also a cosmic, philosophic law. Some interpreted this in the social world as well where the laws are not Takwini (by creation) instead they are

Tashree (through a prescribed set of laws). Like they say in friendship when it crosses limits it turns into enmity, if your voice remains in limits it will be sweet but if it crosses limits it will be disturbing. These things some applied in society. The social scholars like Karl Marx, Engel and his followers like Lenin, from this law they made a policy for history. They said that this is half law, not complete and said that the complete law is that, “Everthing nurtures its antidote (contradiction) inside itself”. This is a law of communist and not aspect by any scholar of physics or philosophy. Everything nurtures its contradiction, antidote and when that grows, it conflicts with the thing, and this new thing becomes dominant. They gave example that inside the capitalist system its contradiction gets developed and results into a revolution. They presented the vision in Revolution. There is a question why revolution takes place in the world? In Pakistan this is not applicable. If you find out the reason you will find very interesting results for Pakistan.

The law of communism is not intellectual, logical and not acceptable but the actual principle is that everthing when crosses limits it transforms itself into its own contradiction. The communism law intellectually is a shameless principle, which is much below intellectual level.

What happens is that whenever there is any dictatorship, till the time he does cruelty within limits, it can go on for centuries. The day it crosses limits it will turn into its own enmity. In family when you do extremism on children and cross limits, it will turn into its contradiction. This is because limits means ends, there is no nothing beyond it. Like this table has a limit, beyond this there is no table; it has ended and there is something else beyond it. 

Religious wave within Secular Turkey by Necmettin Erbakan

Secularism means being unconcerned from religion but Turkish Secularism is end of religion, enmity with religion, attacks on religion that too with extremism. As a result of this within Turkish community, underground religious groups and personalities got developed. Amongst these religious personalities one well known personality who got developed underground was Necmettin Erbakan who passed away in 2011. This person was a religious person, has studied in the same Madrassah and was under Taqaiyya (dissimulation). Necmettin Erbakan made a group underground and before that he found his Qiblah of thoughts which was the mother of all religious organizations that is Muslim brotherhood whose pioneer was Hassan ul Banna in Egypt. He was thinker and leader of thoughts in Egypt. He made this party, then government at the time of Jamal Abdul Nasser arrested him and executed him, then his successor Syed Qutub came as Muslim Brotherhood leader and he was also arrested and executed by Jamal Abdul Nasser. Jamal Abdul Nasser was an Egyptian leader and was like Mustafa Kamel. He was also a soldier and part of Muslim brotherhood. He terminated the Egyptian government with the help of Muslim brotherhood and then after coming to power he went against Muslim Brotherhood. This organization is almost a century old and many organizations across the world were born through this group. In Pakistan Jamaat-e-Islami is its child. All these groups are considered as children of Muslims Brotherhood. That is a different discussion. 

The thing that is proven is that inside the extremist secular layer of Turkey a religious wave started underground in which the manifested personality was of Necmettin Erbakan. He was a wise person, one was that he was impressed with Hassan ul Banna. He had a big achievement that under such extreme secularism he got his nation inclined towards religion. This was an act of valor and the most courage he got for this movement came from the Islamic revolution and Imam Khomeini (r.a). He was not a Shia and accidentally in Turkey there is a high degree of extremism against Shia. Mustafa Kamel had extreme hatred towards Shiite and his successors also the same.  Erbakan was not seen as an enemy of Shias but was also not that much admired by Shia. When Imam appeared, his determination went up and since he was a professor picked up the revolution very quickly and spread this movement underground. He made a beautiful underground infrastructure whereby he educated people, trained youths religiously and very soon he entered the political arena. He himself was an educated person and a profession. The generation which he nurtured amongst them was Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In his youth age Erdogan who comes from a simple family became part of the Erbakan movement.  

