Political Markaz - Operations in Quetta

Operations in Quetta

Operations in Quetta

May 18,2018 Comments Download

In Quetta as announced in news that in the operation against Lashkar e Janghvi their commander Salman Badoni has been dispatched to hell. In the same operation some soldiers and one Colonel of Pakistan forces also got martyred. This shows after this operation attack that Badoni was present from before there and Dawood Badoni is also still there. These terrorists were brewed and left in Balochistan.  These people could have been stopped before also and if they would have done this before then so many Shias, FC and forces would not have been killed if these dens would have been destroyed before. As per one very responsible person of Pakistan, he says we are reaping what we have sown, the seed of terrorists which we have sown and now we are cultivating that. If this accursed tree of terrorism would not have been grown then this much destruction would not have been caused in the country.

One more title is that when there are killings of Shias in Quetta happening, they put the title of Hazara. No one kills them as Hazara community, there are many Hazara across the globe. But when they are killed it is done as Shia. Our judiciary and government intentionally put the title of Hazara so that nothing should go in the name of Shia and Shia should not become liable for any rights or get any favor as Shia. Even if they want to do sympathy with Shia they will not take the name of Shia, the will say Hazara. It is very clear that terrorism in Pakistan started with Shia killings. It was with the Arabic wealth, the devilishness of Zia-ul-Haqq, under the guardianship of government departments the Takfirist Madrassah’s have spread this fire causing this destruction which has taken entire Pakistan in its clutches. Everyone who is LEJ and against whom they got up and when it became out of control, they were given freedom then they did blind massacre of Shias. They went out of so much control in killings that they did not see who it is , whether Shias, police, army and whoever came in front of them they considered legitimate to kill them.

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