Since Erbakan was also not a culturally religious person but instead a follower of Hassan ul Banna. That is a different story like in Pakistan also there is a cultural religion but you can see within this cultural religion a tree of visionary people also like Maulana Maudoodi stems out. He was also a unique scholar and presented a visionary religion to the masses. The atmosphere of Pakistan is not a serious, suitable place to study, analyze and everything goes by prejudice, propaganda and rumors also. Like a Shia personality will not study Sunni and Sunni will not study Shia. He was a unique scholar who was completely unaware of Shiite that too in this century. This is also a miracle of Maulana Maudoodi who was such an enlightened person but still completely ignorant about Shias. He also got the froth from Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt and you know what capital and assets he created for his community but later the hands in which these assets passed on you know that as well what treatment they have done with it. This also happens with such guides that their power hungry successors do such kind of oppression on the work of visionary leaders. 

Erbakan had an unordinary association with religion. The people whom he nurtured also developed inside them a passion, motivation that they got prepared to rise against an extreme secular state of Turkey. And Erdogan was from this group.  Erbakan made almost ten political groups and whenever he would make a party they would attack, arrest and put Erbakan inside jail. He would come out and make another party, and like this he made many political parties. And the last political group he made in which Erdogan was involved was Felicity Party (SAADAT Percisi) and later Erbakan fought election and also became the Prime Minister. The one who broke the spell of secularism of Turkey was Erbakan and made the ground for Erdogan and not that he inherited to him.

One more personality who is also popular in Turkey but not associated with the Muslim brotherhood Ideology but instead with Sufism is Fethullah Gulen. His name is now going in media and Erdogan is accusing him of the coup. He has many schools, madrassah across the world and his thinking is like Sir Syed Ahmad khan, to make religion as a tool. He has schools in Pakistan also by the name of Pak-Turk schools. He has schools across the world where several thousands of children are studying. He is in America under refuge and Turkish government is asking him to be returned. Erdogan also had relationship

with him. When Erdogan came into power Gulen went to America and from America he is running his network. When Erdogan came to Pakistan he demanded from Pakistani government to shut down the schools (Pak Turk School). If you remember few years back I have told that you will listen in near future a lot of news from Turkey. Turkey has now become a victim of incident and is now moving in that direction. In this movement of Turkey at present Erdogan has certain things which are part of his thoughts and certain things are his personal traits. Some of them are.

Traits and Strategies of Erdogan

One is that he desires to acquire esteemed positions. If you see in history big encounters are done by those in pursuit in reaching esteemed positions in the world. If you see Einstein he had the same trait and if he was not after reaching esteemed position, he would not have become scientist instead would have been just small school teacher. Some people are such that who do not like small things, small jobs, small money instead they have this desire to fight big encounters. If they become part of evil world there also they strive to reach high positions in evil sense. In intellectual field also those who reach esteemed status were those who were not contented by reading one small book. They strive to acquire esteemed positions. Some are satisfied with even matriculation. Some are such that they do not stop at small levels of education whereas some don’t even want to be educated themselves and their generations. Like these Marajae who had big difficulties in life much more than the theology students of this era but they wanted to acquire esteemed position. Like Modi is such a person similarly Erdogan is such type of person who is not contented with the positions he got, he is in pursuit of higher positions. 

Erdogan has this desire to become the Emperor of an Ottoman Empire that is Sultan Erdogan. He wants to again revive the same Turkey but under the color of Erdogan and he would be the Caliph of this revived Ottoman Empire. He was first the mayor of Istanbul but was not satisfied. He took advantage of that position and went ahead to become parliament member; then he went further ahead and became Prime Minister, then he became President. He considers President also small and wants to become Sultan Erdogan. The Presidential palace he has made for himself is not made for President but for future when he becomes the Sultan. 

He has absolute egoism in him; which means he is not ready to share power with anyone else. Absolute egoism in a person means every opinion should be his only and no one should deny his opinion. 

He is extremely deceptive and opportunist. Opportunist are those like businessman who find during incidents and tragedies also opportunity. During floods they will find new ways of business rather than thinking how to save lives. They do not let go any opportunity out of their hand. Opportunist always take every case as an opportunity to climb the ladder. He is most deceptive. Today if you count the top 10 deceptive persons then Erdogan would be in that. He has extremism and the vision of Muslim brotherhood with which he is associated is itself an extremist vision. All the organizations that came out of Muslim Brotherhood had some form of extremism inside them. Their leaders have done such kind of education

and exposition of religion that they see everyone else as infidels. The extremism comes out from this vision and these Takfirists have come out form this vision.  

Erdogan is merciless and for his own mission, agenda he is not ready to forgive anyone whether his relatives or friends.

The strategy he has adopted is that the country should grow and develop so that he gains peoples confident. He has made turkey economically very strong. There is an international political policy that those countries who want their own development and growth they do not interfere in the affairs of other nations. It is like China, Brazil, Korea, Japan, and Germany who never interfere in the affairs of others. These countries have been successful in growth but they do not have any role in the global affairs. They are traders and they even go to poorest, helpless nations of the world to find opportunities. They even go to helpless nations and find opportunities there. If some calamity strikes some country they become happy as it opens up doors for new business opportunities for them. They take advantage of the ruining of other nations for their own national growth.

Erdogan took this strategy. He spent his Ministerial period in development of this country. Though there were battles going on around him in Iraq but he did not interfere and developed his nation and through it got the confidence of the people. Now the next strategy was to move further towards emperorship by expanding his territory. Whenever the rulers of a country develops these thoughts of interfering in the affairs of other nations it means they are expanding their territory and moving towards emperorship. The national growth is no more their target. This is a law that whenever a nation interferes with others they will not develop themselves. The Pakistani rulers till the time they interfere in the affairs of other nations they will never progress. Though they consider China as their lord but they do not follow China who is only concerned about developing their nation. They say if someone is dying we will start to manufacture shrouds. 

Erdogan has started to take steps towards emperorship and becoming Sultan. He started to interfere in other nations, in Iraq Syria, Greece, and Azerbaijan and started to get indulged with other states. The most stupid step he took was his interference in Syria and there all his calculations went wrong. All the issues in Syria, Erdogan is responsible for that. He nurtured ISIS in Turkey and he was expecting in few weeks Syria will be finished, then we will wipe off ISIS since ISIS has no national base and Syria will become part of Turkey, at least Kurdistan of Syria. In Pakistani terminology, the stupidity which Zia ul Haqq did as a policy of strategic depth. First Pakistan adopted this policy and got stuck and now Turkey did this for Syria. Till now if you see the Turkish forces are sitting in Iraq and not going out, though the Iraqi government, Marajae are telling them to leave. He wants to make Turkey the most powerful, decisive nation in the Middle East.

One strategy he adopted was that of nationalism. Certain communities in the world are highly communal, like Germans are highly communal and believe only in German essence. Similarly Turks, Iranians have extreme degree of nationalism. Erdogan has fueled Turkish communalism so that he can again revive the Ottoman Empire. He is flaming, arousing the Turks to prepare for that big encounter. America has its own

planning for the region whereas Arabs are their slaves. Erdogan even though he is member of NATA but still has his own strategy. He is thinking that at present Arab and Iran are at war, so let me take advantage of the situation. He changes stance every day, he knows to play around. One day he will make relationship with Israel, next day he will break. One day he will bring down the aircraft of Russia then next day he will apologies. One day he will issue a strong statement to Iran then next day he comes down for settlement. Now for Syria also he gave a soft statement that we will stop interference and the issue of Syria will be resolved. 

One more thing he does is that he crushes severely his opponents. He carves enemies for himself. Such position, power pursuing leaders need the support of people. When will a community support such leaders who are seeking high position? One is when you develop the communal spirit inside them and another is create artificial enemies and keep them always alert that your enemies are coming towards you. You see the deception of Erdogan that on one hand he is fully supportive of America and now he is saying America has created this coup. He is conveying the message to Turks that America is your enemy and it wants to destroy you so that the blood of Turks boils that America is our enemy and then they will accept everything what Erdogan says. If he tells them to come out they will come out. He is issuing anti American statements every day that whoever is supportive of Gulen is our enemy. He is busy today with carving enemies and creating self-made enemy. America also does the same and creates hypothetical enemies. They create enemies like ISIS, Al-Qaeda with their own money and then tells the world that see they are our enemies.

The Military Coup

One more objective of Erdogan is that since Turkish Army is secular and they like power. This force has tasted power and will never separate from power. Erdogan created a religious inclination and thus aroused the Turkish army. Erdogan has big threat from Army and as a result of this threat he was sure that an army coup would happen. He took an advance step and replicated a fraudulent coup before the predicated actual coup and thus narrowed down the actual coup. The Turkish army had this sense they were preparing for a rebellion, and he washed it. The rebellion which was about to happen will not happen now so soon. He is also saying that there is still a threat of army rebellion. The rebellion which was supposed to happen did not happen and what happened was a created one. He took the initiative and created a deceptive drama in very beautiful way since he is deceptive and merciless. 

He created a strange drama and informed some groups of Army that there is a Military drill which happens in every country. This is very common that Military drills happen to prepare for catastrophes. He told the Turkish Army battalion to carry out Army drill and asked them to move out in friendly manner. You would have seen in video clips that Military tanks were moving and also public movement was all normal. Then he asked them to park their tanks in certain positions like airports. He selected a midnight time and then immediately a weak announcement was made on TV that coup has happened, a committee is about to be established and government is coming down. Then he announced on mobile phone for people to come out on street.  People at midnight came on street. Say for example you are asked to come out at midnight you might not be having a proper dress ready to wear forget about carrying national flags. If everyone

coming out has a flag in their hands. The army did not fire anyone except a few which was a number planned to be killed. People got the soldiers out from the tanks and beat them with shoes. The army was himself was astonished as to what they have done, were just carrying out a military drill.   They played this drama overnight and in few hours this drama coup got ended. Then immediately they declared that this was done by Gulen

This was all a drama to prevent the actual military coup which will still happen but taking this step Erdogan has delayed the actual coup. By taking this step Erdogan has inflicted a very powerful blow to the army. And not just this it is first time in front of the world he disgraced the Turkish army first time in the history of Turkey. He took all the revenge from the army which he had in his heart and made people slap the forces on street in front of everyone. In the name of this coup, he has arrested hundreds of thousands of people like Journalists, writers, hoteliers, drivers and all those who are his opponent and does not abide by his thinking they are arresting them. They will impose punishments on their opponents and this way he will crush this opponent. After this coup Erdogan’s power has multiplied several times in the country and he has become hero with the help of media.

In politics this thing happens. Whenever a movement starts against a government there are many ways to crush that movement. One way is to send a force and crush the opposition movement. This is done by insane rulers that they arrest the leaders of their opposition, put them inside prison but this is an act of stupidity because with this the revolutionary movements further pick up and gets more passionate. A clever ruler will never do this. They create an artificial, fraudulent movement against the actual movement from the government funding. This dummy movement will run by the funding of government and will also oppose the government. The benefit of such methodology is that the passion of actual movement leaks out. A dummy movement comes out, does protests, put their demands, demands are accepted and everything cools down for some time and government gets another opportunity. But when an actual movement calls people out, then the masses complain how many times we have to come out and they are not ready to come out. 

This is a government tactic to make false, dummy parties, personalities, alliances like Parvez Musharraf himself made Muttahid-a-Majalise Amal (MMA) with his own hands. When the funding of government this group was in opposition to Parvez Musharraf. He became President with the single vote of MMA. In voting casting for him to become President from the position of CEO he was falling short of one vote which was given to him by MMA which was his opposition. This was a friendly opposition and they would raise the slogan of Go Musharraf Go, but when the time for voting came this MMA gave a casting vote to make the decision. When election happens, a party makes another opposition from their own party to show people he is my opponent.  In Iran, Rafsanjani made his own employee, Jasibi who was a vice chancellor of his own Open University stand against himself in Presidential election and they would speak against each other and due to this Rafsanjani won the election with 98%. If someone else would have come like Ahmadinejad he would have defeated him. In order to stop people like Ahmadinejad he created a friendly opposition and this act happens every other day in the global politics.

The policy of Erdogan in this velvet rebellion was to get bloodshed to a limited level and then after this by arresting people he is taking it to the next step. Today one more doctrine that is applied everywhere in the world is 9/11 strategy. Everyone has learnt this and even India has learnt it. The strategy is to break your own head with your own hands and then throw the stone in your neighbor’s house and then get him arrested. In the 9/11 incident America broke their own head with a brick and then threw that brick in Afghanistan that Al Qaeda has done this. Then in order to catch Al Qaeda America destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen and till now Al Qaeda is being capture. This is a 9/11 strategy to hit yourself and then attack your enemy. There is a very simple way to judge this which is to see whenever an incident happens just see who is getting the most benefits and the one who gets the maximum benefit is responsible for the incident. In 9/11 incident America got the maximum benefits and Muslims suffered the most, hence Muslims did not do it. In this coup also the benefits are all for Erdogan. He attacked himself and then blamed that this has been done by military, America and so and so group. He would have taken several decades to become such a powerful ruler which he has become overnight by this coup. He is arresting anyone who could be his opponent in future or is his opposition.  He has arrested thousands of judges and anyone whom he finds is dangerous for him might be doctor, teacher and anyone for whom he has even a slight possibility could be a threat for him he has arrested in context of this coup. This coup has given full benefits to Erdogan. 

If a person targets his opponents politically the world will make noise but if they are arrested in the crime of rebellion everyone his remain silent. If he would have arrested these many opponents without this coup there would have been strong reaction from inside as well as outside. Now in the name of rebellion he is comfortably crushing down all his opposition. 

One more thing he has done is that he suspended the constitution and declared emergency in country. During rebellion and state of emergency the constitution is suspended and an emergency constitution is applied. The future opponent of Erdogan that is Gulen who was once his friend is now a big opposition. He has big threat from Fethullah Gulen and if Erdogan is afraid of someone that is Gulen. This is because Gulen also wants to become an Emperor and hence repeatedly he takes his name as responsible for this coup. Erdogan is very clever; from being a mayor he went on going upwards in position and reached this state. But he has done acts of stupidity as well. One of these stupid acts is his interference in Syria, another stupidity was to nurture ISIS in his own laps and now crushing his opposition with this dummy coup is another act of stupidity. 

Now the future circumstances show that situations will change fast in Turkey and the actions that were planned to be taken against Erdogan might happen quicker because his opposition has also made arrangements and they will now speed up. All these foolishness which he has done which gather together inside him. His opposition countries like Syria, Russia want Turkey to be chaotic. They were waiting for this moment and he has given this moment. One on hand he has done a worst act in Syria by creating ISIS and now with this dummy coup these links will join and with ISIS an extreme situation

will get created against him and it might be difficult for him to survive. Though after the rebellion he has tried to change his tactic and has sent messages to Syria, Iran, and Iraq that we want to restore relationship and not interfere with you. But the rulers of these nations are also not stupid and blind that they will get trapped by these words. They understand his tactic and these links will join and Erdogan will get indulged into big chaos and there will be fast changes in Turkey. Now this will not be one sided which he has been doing now, but now the opposition will also plan unitedly to uproot him.  The incidents for which Turkey is getting prepared will affect the entire Middle East and specifically Pakistan as well. The Pakistani state has tied itself with the tail of Turkey and now we will also be tossed up along with them. In Iran there is a parable, to catch fish from filthy water. America has made the water filthy in Middle East and before they could catch fish from this dirty water Erdogan wanted to catch fish. But this dirty water will drown them because against them is the planning of Allah and dominating. The plan of Allah is whatever enemy thinks against the path of Allah, Allah drowns him in his own plan. If you see under divine planning as to what is happening around Syria are all arrangement being made for the annihilation of this devilish tree of Ale Saud and the oppressed will get salvation from them. 

Translated By Syed Arif Rizvi

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